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Mercedes E420 Replacement Radiator Information

You chose that high-performance vehicle because it had high-end power and performance, insure that decision with first rate new parts. When you selected your Mercedes, you chose a car or truck of high quality and notable style; you should protect that decision by using only the most high quality parts and components. Mercedes vehicles are renowned for offering bold appearances, reliability, and performance that consumers can trust. A Mercedes E420 Radiator inhibits an overheated engine by preserving the antifreeze at the right temperature. Placed directly behind a car or truck's grille, these elements are an indispensable component of the engine cooling system. This component can be found in front of the motor and makes use of wind passing through the front grille to lower the temperature of the liquid coolant. Sometimes the most frustrating thing about restoring a car or truck is looking for a dependable source of quality parts. When you want a specified car or truck part, speak to our live professional automotive service experts and permit them to assist you.

Mercedes E420 Radiator They are available for the following Mercedes E420 years: 1997, 1995, 1994, 97, 95, 94. This part is also sometimes called Mercedes E420 Auto Radiators. We stock radiator parts for most Mercedes models including ML320, E320, CLK430, E300, 300D, 380SL, C230, E430, ML350, S550, C280, CLK500, 560SL, ML430, S500, 300E, E500, 190E, GL450, 300SD, S430, C300, ML500, 300TD, C240, 240D, CLK350, CLK320, SLK230, SL500, E55 AMG, Sprinter 2500, 420SEL, E350, CLK55 AMG, CLS500, S600, S320, S420 and 450SL.

We stock these Radiator brands for the Mercedes E420: Action Crash, Nissens, APDI, Hella, Behr, API and OSC Automotive.

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Research on Radiator for Mercedes E420

When you drive a high-end vehicle like the Mercedes E420, you need to take special care of your car to ensure that you continue to get high-quality performance from it. The radiator is something all vehicles have, but it's also something that often fails on any vehicle. Regardless of the type of car you drive, a damaged radiator can lead to a ruined engine. If you need your E420 Mercedes Benz radiator repaired, you may actually need to replace the unit entirely because it's much harder to fix a damaged radiator than it is to install a new one.

What is a Radiator?

The radiator is your Mercedes' first line of defense against overheating. It's there to remove the heat your V8 engine produces. Without the radiator, your engine would overheat quickly, which could lead to a blown head gasket. The radiator itself is a passive piece of equipment. It does not have moving parts. Coolant is pumped through hoses around the engine and through the radiator with the water pump, and the radiator fan draws cool air from outside over the radiator fins, thus cooling the coolant inside the radiator. This removes the heat from the engine the coolant had earlier absorbed, and the coolant returns to circulate around the engine again to pull off more heat. Though it's a process driven mostly by passive heat absorption, it's extremely effective. What makes it inefficient is if you develop a leak in your radiator, which might require a new radiator instead of Mercedes radiator leak repair.

Signs of Radiator Damage

A leak is the typical damage done to a radiator. When you have a leak anywhere in your cooling system, the engine is not capable of cooling itself as well, and you might notice that the temperature gauge on your Mercedes E420 rises higher than it once did. If you regularly check your Mercedes Benz radiator coolant levels, the coolant amount may drop without reason. The causes of this failure are not always preventable, though.

How Does a Radiator Fail?

There are two main things that cause radiators to fail: age and physical damage. A front-end collision will most likely damage the radiator, causing a complete failure of the part and keeping you from driving until you can get your Mercedes fixed. Time, though, is also a factor. Since the only year the E420 was made was in 1997, all of them on the road are at least 2 decades old. Over time, the material used to build the radiators will crack from the repeated exposure to extreme temperatures. Cracks in the radiator may be hard to stop on a visual inspection, but you will still experience signs of radiator damage if you have a leak.

Cost to Replace a Radiator

If you want to take your Mercedes to the dealer or a mechanic to install a new radiator, you'll spend hundreds of dollars. The average mechanic price to install a 1997 Mercedes E420 radiator ranges from $655 to $783. You can expect to pay a lot more than this at the dealer. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars needlessly, install your own radiator. is here to help you get the radiator, coolant, hoses, and other parts you need for your Mercedes E420 to finish the job correctly while saving money.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Bruce Osborn

Radiator was good!! I installed it and its working fine! Thanks

1997 Mercedes E420 Radiator

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Reviewer: price shopping

After shopping parts half the day, I ended up at parts geek for the best price with free shipping.

1994 Mercedes E420 Radiator

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Reviewer: Arnold Wayne wilson

I was glad to receive it so quick I will be back to get more things from you

1997 Mercedes E420 Radiator

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Reviewer: David

Radiator fit good except one plastic tab on the drivers side that was easily

1995 Mercedes E420 Radiator

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Good Fitting Radiator. Very OEM

After so many selection choices of this product I was pleased to see that it was such a close copy of the original equipment. I ordered a Hella but is was actually the same manufacturer BEHR. Only disappointment was no welded nut to reattach the transmission oil line at the bottom of the new unit.

1997 Mercedes E420 Radiator

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Lasharon Lee

I was very please with the price and how quick it got there the quality of the product and man I'm very pleased and I recommend PartsGeek it's not the first time that I've used them but I recommend them all the time to all my friends I recommended to you too

1997 Mercedes E420 Radiator