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Lexus RX330 Replacement Radiator Information

Fixing problems in the Lexus RX330 is not usually cheap, since more expensive cars are made using high quality parts and take knowledgeable mechanics to replace damaged or nonworking parts and this usually leads to a higher expense than with lower-class cars. People who want the most out of their vehicle know that only premium quality OEM and aftermarket parts should be used for maintenance and repairs. A vehicle's performance is the culmination of many factors including high quality parts. Your Lexus RX330 Radiator eliminates engine overheating by maintaining your engine coolant at the right temperature. A Radiator can be found in front of your motor and makes use of outside air flowing through the front grille to lower the temperature of the engine coolant. Placed right behind your car's grille, Radiators are a vital part of your engine's operation. Generally, the Radiator is constructed from plastic or aluminum and stores the coolant mixture of antifreeze and water that is employed to keep the motor cooled off once it is running. Your vehicle's Radiator is crucial to the cooling system as it stores the coolant resources which are needed to pass through your motor.

Lexus RX330 Radiator They are available for the following Lexus RX330 years: 2006, 2005, 2004, 06, 05, 04. This part is also sometimes called Lexus RX330 Auto Radiators. We stock radiator parts for most Lexus models including ES300, GS300, IS300, GX470, SC400, SC300, LS400, LS430, RX300, RX400h, LX470, LS460, ES350, SC430, RX350, GS430, GS400, LX450, IS250, ES330, GX460, IS350, CT200h, LX570, GS350, ES250, IS F, ES300h, RC F, RC350, RX450h, IS200t, NX200t, GS460, NX300, HS250h, LS600h, NX300h and GS450h.

We stock these Radiator brands for the Lexus RX330: CSF, GPD, Denso, Koyo Cooling, Spectra Premium, Action Crash, API and OSC Automotive.

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Research on Radiator for Lexus RX330

The radiator is a vital component in the vehicle's cooling system. Located smack in the car engine compartment, the radiator sucks in the cool air blowing outside through the front grille to maintain the car's cooling fluid or coolant at a low temperature. Its main function is to keep the engine coolant at the right temperature so that the coolant can cool down the other overheated components in the car. The coolant travels back and forth between the cooling chamber and the car engine to bring back the heat from the engine, cool down, and travel back to cool the engine down again. In Lexus RX330, the radiator ensures that the engine maintains optimum temperature for superior performance by the use of coolant. The car radiator can be made of aluminum or plastic and plays a vital role in the cooling system of the car. Without a functioning radiator, a running car engine can potentially overheat and burst. Thus, it is necessary to monitor the radiator's performance on a regular basis. When the radiator needs replacement, the car owner must be willing to replace this part immediately. If you are driving a used Lexus RX330, you may be interested in searching for "used 2004 Lexus RX330 radiator overflow tank" to find out more about the overflow tank. This search string frequently shows up on Internet searches indicating that a lot of people are routinely reviewing this information. This same problem may affect used Lexus RX330 of other years too.

Common Problems with Lexus RX330 Radiator

A malfunctioning radiator will cause the Lexus RX330's engine to overheat. In such conditions, a plastic radiator can wear out and gradually crack. The car owner will have no choice but to replace the radiator. Before making the replacement, the cooling system must be thoroughly checked. Also search on "Lexus RX330 radiator recall" to find out about the problem and available solution. The high search volume of this search string warrants a review of the reason behind the recall and any provided solution by the auto maker.

The Projected Replacement Cost for a Lexus RX330 Radiator

According to national cost estimates, the Lexus RX330 Radiator Replacement service can range between $666 and $771. This cost estimate includes parts price ranging from $473 to $526, and labor charges estimated to be between $193 and $245. Your actual replacement service charges are likely to vary based on your location, your choice of service station, and the applicable taxes not included here.

You May Get Better Prices for the Car Radiator Online

Usually, Lexus RX330-related maintenance costs can be quite high, as the OEM parts are of premium quality in luxury cars like Lexus. Explore the online storefront of, which carries authentic, high quality OEM parts. As a cautious Lexus owner, you will probably want to go with OEM parts only. In that case, search for the OEM radiator for a particular model year. For example, if you own a 2005 model, then search for "05 Lexus RX330 radiator. Also, refer to your car's service manual to find out the radiator specifications. has a friendly customer-service team to address your queries. They ship orders to any location in the US.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: joeblow

very satisfied with order process

2004 Lexus RX330 Radiator

Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
Reviewer: Dave

Reviewing a Replacement Radiator for a Lexus. Ordered incorrect radiator as it is difficult to determine which is proper for what optional equipment. Easily obtained rga number for return. Will order correct one from Partsgeek.

2004 Lexus RX330 Radiator

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Dave A

Not exact quality of oem part, but sufficient to do the job and a lot less money.

2004 Lexus RX330 Radiator

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Replacement radiator for 2004 RX 330

Prompt delivery- within 24 hours of online order placement; item was as described and radiator openings were compatible with hoses; very good experience

2004 Lexus RX330 Radiator

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Reviewer: tony a

great price, great service, great website to excess auto parts

2005 Lexus RX330 Radiator

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Reviewer: Great service and part!

Great service from parts geek! Will buy again! Part fit without any mods.

2005 Lexus RX330 Radiator