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Matchbox and Models: Starting a Toy Car Collection

The first Matchbox cars debuted in 1953. This small toy car, designed to fit in a matchbox, revolutionized the toy industry. Other manufacturers, like Hot Wheels, followed suit. Not only were these toys appreciated by children, but adults collected them, as well. Love your "Volkswagen Jetta"? Now you could buy a toy replica of your favorite car or truck. Hot Wheels helped corner the classic car market and even celebrated after-market car parts and other modifications. Have you ever been interested in collecting toy cars? It can seem overwhelming-after all a lot of toy cars produced since 1953! Some people only collect one brand, while others only collect die-cast trucks. You'll need to decide how to display your collection, if you want to attend conventions, and how to best photograph your cars for social media.

  • Beginner's Guide to Collecting Diecast Models - Does starting a toy car collection feel overwhelming? This guide walks new collectors through the basics, like the difference between brands. It also has excellent tips for displaying your collection!
  • Top tips for valuing rare diecast cars - Some diecast cars are highly collectible and worth a lot of money. These tips help you know what to look for when evaluating toy cars.
  • Why Collecting Diecast Cars Is More Popular Than Ever - Toy car collecting is more popular than ever. Learn why, and what cars are especially popular today.
  • Shooting Your Toys: A Photography Primer For Collectors - After you start your toy car collection, the next step is showing it off to others! So before you begin writing your hashtags, review these helpful tips so your toy cars look like superstars!
  • What a Collection of 1000-Plus Die-Cast Cars Looks Like - You start with one car, and then you buy another, and another, and another...until you have over a thousand? Check out this photo gallery of a massive toy car collection.
  • The Ultimate Gift Guide For Die Hard Die-Cast Car Collectors - More car models, display cases, road tape, pricing guides? This gift guide is full of great ideas for gifts for toy car collectors, but also is full of information for the newbie collector? After all, did you know road tape was a thing that exists?
  • This Guy Has Over 30,000 Cars - Check out the collection of a man who has been buying and saving Matchbox and other toy cars for years! The video tour of his collection is a masterclass in the various kinds of diecast cars produced over the decades.
  • The 10 Most Valuable Die-Cast Cars Ever Made - Some toy cars are worth a lot of money. This roundup provides a gallery of the most valuable toy cars in existence!
  • Die-cast Toys - Did you know Britain produced the first die-cast cars? Or why pre-production models are so prized among collectors? Learn all about the history of die-cast cars and some more in-depth details about collecting them.
  • Collecting 101 - The Hot Wheels website offers ideas for starting your collection of toy cars, and they include information about the different Hot Wheels releases and special editions.
  • Tips For Aspiring Hot Wheels Collectors - The Hot Wheels brand is over 50 years old, and this primer helps new collectors understand the history of the brand and helps them decide what Hot Wheels they might like to collect.
  • 25 Hot Wheels Cars That Are Worth A Fortune Today - Some Hot Wheels cars are highly collectible and valuable. This list lets new collectors know which are the most valuable Hot Wheels.
  • Do Reissued Hot Wheels Affect The Collecting Experience? - Hot Wheels has reissued several retired models recently. This article examines the impact these reissues have on collectors.
  • DieCast 101: Understanding Hot Wheels Numbers, Letters, and Codes - Hot Wheels have codes on the cardboard packaging, and on the bottom of the cars. This guide will allow you to decipher the code and learn where and when your car was made.
  • The Most Valuable Hot Wheels Cars (for Now) - The collectible market shifts frequently. What was popular and valuable ten years ago isn't necessarily highly collectible or valuable now. This guide walks you through the hot-selling Hot Wheels in today's market.
  • The Backstory of Hot Wheels, the Most Popular Toy 50 Years Ago - How did Hot Wheels come into existence and why are they still popular today? This article interviews collectors and experts to examine Hot Wheels continuing impact.
  • This Guy's Hot Wheels Collection Is Worth Over $1 Million - Sometimes it feels like you've spent a million dollars on your hobby, but this man has curated a collection worth over a million dollars! Check out this video to see some of the rarest Hot Wheels in existence.
  • These Vintage Hot Wheels Toys Are Worth Thousands of Dollars - This gallery displays hard to find but highly collectible Hot Wheels cars from early in the company's history.
  • History of Hot Wheels - This decade by decade retrospective provides valuable information about Hot Wheels history, and the types of cars they were releasing during different time periods.
  • Hot Wheels - The Toy Hall of Fame inducted Hot Wheels in 2011, and their write-up on the brand offers insight into the brand's popularity.
  • Tips on Collecting Matchbox Made in England by Lesney - Do you think your Matchbox car was manufactured in England? This guide will help you identify English-made Matchbox cars.
  • Vintage Matchbox Cars, Trucks and Buses - Lesney introduced Matchbox cars to the toy market, and this article discusses some of the first Matchbox vehicles.
  • Sixty years of Matchbox cars - The 60th anniversary of Matchbox cars took place in 2013, and this retrospective gives valuable information about the company's history.
  • Gallery: The 50 Coolest Matchbox Cars - Matchbox cars were born because the daughter of the company's founder wanted to play Queen Elizabeth's coronation carriage. The trick was, her school only allowed toys the size of a matchbox. Learn about this and so much more in this gallery of Matchbox cars.
  • Diecast Brands - Matchbox and Hot Wheels dominate the 1/64 Diecast market, but there are many other brands for collectors to explore.
  • Diecast 101: ARC - Action Racing Collectables - Some of the most popular toy cars in today's market are versions of racecars. This guide helps new collectors understand the racing collectibles market.
  • How to Display Model Cars - Once you have some cars in your collection, your next decision is how to display them. This article offers several different ideas on how to attractively house your collection.
  • Collectible Toy Car Shows - Toy car shows offer collectors a chance to meet each other, learn more about the different brands, and buy from knowledgeable dealers. Shows occur worldwide; so hopefully, you'll be able to find one near you!
  • My First Diecast Car Convention - This first-hand account of what attending a toy car show is really like is full of great information for convention newbies.
  • Matchbox Car Show - The Smithsonian affiliated AACA museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania curates an annual show celebrating Matchbox cars.
  • Hot Wheels Race to Win - The Hot Wheels Race to Win exhibit, designed by the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, travels North American and allows participants to experiment with the scientific principles behind speed by using Match
  • The Hot Wheels Legends Tour Returns For 2019 - The Hot Wheels Legend Tours debuted in honor of Hot Wheels 50th anniversary and was so successful Mattel relaunched the tour for 2019.
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