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Lemon Law Resources

The term lemon law refers to a set of American laws that provide help for someone who purchases a vehicle that consistently fails to meet the standards of performance and quality. Cars that are vulnerable to the laws are referred to as lemons. While there is a federal lemon law that protects people in all states, state lemon laws vary, for instance some states do not cover cars that are leased or bought used. There are various situations in which your car may be covered by lemon laws so it is helpful to know the lemon laws for the state in which you live. If you pursue and are successful in a lemon law case, most states require that the warranter pay your attorney fees and you may qualify fir money or a replacement car. Lemon laws cover cars as well as motorcycles, RV's, boats, and even computers and wheelchairs. Lemon laws can be somewhat complicated and oftentimes confusing so it might be a good idea to speak with a lawyer in your state that specializes in dealing with lemon laws.

The following resources will help you to learn all about the lemon laws in your state.

  • State Lemon Laws – information from the US Better Business Bureau on programs to help resolve lemon law disputes

  • Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act – information on understanding the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the official name for the federal lemon laws

  • Lemon Law Q&A – some great questions and answers on lemon laws from the American Bar Association

  • Used Car Lemon Laws – a very informative fact sheet on used car lemon laws which vary by state

  • Lemon Laws By State – a list of resources for lemon laws for each state

  • Free Lemon Check – a free check any vehicle from Carfax, enter the vin number and be sure that your car was never a lemon

  • Lemon Law Resources – a list of resources regarding lemon laws and automobile safety

  • John J. Woodcock – an interview with John J. Woodcock, the proponent of the first lemon law to ever be enacted in the US

  • Fred Blasius – an interview with Fred Blasius, the president of the Connecticut Automotive Trades Association, who opposed the first lemon law to be enacted

  • Vehicle Buyback – information on the vehicle buyback disclosure project from the Federal Trade Commission

  • Boat Lemon Laws – great information on boat lemon laws for all states as well as some great articles and guides

  • Lemon Law Directory – a great directory of lemon laws for each state as well as tips on lemon laws, and information on RV lemon laws

  • Lemon Car – information on lemon car cases including dispute resolution, consumer strategies, and a list of resources

  • CARS – information on auto lemons from Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety, also includes a list of safety recalls for autos

  • NACA – the National Association of Consumer Advocates website has a wealth of information on lemon laws and will help you find an attorney that specializes in lemon law

  • Car Buying Checklist – some great tips and a checklist for buying a new car and avoiding getting a lemon

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