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Mercedes ML350 Replacement Intake Manifold Information

The internal combustion of the Mercedes ML350 operates in the same way other car engines do. These engines rely on a healthy mixture of fuel and air to ensure maximum efficiency. The intake manifold for the Mercedes ML350 takes in the air required to run the engine and distributes it where it is needed. This part is made up of the plenum, which is the chamber in the center, and the runners. The runners are where the air is distributed to the cylinders of the engine.

Like all parts of a car, the intake manifold can wear down or break over time. This makes it very important to get checked when the Mercedes ML350 is in for a tune up. Without the proper air and fuel balance, the car will not run. If the manifold is cracked or damaged it should be replaces immediately. provides intake manifolds for drivers.

Mercedes ML350 Intake Manifold They are available for the following Mercedes ML350 years: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03. This part is also sometimes called Mercedes ML350 Manifolds. We stock intake manifold parts for most Mercedes models including E350, C230, R350, C300, C280, GL450, CLK350, C350, SLK350, Sprinter 2500, GLK350, SLK280, Sprinter 3500, ML320, C240, S550, E320, S430, CLK55 AMG, SL500, S500, CLS500, E550, CLK500, ML500, C320, GL550, CLS550, ML430, E430, G500, E500, S55 AMG, ML550, SLK320, GL350, CLK550, GL320 and S400.

We stock these Intake Manifold brands for the Mercedes ML350: Replacement, Pierburg, TRQ, Brock, Hella and SKP.

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Research on Intake Manifold for Mercedes ML350

Fresh air is something we all take for granted. We assume that there will always be fresh air to breathe and we go about our daily lives without ever really giving it a passing thought. Yet every day of our lives, from birth until death, every living being depends on being able to draw in breath that oxygenates blood and gives life. Fresh air literally breathes life into your body. You need it for health and well being, to cleanse and cool your body. Your Mercedes also needs fresh air and that air is supplied by your car's intake manifold. When your Mercedes ML350 intake manifold is having problems, you car literally chokes on it's own exhaust.

How It All Works

What makes movement possible in internal combustion engines is a series of small explosions that take place inside combustion chambers. The fuel for these explosions is, of course gas, but the explosions wouldn't be able to ignite without oxygen. There must be the right fuel to air ratio in your car's cylinders.

The intake manifold is a series of tubes. Those tubes distribute the air that comes into the engine to a number of cylinders, where the correct amount of air and gas are combined. Through pressurized valves, air and exhaust are taken in and released to create the perfect balance that ensures each cylinder gets the same amount of air as the others.

Catch Your Breath: Problems are Rare But Do Happen

Despite superior engineering and solid construction occasionally parts wear out and Mercedes Benz intake manifold problems or other repairs become necessary. If you notice that your car is sluggish and not responding as quickly as it should, it is possible that the intake manifold is the problem. Do you remember those tiny explosions that occur inside your car's cylinders fire your engine? If something happens to gum up the system, you will feel it every time you step on the accelerator pedal.

You may also hear unusual noises that have been variously described as whistling, gulping or hissing. This is literally your car gasping for the correct mixture of gas and air. You might also notice rough idling or your Mercedes may even completely stall while you are driving at slower speeds. Some drivers also report that the car will continue running for a short period of time, even after the ignition is turned off. This is a sign that the balance air-gas mixture is off kilter and you may well have a leak.

Breathe Easy, the Solution is at

Average prices for a Mercedes ML350 intake manifold replacement are between 444.50 and $560.55. Find precisely what you are looking for at a low price at Whether you are specifically seeking a Mercedes ML350 intake manifold, 2006 C230 intake manifold or M272 intake manifold repair kit, you will find it among the thousands of auto parts on So breathe easy. We have all the auto parts you will ever need right here at

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2006 Mercedes ML350 Intake Manifold

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2006 Mercedes ML350 Intake Manifold

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2006 Mercedes ML350 Intake Manifold

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