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A Guide To Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Everyday people are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, and many are looking for ways to be environmentally friendly. The term “green” is often used to describe practices and products that are environmentally friendly and new technology is emerging daily to protect the environment. One well known green invention is the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). There are various hybrid electric vehicles on the market that are available for purchase.

A hybrid electric vehicle is a vehicle that uses an internal combustion engine propulsion system combined with an electric propulsion system. There are a variety of types of hybrid electric vehicles that exist with the most common being the hybrid electric car. Hybrid electric vehicles can vary widely in price so it is always a good idea to do some extensive research before making an investment such as buying a new car.

The following resources may help you decide on buying a hybrid electric vehicle.

  • How Hybrids Work – information on how hybrid electric vehicles work and some of the advanced technologies that are used in them

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles – information from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on the development of HEVs and fuel cell vehicles

  • Electric Vehicle Guide – a guide to researching, buying, and owning an electric vehicle, including some helpful resources

  • Plug In America – a coalition of people looking to make electric plug in vehicles more widely available

  • Hybrid Pros and Cons – pros and cons of hybrid vehicles as well as information tax credits and more

  • Electric Vehicle History – information on the history of electric and hybrid electric vehicles from the Electric Auto Association

  • Hybrid Comparison – a side by side comparison of all available hybrid vehicles that can be searched by year

  • Hybrid Vehicle Prices – a buying guide for hybrid vehicles featuring price information

  • Vehicle Credit – information on the alternative vehicle credit which allows the purchase of alternative vehicles to be used as a tax credit

  • Hybrid Center – information from the Union of Concerned Scientists featuring the consumer and technological information needed to purchase a hybrid

  • HEVs – information on hybrid electric vehicles from the US Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

  • Buyers Guides – guides for buying all types of different electric vehicles, also includes some good public opinion polls

  • Saving Fuel Costs – an article on how hybrid electric vehicles are greatly saving costs on fuel

  • Green Vehicles – great information on how owning an electric vehicle can help to save the planet

  • Green Vehicle Guide – a guide to buying and owning a green vehicle from the US Environmental Protection Agency

  • Emissions Ratings – get emissions ratings for your vehicle based on model year, and make of your auto

  • Make Cars Green – a campaign from the International Environmental Campaign that is aimed at reducing vehicle pollution on Earth

  • Green Progress – information on some of the progresses being made in the research for more environmentally friendly vehicles

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