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How To Save Gas on Your Automobile

For many drivers, gasoline expenses account for a large part of the monthly budget. Unfortunately, the rising cost of gas is beginning to overwhelm many household budgets. Consequently, many people are looking for ways to conserve gas and save money at the gas pump. No matter what type of car a person drives, there are several simple ways to make a tank of gas last longer. The following are some tips for drivers who are searching for ways to save on gas.

1. Remove unnecessary items from the car so itís not carrying excess weight. A car that is weighed down with boxes, papers, books, or other clutter tends to burn more fuel to get where itís going.

2. Maintain adequate inflation in a carís tires. When a carís tires are low on air, the engine has to work harder (use more gas) to run the car.

3. Drive at a consistent speed. Driving with lots of sudden stops and starts wastes gas by interrupting the steady progression of the car.

4. Plan to run several errands in one trip. If a person has a number of errands, he or she can save on gas by taking care of them all in one car trip.

5. If possible, avoid traffic jams. For instance, people can listen to the radio at work to see if there is a traffic jam developing on the route they use to get home. If so, they can take another route in order to avoid sitting in traffic.

6. Avoid idling the car. For example, a person may want to park and go into a fast food restaurant instead of burning gas while waiting in the drive-thru.

7. Use the air-conditioner only when necessary. A carís air-conditioner takes power away from the engine when it is running. By rarely using the air-conditioner, a person can conserve gas.

8. Carpool a few days a week. Carpooling can help several people to save on gas costs.

9. Avoid busy parking lots. Driving around for several minutes looking for a space in a parking lot wastes gas.

10. Maintain clean air filters. If a carís air filter is clogged or dirty the engine must expend extra effort to run the car.

11. Change the oil when necessary. A car that has an inadequate amount of oil is not running efficiently.

12. Buy a more fuel efficient car. A person can save money on gas by buying an automobile that is designed to be fuel efficient.

13. Walk between destinations. For instance, if a person wants to visit two stores in a strip mall, he or she can park the car halfway between them and walk instead of driving from one store to the other.

14. Donít leave a car running to warm it up. This practice is a waste of fuel.

15. Take the rack off the top of the car. An unused rack produces drag when a car is moving and that wastes gas.

16. Make sure the car is aligned properly. Improper alignment means that a car is not operating at its top level of efficiency.

17. Choose the regular grade of gas at the pump. Unless a carís manual specifies using premium gas, the extra expense is unnecessary.

18. Make sure a car gets regular maintenance. A properly maintained car is more fuel efficient than one that is not maintained.

19. Utilize cruise control on a car. This option can help a person to maintain a consistent speed and conserve gas.

20. Look for shorter routes to common destinations. For example, if a person travels to school every day itís worth the effort to look for a shorter route in order to save gas. Also, a route with fewer stop signs and stop lights would be helpful in the effort to conserve gas.

Finally, even if a driver employs just a few of these tips, he or she will likely notice a savings at the gas pump. Oftentimes, a few simple adjustments in a personís driving habits can result in a noticeable savings.

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