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How to Become a More Defensive Driver

As drivers we have responsibilities while on the road. We are not only responsible for ourselves, but also any passengers we may have in our car, as well as other drivers and their passengers. Because of this responsibility all drivers should do everything in their power to ensure that everyone is safe on the roadways. Unfortunately, not all drivers feel that way.

On the roadways it is common to see drivers that do not take others into consideration while driving. You will see drivers cut in and out of traffic, drive at a high rate of speed, people driving distracted, people driving under the influence and many other dangerous situations. Because of these driving dangers it is crucial that other drivers need to drive defensively on the road. By driving defensively you are hopefully being aware of the surroundings and other drivers and avoid any potential accidents.

To help you become a safer driver driver both on highways and on city streets, we have put together a helpful selection of resources for you to consider. We hope this helps you remain a safe and defensive driver. Please feel free to share this information with friends and family members that want to become safer drivers.

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