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Mercedes SLK320 Replacement Hood Strut Information

The distinctive appeal of a refined Mercedes is the embodiment of first-rate know-how, style and performance. All the expert drivers like you know how to supercharge the power of their Mercedes SLK320 with high-performance parts. Supercharged sets of wheels, such as the racy Mercedes SLK320, were manufactured to be strained past tolerances, but afterwards given a maintenance pass. Mercedes creates cars that are designed around high performance, and the SLK320 just won't deliver as meant by the designers without the best performance parts. The Mercedes you chose was manufactured with the highest quality and skill; it ought to get new components of the same high level of reliability. The car or truck's hood requires a Mercedes SLK320 Hood Strut to support it at the right angle whenever your hood is opened. Your Mercedes SLK320 Hood Strut is frequently located beneath the car's hood; if it is not working right, it might cause the hood to fall, resulting in harm. The vehicle's Mercedes SLK320 Hood Struts are often installed in sets of two, so if one is replaced you should swap out both. Less crucial systems of your car, while not absolutely required for the ongoing operation of your vehicle, are still components drivers like to keep in tip-top working order. Though they might not be overwhelmingly important parts like your car or truck's engine, the less crucial features of your car or truck may be quite important to having the full pleasure out of the car you direct all that time and energy on. We're the source for the hard to find parts you've got to have to maintain your classic car. If you value your car, be certain to use only high performance grade parts to fix it. Your Mercedes is a terrific vehicle, let it keep on purring with our online collection of quality parts from

Mercedes SLK320 Hood Strut They are available for the following Mercedes SLK320 years: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 04, 03, 02, 01. This part is also sometimes called Mercedes SLK320 Hood Shocks. We stock hood strut parts for most Mercedes models including SLK230, C230, ML320, ML350, C240, 190E, E320, ML500, ML430, C320, S500, CLK500, S430, SLK350, CLK320, CLK350, E350, GL450, SLK32 AMG, ML55 AMG, C280, SLK280, CL500, G500, 190D, E430, E300, GLK350, SL500, CLK550, E500, E55 AMG, CL55 AMG, CLK55 AMG, CL600, GL320, S350, S55 AMG, S600 and GL550.

We stock these Hood Strut brands for the Mercedes SLK320: Sachs, Stabilus, Rhino Pac and Strong Arm.

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Research on Hood Strut for Mercedes SLK320

Is your Mercedes SLK320 biting back when you try to work under the hood? It might if you have a bad hood struts. Sometimes called hood shocks or lift struts, these parts are extremely important for when you need to work on your engine. You can't just prop up the engine with a board and hope that it stays in place. For your personal safety, you should get a Mercedes hood strut replacement before your hood crashes down onto your head.

What are the Hood Struts?

The hood struts on a car help to keep the hood up without the need for you to hold it up. This frees both your hands to work under the car. It's one of the least appreciated parts when it works and one of the most missed when it stops working. There will be a few signs that your hood struts will show you when they are beginning to fail, so you can replace them before they no longer work at all.

Signs of Bad Hood Struts

You'll know when you have bad SLK320 hood shocks when they no longer hold up the hood without letting the hood fall. When the struts start to go bad, the hood may slowly sink when supported by only the struts, but over time, the struts will get worse until your hood no longer holds itself up with the struts. Struts tend to go bad from overuse, and cold weather makes it harder for the pneumatic cylinders to operate. If the cylinders leak, you'll need to replace them because they will eventually lose all the gas inside, which helps the struts to stay upright when you open the hood.

How to Replace Hood Struts

The hood struts are not too difficult to replace, but the most important part of the job is to have another person or a board to hold up the hood while you remove the old struts and install the new ones. With the hood held up, you can unscrew the ends of the old hood struts. Then reverse the process to install the new hood struts. Generally, it's a quick part replacement that takes a short time, and most people don't feel the need to take their SLK320s into their dealer or mechanic to have the hood struts replaced.

Cost for New Hood Struts

There are many places you can purchase a new hood strut from, and the prices will vary depending on where you go. For instance, a 2004 Mercedes SLK230 hood strut, which also fits 2004 SLK320s, costs around $152 when you purchase it from a dealer, but it costs much less if you get it from another source. You're already saving money by installing the hood strut yourself, so why not save money when you buy the part, too? has the hood struts for your Mercedes that you need, and the prices are discounted for most of what is sold. It's a winning combination for your wallet when you spend less for your hood struts and install them yourself.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Shawn

Exactly as described, easy to replace, it is OEM !!

2004 Mercedes SLK320 Hood Strut

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: jp

Product is as advertised, easy to install. Gets minimal use the now, jury is out on how long it actually lasts. Works good at this point purchase 2 weeks ago.

2001 Mercedes SLK320 Hood Strut

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Jerry

The product installed and works great and arrived in a very short amount of time.

2002 Mercedes SLK320 Hood Strut

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 2001 SLK 320 Sachs Hood Strut

I just installed the product. It works as it was intended to work, just like the factory original. I can not say how long it will last until years go by. But I hope it will last as long as the original

2001 Mercedes SLK320 Hood Strut

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Worked as advertised

Arrived fast, installed easily , performed as advertised.

2001 Mercedes SLK320 Hood Strut

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Excellent service, fast delivery

The mercedes hood strut arrived promptly and installed easily and was less than 50% of the Mercedes dealer price(and my mechanic installed the price in 30 seconds for free!).

2001 Mercedes SLK320 Hood Strut