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Volkswagen Beetle Replacement Hood Pad Information

A hood pad is an insulation pad that goes under the hood of an automobile. The implementation and the durability of the engine are reduced at high temperatures. The insulation pad is used for many different reasons. Since the pad insulates the heat within the engine bay area the paint of the hood does not get damaged due to heat. Furthermore, in automobiles that uses turbo-diesel engines, the temperature under the hood increases to about 500F. Therefore, it is vital to have an insulation hood pad in those automobiles. Parts Geek offers high quality hood pads by Volkswagen Beetle. The hood pad by Volkswagen Beetle is both reliable and sturdy. Additionally, the hood pad by Volkswagen Beetle decreases the amount of engine noise that reaches the driver. Furthermore, hood pads by Volkswagen Beetle are manufactured according to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Therefore, they are easy to install.

Volkswagen Beetle Hood Pad They are available for the following Volkswagen Beetle years: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00, 99, 98. This part is also sometimes called Volkswagen Beetle Hood Insulation Pads. We stock hood pad parts for most Volkswagen models including Jetta, GTI, Golf, Rabbit and R32.

We stock these Hood Pad brands for the Volkswagen Beetle: Genuine, Original Equipment and DIY Solutions.

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Research on Hood Pad for Volkswagen Beetle

A hood pad provides insulation that is beneficial in many ways. Temperatures generated by the engine can reach as high as 500F. The higher the temperature, the more difficult it is for the engine to run efficiently. Heat is also isolated by a hood pad, so the exterior is not affected and hood paint doesn't get ruined because the internal temperature is so high. Also a noise insulator, the hood pad is an important part to have and should be replaced as soon as it seems to be aging, wearing out, or somehow damaged.

Importance of Hood Insulation

The insulating hood pad helps prevent engine noise from being heard inside and outside the vehicle. It also helps the inner surface of the hood look better. This is helpful when you want to show friends what's under there. If you really care about your car, hood insulation is a great way to protect various aspects of it. Deteriorated paint doesn't look good on any car. you can prevent paint degradation due to engine heat. A Beetle or 2006 VW Jetta hood insulation pad can be installed as a DIY project. No mechanics are needed and no costly labor bills have to be paid. In fact, replacing old insulation and installing a new pad doesn't take much experience or time. It can be completed in just a few minutes.

How to Install Hood Insulation

This is a relatively easy job as far as automotive repairs go. The car should be parked where there's space to work, and wait until the engine is cool. Upholstery tools are used to remove the retaining clips of the hood pad; these will still be needed so store them in a box until later. The old hood insulation should be easy to remove now. Next, position the new insulation pad where it should go. It often helps to have a friend hold it in place so you can put all the clips back in place.

Your 2002 VW Jetta hood insulation can be cleaned just as easily as a VW Beetle's. Open the hood and use a non-solvent based cleaner over the pad. All you need is a light mist. A clean rag can then be used to gently wipe the insulating pad. Hard scrubbing will damage the pad.

Reasons to Replace a Hood Pad

Hood pads can for holes or become loose. Sagging material will be damaged if it touches any internal parts. Torn insulation is problematic as well. This is often caused by mice going from the house to the car and chewing on the material. Foam fibers can get all over the place, so you'll have clean up the interior of the engine bay too. Oil stains can affect, for example, your 2003 VW Jetta hood insulation as much as that of a VW Beetle's. The oil tends to come from a faulty breather hose, which will also have to be replaced.

Cost of Under Hood Insulation Replacement

Hood pads for the VW Beetle cost anywhere from $50 to $100. Spend the least by going to Our low prices, thanks to a minimal overhead, make all auto parts and accessories more affordable, so you can maximize the value and performance of your car.

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2000 Volkswagen Beetle Hood Pad

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This hood pad is exactly what I needed, it fit perfectly and was a snap to install, the old one had become very tattered and ratty over the years, looks great now. A little bit pricey though.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle Hood Pad

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Great perfectly...much cheaper than VW part

2008 Volkswagen Beetle Hood Pad

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The product arrived on time with adequate packaging. It installed in minutes. It looks and works great.

2008 Volkswagen Beetle Hood Pad

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It fit perfectly. I was very satisfied with this product. Plus the price was lower than any other site I visited. It was also easy to install.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle Hood Pad

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Perfect, this was just what I needed to finish of the new hood we put on! Fit was great and the price was great also.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle Hood Pad