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Volvo S40 Replacement Headlight Information

High-status vehicles such as your nicely made Volvo S40 were designed to be handled gently and always maintained well. To maintain the resale value and luxury you invested in with your Volvo S40, it's vital to select only the highest-quality high-value parts. When you selected the Volvo, you were buying a vehicle of high quality and considerable power; you can protect that choice with the most top-notch parts and accessories. For loyal customers, Volvo represents reliability, upscale design and superior vehicle handling. For unmatched performance, budget-friendly pricing and lavish looks, choosy consumers buy cars built by Volvo. Your Volvo S40 Headlight is among the most significant part installed on the automobile regarding hazard-free driving at night or in bad weather. Different varieties of head lamps have been developed, which you can buy through many auto parts outlets; these include HID as well as halogen headlamps. All Volvo S40 Headlights need to be switched out when they start to become dim or are cracked. Volvo builds cars that keep your family safe, but it's the owner's responsibility to guarantee that all the needed safety parts and equipment are installed and operative. Whether it's your transmission or car antennas, maintaining your vehicle with first class parts will pay off in the long run. Selecting a Volvo is a smart choice, now maintaining it in showroom condition is even smarter. Many times the most difficult thing about restoring an older vehicle is looking for a top-rated source of quality parts. Shop any time you desire top quality automobile parts and always receive fantastic service and a great price every time you order.

Volvo S40 Headlight They are available for the following Volvo S40 years: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 11, 10, 09, 08, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00. This part is also sometimes called Volvo S40 Headlights. We stock headlight parts for most Volvo models including S60, XC90, V70, S70, S80, XC70, 240, C70, VNL, XC60, V50, 850, V40, C30, 244, 940, 960, 740, 245, VN, 760, WI, S90, V60, 1800, V90, 142, 242 and VNM.

We stock these Headlight brands for the Volvo S40: Action Crash, APA/URO Parts, TYC and DIY Solutions.

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Research on Headlight for Volvo S40

Have you seen dazzling bluish headlights on the road lately? Well, those are LED. Headlights have come a long way since the first production in the 1920's. Motorists need to install a proper lighting system on their automobile, whether it is a bicycle, a motorcycle or a car because nightfall presents a lot of challenges especially if the road is not well lit. Headlights are a necessity for every motorist. They continue to evolve over the years as technology advances. What started as an unreliable incandescent headlight bulb is now an energy conserving LED. Your vehicle's headlights are extremely important. They are not just installed on your vehicle for aesthetic purposes, but they are extremely functional than you may perceive them to be.

Volvo S40 Headlight Problems

Your Volvo S40 headlight not working may be due to a variety of factors. Headlight defects can take a few primary forms. The most obvious manifestation is a complete failure of your vehicle's headlamps. While driving in a suburban or rural area where there are not many streetlights, headlight failure may mean that a pedestrian, child, cyclist, or other road hazards can easily disappear into the darkness. If the driver is lucky enough to see the obstacle before hitting it, swerving to avoid collision can cause accidents, as well. A headlight can also be considered defective if its light beam is too bright or not correctly aligned. If a defect takes this form, the light can easily shine into the face of approaching drivers leaving them temporarily blinded. If this happens on a road with no center divider, it can result to catastrophic and deadly collisions when the blinded driver veers into oncoming traffic.

Defective headlights have the potential of causing accidents both physically painful and monetarily costly, as injuries, material damage, medical bills, expensive repairs, lawsuits, and even death are all real possibilities. Unintentionally hurting or killing another person during a wreck, even if vehicle defects are to blame, can take a massive toll on a person's emotions. If a driver is lucky and does not get in a wreck because of their defective headlights, the cost of replacing the lamps can still be high; over $1,000 in some cases.

Volvo S40 Headlight Adjustment

Accurate headlight alignment is imperative for vehicle safety. Properly aligned headlights not only light up the road but for you but they also help illuminate road signs and any animals and other obstacles on the road. Driving with misaligned lights is quite dangerous; they should be adjusted as soon as you notice they are not aligned properly. Adjusting headlights is pretty easy, and most people can handle it on their own. However, newer vehicles that have halogen or high-intensity bulbs should be taken to a professional for proper alignment.

To maintain safety on the road your Volvo s40 headlight bulb should be replaced if burnt out this is estimated to cost you between $59 to $97. A Volvo s40 headlight change can also be performed in case you damage yours through an accident, or if you just want to spruce up your vehicle. Remember you can always get the best deals for all your parts and accessories at .

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Ken

Perfect - just what I needed!

2001 Volvo S40 Headlight Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Alex M

An inexpensive replacement that looks great and did the job at a fraction of the cost that the dealer was going to charge me.

2001 Volvo S40 Headlight Lens

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Headline

Very good price a parts iam so very happy also quick sent thanj u very much

2001 Volvo S40 Headlight Lens

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Chuck in California

Product arrived within the time promised. Was good quality. Way easier to install new assembly compared to taking out old headlight! Looks like new car!

2001 Volvo S40 Headlight Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: vickie

I ordered the part, it came in and fit am I am very happy. This part was over thirty dollars less than the list at the dealership.

2004 Volvo S40 Headlight Lens

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Action crash headlight

Light matched original perfectly and switching out was relatively easy (it's a Volvo so nothing is that easy). Works fine. Took 6 business days to be delivered which was disappointing and longer than I typically have to wait for online orders to be delivered. But it did arrive the day they said it would.

2000 Volvo S40 Headlight Assembly