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Dodge Avenger Replacement Headlight Information

Dodge creates cars that are designed around high performance, and that means the Avenger just won't perform as meant by the designers without the right high-performance parts and accessories. Sporty road warriors, like your high-octane Dodge Avenger, were intended to be pushed beyond endurance, but afterwards treated well. Year after year Dodge stands for the power and rugged design expected from dependable American workmanship. Dodge automobiles are custom engineered to attract the consumers who search for personality, long lasting service and value from their cars. Dodge is a respected dealer of rock solid and reliable trucks that also include original technology and American pride. Several kinds of Dodge Avenger Headlights are available, which can be obtained at most automotive outlets; these include HID and Tungsten-halogen lights. Driving without a functioning Dodge Avenger Headlight on the car can be a serious risk to yourself as well as others. The Dodge Avenger Headlight is surely one of the most vital components on your automobile when it comes to safe driving at night or during foggy weather. Dodge builds cars that protect their occupants, but it's the owner's job to ensure that all necessary safety components are installed and in good repair. Often the hardest thing about repairing your car or truck is looking for a good source for trustworthy parts. Whether a part big or small, Headlight or the Crankshaft Pulley, caring for your car or truck with the best parts should pay off in the long run. Swing by PartsGeek every time you desire high quality automobile parts and be rewarded with our outstanding service and a good price 24/7.

Dodge Avenger Headlight They are available for the following Dodge Avenger years: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2000, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 00, 98, 97, 96, 95. This part is also sometimes called Dodge Avenger Headlights. We stock headlight parts for most Dodge models including Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Dakota, Grand Caravan, Durango, Caravan, Ram 3500, Charger, Neon, Stratus, Intrepid, Challenger, Caliber, Magnum, Sprinter 2500, Dart, Nitro, B2500, Journey, B3500, Sprinter 3500, Ram 1500 Van, Spirit, Ram 3500 Van, D250, D150, B250, W250, B1500, B350, Ram 2500 Van, D350, W150, D100, Ramcharger, B150, Ram 50, W350, W200 and W100.

We stock these Headlight brands for the Dodge Avenger: Action Crash, DIY Solutions, TYC, Brock and Dorman.

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Research on Headlight for Dodge Avenger

The headlights on your car are there for many reasons. If they go out, you won't be able to see well at night or in the rain. Headlight assemblies include turn signals and high/low beams. Loss of function means very hazardous driving and your Dodge Avenger can be a danger to you and others on the road. Fortunately, a headlight can be replaced in just a few steps, and online suppliers offer these automotive parts at affordable prices.

When it's Time to Replace Headlights

Lots of things can happen to headlights. You might start to notice them dim over time, or they can fail suddenly. The electrical sockets and wiring can wear out or become corroded. Cracks in the housing and lens can expose the bulbs and other internal parts to the elements. Moisture is especially damaging. If you can get away with a Dodge Avenger headlight bulb, that is the least expensive fix and quick to do. A headlight bulb can be changed just as a regular light bulb can, once you can access the socket. You might need tools to remove the bolts or fasteners, but it doesn't take long to detach a headlight to service a bulb or replace the unit.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Headlight Bulb?

Bulb replacement varies in cost depending on the type of light you have. A basic one can be just a few dollars, and halogens often go for $15 to $20. You'll spend more for high intensity or LED bulbs, and if you have 2012 Dodge Avenger Halo headlights. If you can do Dodge Avenger headlight removal on your own, instead of pay for shop labor, that will save you a bit.

What Is a Headlamp in a Car?

It is the assembly in front of the car, containing the lights and their respective housing and electrical components. Today's headlamps are far advanced compared to the oil and acetylene headlamps of the 1880s. They are found in pairs and have high beams that direct light straight ahead to increase visibility and distance, and low beam lights that limit the glare in other drivers' eyes. The optics, color, position, and luminosity of headlamps are highly regulated. If any of these are compromised or not meeting the standards, Dodge Avenger headlight replacement is not only necessary, but the law. You can be stopped and fined for driving with malfunctioning headlights.

Cost of Fixing Your Headlights

A 2012 Dodge Avenger headlight assembly can be purchased from many different suppliers. The prices can vary greatly. It depends on where you buy it from, which is why is such a good idea. Your vehicle has a lot to do with the price. The performance of the assembly does as well. Standard Avenger headlights can go for $60 to $70 apiece, but higher end ones can go for $250 or more per pair. You also have to make sure, for example, each 2008 Dodge Avenger headlight bulb is compatible and properly installed. Our low prices make things much easier, thanks to the low overhead of selling parts online. This helps you to select matching headlights that will restore the vehicle's front lighting.

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