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BMW 525i Replacement Fan Clutch Information

Luxurious vehicles including your plush BMW 525i were designed to be handled with care and then given needed repairs. To maintain the high value and style you made an investment in with your BMW 525i, it's important to buy only the most reliable high-performance auto parts. Does it make any sense to spend a large payment on a fine, luxurious car, only to be a skinflint with new auto parts? The exclusive look of a high-class BMW is the essence of engineering proficiency, design and function. A genuine BMW gives you a well-designed powerhouse engine with its smooth transmission. That BMW in the garage was manufactured with the highest care and skill; it should have replacement components of a similar top level of reliability. Auto enthusiasts who love optimized car or trucks recognize that nothing is more crucial than getting the highest quality new parts and accessories. You selected a performance-optimized car or truck for its superb power and performance, protect that investment by using first rate replacement parts. Your car's BMW 525i Fan Clutch cuts down on fatigue on the motor and saves fuel by permitting the fan to run fast when the engine is hot and slower while the engine is cooler. In the operation of BMW 525i Fan Clutches, a calibrated thermostatic spring regulates a valve which manages the flow of fluid between the chambers of the clutch assembly. Your automobile's BMW 525i Fan Clutch helps to conserve gas by tracking the vehicle's cooling fan speed so it turns slower when the motor is cool and at full power when it is hot. Each BMW definitely makes a statement ... make it a unique one with our selection of outstanding parts and accessories. If you treasure your car or truck, make sure to use only quality parts to fix it. If you have any questions about our parts, our customer service specialists are available to you via e-mail or telephone - with the usual world-class commitment to the customer!

BMW 525i Fan Clutch They are available for the following BMW 525i years: 2003, 2002, 2001, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 03, 02, 01, 95, 94, 93, 92, 91, 90, 89. This part is also sometimes called BMW 525i Fan Clutches. We stock fan clutch parts for most BMW models including 325i, 528i, X5, 740iL, 540i, 530i, 328i, 323i, 325Ci, Z3, 330Ci, M3, 330i, 325xi, 740i, 325is, 330xi, 745i, 328is, 745Li, 323is, 535i, 318is, 318i, 735i, M5, 750iL, 325e, 323Ci, 328Ci, 325, 840Ci, 635CSi, 633CSi, 528e, 733i, 524td, 850i, 735iL and L7.

We stock these Fan Clutch brands for the BMW 525i: Replacement, OEQ, Sachs, Beck Arnley, GPD, APA/URO Parts, API and DIY Solutions.

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Research on Fan Clutch for BMW 525i

Your BMW 525i Fan Clutch is an engine cooling component that is responsible for the controlling the operation of your BMW 525i cooling fans. While a lot of the newer cars now use electric motors fans to keep the engine cool, many older cars still use the mechanical fan clutch to operate the fans. Your BMW 525i Fan Clutch is a thermostatic device, meaning that it operates based on temperature, and its normally fitted on the water pump, or on another belt driven pulley. Your BMW 525i Fan Clutch will rotate loosely until the temperature of your engine reaches a certain level, at which point your BMW 525i Fan Clutch will fully engage so that the fan can work at maximum efficiency. While your BMW 525i Fan Clutch is a cooling system component, any issue with it can cause your vehicle to overheat prematurely. Usually a bad or failing BMW 525i Fan Clutch will produce a few symptoms that will alert the driver of the potential problem.

Symptoms of a bad or failing BMW 525i Fan Clutch

One of the first symptoms of a bad or failing BMW 525i Fan Clutch is a vehicle that is overheating. Your BMW 525i Fan Clutch is responsible for controlling the operation of the cooling fans. A bad BMW 525i Fan Clutch may not be able to engage properly or at all, and due to that, it will disable the fans or even prevent them from working at maximum efficiency. This will normally result in the engine overheating which will lead to a more serious issue if unattended. Yet another symptom of a bad or faulty BMW 525i Fan Clutch is an excessively loud cooling fan. In case the fan clutch gets stuck in the engaged position, which is not uncommon, it will cause your BMW 525i Fan to engage even when it is not desirable for them to be on. This normally results in a loud engine as a result of the fan blowing at full speed. This sound is audible both when the vehicle is hot or cold. Another symptom of a failing BMW 525i Fan Clutch is decreased performance. A faulty fan clutch that leaves the fan permanently engaged will not only cause a noisy engine but will bring about decreased performance. When you have a faulty BMW 525i Fan Clutch, it will cause excessive, unnecessary drag on the engine, which will cause a drop in power, fuel efficiency, and acceleration. In case you notice any of these symptoms make sure you get your vehicle diagnosed by a professional mechanic.

BMW 525i Fan Clutch Cost

Your BMW 525i Fan Clutch replacement cost is between $387 and $468. The labor costs are estimated between $231 and $154. The labor costs involved are estimated between $91 and $78. It is important to note that mentioned when it comes to purchasing your BMW 525i Fan Clutch; it is important that you get it from a reputable and reliable online retailer such as We sell all BMW 525i parts and accessories exclusively online.

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Reviewer: Storm

All products order have excellent Performance.I am able to use them with no problems. Will not order any where else.

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Fan clutch was correct part, fit perfectly, came early and seems to be working as it should.

2003 BMW 525i Fan Clutch