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Family Road Trip Fun: Songs to Sing With Kids

A road trip with the whole family can be a lot of fun for everyone, but spending hours strapped into your seat can take a toll on anyone, especially kids. You could spend the trip staring at a tablet or your mom or dad's phone, but that can make you sick to your stomach after a while in a moving car, and you'll be missing out on all of the scenery outside your window. Singing together can be a fun way to spend time with your family and make the time go by faster while you're riding in the car. Some songs can also help teach you about things like science or math.

  • "I'm a Little Teapot": This is a great song to save for a rest stop along the way, since it has a dance that goes with it. Get up and get moving while you sing to give your body a stretch!
  • "When the Saints Go Marching In": Traditionally a church ballad with African-American roots, this is a song with a catchy tune for marching along the road, even if the marching is done on a car's four wheels.
  • "Found a Peanut": This song's verses follow a silly story about finding and eating a peanut.
  • "Do, Re, Mi": Get a basic music lesson while you sing with this song from The Sound of Music.
  • "The Wheels on the Bus": Sing and learn about the parts of a bus as the wheels on your family's car also go 'round and 'round.
  • "This Old Man": This is a counting song with silly lyrics that don't really make a lot of sense.
  • Neuroscience Songs for Kids: Good for the brain and the ears, these songs can help you learn about your body's nervous system.
  • "I've Been Working on the Railroad": This song was once sung by railroad workers to help them stay in a rhythm during long days putting together new train tracks.
  • "Over the River and Through the Wood": The Mormon Tabernacle Choir presents the lyrics and history of the classic holiday song "Over the River and Through the Wood" on this page. There aren't many Thanksgiving songs, but this one's perfect for a holiday trip to see far-away family.
  • "Land of the Silver Birch": This native Canadian folk song's lyrics talk about the beauty of nature, so it's a good pick to sing in the car while you're driving through the mountains.
  • "A Noun Is a Person, Place, or Thing": Schoolhouse Rock has set the standard for learning through catchy songs since it hit the airwaves in 1973. Sing this song that talks about going places on a road trip, then look around this site to find the lyrics to other great songs.
  • "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt": A lot of kids learn this song at summer camp. It has simple, silly lyrics, and it's fun to sing because it's usually sung at different volumes: The verse gets quieter each time, but the last line is always as loud as it was when you started.
  • "The Ants Go Marching": "The Ants Go Marching" is a fun sing-along with a good rhythm.
  • "Baby Shark": This song is catchy, but once you get it into your head, it's hard to get out! It's really fun to sing, though, especially since you can add hand and arm gestures and change the verses to match the members of your family.
  • "Itsy-Bitsy Spider": This classic kids' song can be a fun sing-along with hand gestures that act out the spider's story, or it can be sung as a lullaby to put your baby brother or sister to sleep.
  • "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain": A song about someone coming for a visit is a good choice to sing while you're on your way to visit someone.
  • "This Land Is Your Land": The last few verses of this song get into more grown-up ideas, but the chorus is fun to sing for anybody.
  • "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star": One of the most popular children's songs of all time, this tune is simple and fun to sing.
  • "Old MacDonald Had a Farm": The animal noises in this song make it extra-fun! Pick animals everyone knows and shout their sounds, or try to stump everyone with a tricky one (what sound does a giraffe make?).
  • "Jingle Bells": Did you know that this song has more than one verse? Even a lot of adults don't know all of the words to every verse of "Jingle Bells."
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