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Jaguar X Type Replacement Expansion Tank Information

Jaguar engine parts and accessories don't have to tap your bank account; has the engine parts your car needs at a cost that can't be beat. When you selected your Jaguar, you invested in a car or truck with great performance and notable style; you want to protect your choice with the most top-notch parts and components. Jaguar is a prestigious manufacturer of expensive vehicles that also provide durability and excellent driver control. Your Jaguar X Type Expansion Tank helps your radiator by providing a place for cooling fluid to expand as temperatures rise. These elements provide space for the coolant to expand as temperatures rise, saving the cooling system from cracking or boiling over, or cooling fluid from overflowing from the cooling system. The tank can fail due to weather or long use; when this happens a new tank must be installed to preserve the car's cooling system in perfect shape. No matter whether you own an exotic sports car or everyday Detroit metal, we have the aftermarket parts you need right here. We have live specialists ready so that savvy shoppers will be sure to get the correct automotive part that they want.

Jaguar X Type Expansion Tank They are available for the following Jaguar X Type years: 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02. This part is also sometimes called Jaguar X Type Radiator Overflow Tank. We stock expansion tank parts for most Jaguar models including S Type, XJ8, XK8, XF, Vanden Plas, XJ, XK, XJR, XJ6, XKR, XJ12, XJS, XFR, F Type and Super V8.

We stock these Expansion Tank brands for the Jaguar X Type: Replacement, Meyle, APA/URO Parts, Dorman, Eurospare, SKP, API and DIY Solutions.

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Research on Expansion Tank for Jaguar X Type

The cooling system of your Jaguar X-Type has many parts, each just as important as the other. The expansion tank is one. If there is any damage to it, the fluid needed to cool the engine can drain out, causing it to overheat. This fluid naturally heats up and expands. The tank provides a space for it to go and helps to relieve pressure in the system. Fluid can go back to the radiator when needed. Safe to say, you can't be without an expansion tank and must replace it if there are any issues.

Problems with a Jaguar X-Type Coolant Reservoir Tank

The biggest concern is a crack in the plastic casing, which would cause coolant to leak out. You'll notice the engine overheat in this case, and potentially break down. Also, coolant levels will be low when you check them and you'll have to keep refilling the fluid. Collisions, big bumps in the road, or age and wear can cause the tank to fail, in which case you should see a coolant light on the instrument panel. A failed expansion tank cap can be just as much of a problem. It helps keep the cooling system under pressure. Air can escape if there's too much pressure. Without this function, the system can be severely damaged.

What Is the Coolant Recovery Tank?

This is another name for the tank in question. A 2003 Jaguar X-Type coolant leak will affect the function of the unit, which is to collect any coolant that has expanded out of the cooling system. This fluid has been heated by the engine. The tank can recycle it back into the system once enough heat has been lost and the coolant's molecules have contracted. Along with the radiator cap, the tank helps to prevent coolant overflow.

Do You Put Coolant in the Radiator or Reservoir?

Coolant is usually not added directly to the radiator. To fill the cooling system in your car, partially loosen the reservoir cap and let the pressure release. You can then remove the cap and add coolant until it reaches the fill line. When the coolant is at the right level, secure the cap again. If the 2004 Jaguar XJ8 coolant reservoir or the one in your X-Type is intact, you should have enough coolant to prevent the engine from overheating.

Cost of Replacing a Jaguar X-Type Coolant Tank

The expansion tank itself is not an expensive part. Labor, taxes, and fees can be hard to gauge unless you get an estimate from your mechanic. These vary based on location, plus the prices from different brands and suppliers are a factor. You can get the coolant tank itself for under $40. The best savings is by getting an X-Type or a Jaguar S-Type coolant expansion tank from, where selling auto parts exclusively online has reduced our overhead to a level that makes it practical to pass the savings onto customers like you. Say goodbye to overpriced brick and mortar stores. You can now restore your cooling system and have cash left over to enjoy.

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2003 Jaguar X Type Expansion Tank

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2003 Jaguar X Type Expansion Tank

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The product fit perfectly. It was shipped packaged well protected and it arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for handling this part it saved me a great deal of money over the Jaguar Dealer price. Thanks!

2004 Jaguar X Type Expansion Tank

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2004 Jaguar X Type Expansion Tank

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