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Ford Escape Replacement Expansion Tank Information

If an issue crops up or a component ought to be fixed, avoid the temptation to scrimp with a low-grade part. Your Ford Escape is worth genuine OEM and aftermarket parts to meet all challenges with its full performance. Flexible all-terrain vehicles like your terrain-mastering Ford Escape were intended to take a pounding wherever you take them but they really have to have effective maintenance and rugged parts to continue challenging all the world's outdoor playgrounds. Ford vehicles are respected for including great value and long lasting durability with sleek looks. Ford prides itself on building vehicles that are reliable and fuel economical in order to meet their customers' wishes. When it comes to dependability and long lasting service, consumers can't go wrong with a solid car engineered by Ford. Selecting a car from Ford ensures dependability and makes your everyday commute safe, hassle-free and pleasant. In recent years the compact styling and affordable price of Ford cars have included smooth drive feel and superior fuel efficiency. Ford is acclaimed for designing well-made and reliable autos which look as great as they function. Car or truck enthusiasts who revel in optimized car or trucks know that there's nothing more vital than installing the best replacement parts. Preserve your vehicle's critical components by installing the most outstanding top-notch engine parts. Ford Escape Expansion Tanks provide room for the engine's cooling fluid to expand as it heats up, stopping your vehicle's radiator from bursting or boiling over, or cooling fluid from overflowing from the car's cooling system. The Ford Escape Expansion Tank can crack due to weather or wear and tear; when this occurs a new one must be installed to maintain your cooling system in perfect condition. The Ford Escape Expansion Tank is a vessel that is designed to allow anti-freeze and air bubbles within your coolant system to increase in volume due to an increase in temperature. Without a Ford Escape Expansion Tank on a car, the coolant that is released under pressure would usually leak onto the road and can be harmful for the planet. A Ford Escape Expansion Tank keeps the excess fluid of the radiator that was forced out of the radiator and returns it once it has cooled sufficiently. When you order from our team of specialists here at PartsGeek, you can be sure that you are choosing the most premium parts and the best possible price. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a part as basic as headlight bulbs or something as sophisticated as oxygen sensors, is the place to go to find what you need.

Ford Escape Expansion Tank They are available for the following Ford Escape years: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01. This part is also sometimes called Ford Escape Radiator Overflow Tank. We stock expansion tank parts for most Ford models including F250 Super Duty, Ranger, F350 Super Duty, F150, Taurus, F53, Focus, Windstar, Mustang, Explorer, F350, F250, F Super Duty, F550 Super Duty, Excursion, Explorer Sport Trac, E350 Super Duty, Bronco, F450 Super Duty, Contour, Fiesta, Expedition, Freestar, E450 Super Duty, F-250 HD, Transit Connect, Thunderbird, E150 Econoline, Fusion, Transit-150, Crown Victoria, E350 Econoline Club Wagon, Transit-250, E250 Econoline, Econoline Super Duty, E450 Econoline Super Duty, E350 Club Wagon, Edge, E350 Econoline and Five Hundred.

We stock these Expansion Tank brands for the Ford Escape: Replacement, Dorman, Action Crash, APA/URO Parts, DIY Solutions, Brock and SKP.

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Research on Expansion Tank for Ford Escape

A coolant reservoir tank, or expansion, the tank is a critical component of the cooling system in a vehicle. It is typically connected to the radiator filler neck by a tube and serves as a sort or reservoir for excess coolant to be captured when there is damage or leakage in the pressure release valve in the radiator cap. Also known as an overflow tank, the coolant expansion tank is usually a clear plastic bottle that is located near the radiator. If there is any problem with the expansion tank in your vehicle, you should get a 2014 Ford Escape coolant reservoir as soon as possible.

Symptoms of a Bad Expansion Tank

When you have a worn or damaged coolant reservoir, a few symptoms will develop, alerting you of a potential problem. If you spot any of these signs and symptoms, you should take your drive to a certified mechanic for an immediate checkup and if necessary, a 2002 Ford Escape radiator overflow tank replacement.

Constantly Low Levels of Coolant: One of the first symptoms of a faulty expansion tank is when your vehicle is constantly low on coolant. If the tank develops small leaks or cracks, the stored coolant can evaporate or leak at a slow rate. You may not notice the leaks because they can be very small, but over time, the expansion tank will become empty. A leak in another part of the engine could also be the reason behind having to top up coolant ever so often, so you should get a proper diagnosis.

Coolant Leaks: Another symptom of a worn or damaged expansion tank is coolant leaks. If the tank breaks or cracks as a result of overheating or old age, there will be leaks. Steam and drips may result from small leaks while puddles and streams are produced by larger leaks. There will also be a noticeable coolant odor.

When Leaks Happen

When there is any crack or break in the expansion tank, the engine will become highly prone to overheating. When the vehicle starts and heats up, resulting in the coolant to run into the tank, it will simply leak out until it runs out. Eventually, there will not be any fluid passing through the pipes as it would have already dripped out onto the ground. As a result, the engine will not have any fluid to help lower its temperature as it is running.

Because it is made of plastic, it is not uncommon for an expansion tank to crack, especially if you have been in even a minor accident. If you think that there might be a coolant leak, get the reservoir checked out and replace the damaged one.

Cost of Coolant Reservoir Replacement for Ford Escape

To replace the coolant reservoir in your Ford Escape, you will need to spend between $141 and $188. For labor, you will need to spend between $70 and $89 while parts will cost you between $71 and $99. Keep in mind that this estimate excludes taxes and fees.

Get Top-Notch Parts for Your Ford Escape Online

Whether you need a 2002 Ford Escape coolant reservoir or 2005 Ford Escape coolant reservoir, you should choose a reliable online source like PartsGeek for your needs. This is the best place for high-quality auto parts and accessories for all vehicle makes and models at unmatched prices.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: A perfect fit

Part is a near exact match to original, although there is a slight difference in that a hose routing clip on the original is not present--not a problem. Part was quick and easy to install myself and saved me a bundle over what the dealer might have charged.

2002 Ford Escape Expansion Tank

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Jim

Same part at a local store cost more than $75 for the same brand (Dorman)! Tank went in without an issue. Somewhat Satisfied because the cap did not come on and off as freely as the original tank. Ended using the old cap on the new tank.

I would definitely use PartsGeek again.

2001 Ford Escape Expansion Tank

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: SCOTT

Quick to ship,well packaged.The local stores have no oem exhaust parts.The Geek always has the parts I need in stock thanks again.

2003 Ford Escape Expansion Tank

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 2001 Ford Escape Dorman Expansion Tank

2001 Ford Escape Dorman Expansion Tank was received and taken to my local mechanic. This part fit perfectly and is functioning at 100 percent. The web-site was easy to find what I needed and the check out process was quick and effective. I will most definitely be shopping here again as the prices were very reasonable and I was very satisfied.

2001 Ford Escape Expansion Tank

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Juan Delagdo

product as a dealer and way cheaper & perfect fit.

2006 Ford Escape Expansion Tank

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Perfect Fit

This part was a direct replacement for the leaking expansion tank in our 2001 Ford Escape V6. It was a VERY easy replacement. Removed two bolts that allowed me to dump the coolant, then two hoses and an electrical connection.

The replacement part fit perfectly in the same spot with all the same connectors and holes.

2001 Ford Escape Expansion Tank