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Ford Explorer Replacement EGR Valve Information

Ford very consistently comes through, with great automobiles that meld fuel efficiency alongside the pleasures of supple handling. For lavish designs at a less expensive cost, drivers turn to Ford to match their vehicle wishes. The unique styling and agile control of Ford cars offer drivers a speedy and protected ride.Ford is a respected automobile manufacturer renowned for producing dependable and hardworking cars. When consumers want custom looks and reliable innovation, Ford vehicles effortlessly beat the competition. It's no shock that smart drivers get how to turbocharge the performance level of their Ford Explorer using performance-maximizing car parts. For long lasting performance and modestly priced quality, consumers turn to well made cars produced by Ford. It's not surprising that safety-conscious drivers like you understand how to get the most quality at a good price when seeking out Ford Explorer car parts.World-class power and performance are supported by first-rate components and accessories. Invest in your car's critical systems by installing the most outstanding top-notch parts. A Ford Explorer EGR Valve can normally be found on top of or close to your engine intake manifold. The car's Ford Explorer EGR Valve recycles a specific amount of exhaust with intake air, which cools the combustion process. Your Ford Explorer EGR Valve, well-known as your exhaust recirculation valve, recirculates emissions right back into the intake of the motor. The Ford Explorer EGR Valve is a vacuum controlled valve which decreases your emissions and is vital to your car's emission control system. The car's Ford Explorer EGR Valve cools a car's engine and stops the formation of nitrogen related gasses called NOX emissions, which often cause your vehicle to not pass an emissions test. For tremendous satisfaction from your vehicle, you know that good parts are part of outstanding performance - has those quality parts right here. A Ford Explorer ought to be maintained in top shape and well-maintained; that involves selecting the best new auto parts.

Ford Explorer EGR Valve They are available for the following Ford Explorer years: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94. This part is also sometimes called Ford Explorer EGR Valves. We stock egr valve parts for most Ford models including F150, F250 Super Duty, F350 Super Duty, Mustang, Escape, Ranger, Freestar, Expedition, Focus, Taurus, Crown Victoria, Explorer Sport Trac, F250, Bronco, Freestyle, Five Hundred, F350, E150 Econoline, Thunderbird, Windstar, E350 Super Duty, Escort, F550 Super Duty, Fusion, E350 Econoline, E250 Econoline, Probe, E150, E250, F450 Super Duty, Excursion, E350 Econoline Club Wagon, F100, Contour, E150 Econoline Club Wagon, Bronco II, Explorer Sport, LTD Crown Victoria, Aspire and Transit Connect.

We stock these EGR Valve brands for the Ford Explorer: Replacement, Standard Motor Products, Forecast, Motorcraft, API, DIY Solutions and SKP.

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Research on EGR Valve for Ford Explorer

Gasoline engines are powered by the energy created by the combustion process. Air and fuel is mixed, compressed inside the cylinder then ignited with a spark plug. Preferably gasoline burns oxygen. However, air is 70% nitrogen and also has traces of other gases. In the combustion chamber nitrogen combines with oxygen and forms nitrous oxides which are a major component of urban air pollution. Leaner air to fuel combinations improve fuel economy, though when gasoline is burned lean it has a tendency to knock. This drastically decreases thermal efficiency and can damage the engine. Engines can be made more efficient by lowering the combustion chamber temperatures, with this pollution reduces as fuel economy improves. Performance is sacrificed though this is the price paid for better air quality.

EGR is short for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. The EGR valves channels back a small portion of exhaust gases into the inlet air charge and lowers the temperature of the burning fuel. The valve ensures the EGR system is off at idle since it can lead to an erratic and loping idle at peak power and also adding exhaust gases robs the engine off power. Apart from lowering pollution and reducing combustion chamber temperatures it also lowers pumping losses.

Ford Explorer EGR Valve Problems

Your EGR Valve may be the culprit if you are experiencing engine performance issues. A malfunctioning or clogged EGR valve is known to disrupt the vehicle's air fuel ratio that causes performance issues due to reduction in power, acceleration as well as decreased fuel efficiency. When an EGR valve is stuck in the open position, it causes exhaust gas recirculation resulting to a rough idle even when the conditions are not ideal. The check engine light will also come on when there is an issue with the EGR valve. This light can also be activated by a host of other issues, it is therefore critical that the computer is scanned for trouble codes. Your engine may also ping on acceleration and you are also likely to fail an emissions test.

Replacing Your Ford Explorer EGR Valve

To determine the state of your EGR valve it is recommended that an inspection is first performed. The entire EGR system should also be cleaned when the EGR valve is being replaced. A 2005 Ford Explorer EGR valve replacement in Chicago will cost you on average between $190 and $293. You will also pay the same if you are experiencing 2004 Ford Explorer EGR valve problems and ensure you undertake a 2004 Ford Explorer EGR valve cleaning before going ahead with the replacement.

An EGR valve is quite a crucial component especially if you are under strict emission regulations. It not only lowers emissions but also saves you money at the pump and also conserves energy by lowering combustion chamber temperatures. For replacements or if you need to improve the performance of your car you can get yourself a variety of EGR valves at Be sure to also get the best deals on all other automobile parts and accessories.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Rick Sanchez

After getting a error reading "Check Engine Soon" I went to Auto Zone to get a free analysis of the problem. They said it was my EGR valve. I purchased the part from and it was delivered in a matter of days (free delivery) The mechanic said I should not trust a teenager at Autozone for that reading. It could be just the sensor. But, because the part I purchased included the EGR valve and the sensor, I was covered either way. saved me time and most importantly, MONEY!

Very satisfied customer!

2004 Ford Explorer EGR Valve

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Tim Judge

site is great

1998 Ford Explorer EGR Valve

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Daddymike59

Reliable and easy to install. Very comparable to original equiptment

1995 Ford Explorer EGR Valve

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: EGR Valve

Exact replacement part. Valve was just like the original part.

1997 Ford Explorer EGR Valve

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Shannon

Fast shipping and excellent customer service! Will use again! Best price around!!!

2005 Ford Explorer EGR Valve

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Tbone

Part came on time as expected. Perfect condition as advertised.

2002 Ford Explorer EGR Valve