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Mini Cooper Replacement Control Arm Information

If your most important preference in a car is to experience fuel efficiency, or to get there quickly, the Mini Cooper can be the best style of car that will meet the goals you have as a buyer. A vehicle's performance is a composite of many factors including quality parts. When you drive a vehicle designed for maximum performance it needs the best quality parts. Usually, Mini Cooper Control Arms are formed like the letter A; the apex end connects to the steering knuckle and the wider end connects to the frame. The slender end of the Control Arm fastens to the wheel by a ball joint while the broader end of the arm attaches to a vehicle chassis and spins on a bushing. An important piece of a number of vehicle suspension styles, the Control Arm is generally flat, triangular and mounts to the frame as well as your wheel. A Control Arm is a vital part of a vehicle's suspension system, for it connects the steering knuckle to the Mini's frame. When a Control Arm needs replacement, it is usually wise to have the opposite arm inspected, as it too may require maintenance.

Mini Cooper Control Arm They are available for the following Mini Cooper years: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02. This part is also sometimes called Mini Cooper Control Arms. We stock control arm parts for most Mini models including Cooper Countryman, Cooper Paceman and Cooper Clubman.

We stock these Control Arm brands for the Mini Cooper: Dorman, Mevotech, Lemfoerder, Febi, API, TRQ, SKP and Moog.

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In 1959, a subcompact coupe came out of England that used a transverse-mounted engine and a space-efficient front-wheel-drive layout. Although a small vehicle, it provided a surprising amount of usable space for people and packages. Because it was affordable, stylish, fun to drive and easy to park, the British Mini and sportier Mini Cooper became well known worldwide, including the U.S., where it enjoyed brief popularity with the counter-culture during the 1960s.

After a long break, the Mini Cooper returned to the U.S. in 2002 under the direction of BMW. These new Minis have provided a uniquely sporting blend of classic British mini-car heritage and charm, with precise German engineering and construction.. Available as either a two- or four-door hatchback or a convertible , this small car has an infectious personality thanks to its quick steering and sharp handling. Early 21st-century Coopers weren't especially speedy, but Mini has upgraded the engines over the years, and modern versions offer a compelling compromise of performance and fuel efficiency.

A vehicle's suspension is a complexity of geometry and leverage. The front suspensions in most vehicles manufactured today not only steer the vehicle, but also drive the vehicle. Front-wheel drive designs rely on a control arm to counteract the engine's torque. By placing an engine torque limiter arm between the engine and the vehicle's chassis, the vehicle is able to be easily steered while applying power to the engine. Without this arm, the vehicle would be nearly impossible to steer when a driver applies power to the wheels.

The Mini uses control arms in the front suspension that integrate three joints: two ball joints, and one rear rubber bushing contained in an outer bracket. Many suspension problems can be traced back to worn out control arm ball joints or bushings. The factory original bushing typically last about 60K miles before you might notice a few clunks and/or squeaks while driving. They are used to isolate the different parts from each other and to prevent sound and vibrations coming from the road and tires to travel through the rest of the car. Worn-out front control arm bushing will result in increasing less responsive steering. Shaking of the steering wheel at high speeds is a good indicator that you have either worn control arm bushings and ball joints, or a bent control arm. If you are replacing the wishbone bushings and are upgrading to stiffer shocks and springs, you may want to replace the stock rubber bushings with a set of polyurethane ones. These bushings are more heavy duty than the stock ones and will help in keeping the suspension settings of the car more precise under heavy cornering.

The front control arms on the R55/R56/R57 Mino are very similar to the earlier cars except that the inner ball joints are now incorporated into the control arm instead of a detachable joint bolted to the sub frame. Additionally, the design for the outer ball joints has changed, moving the mounting points onto the control arm.

What is the Mini Cooper Control Arm replacement cost?

PartsGeek prices for the Dorman control arm for the Mini Cooper are $44.33 for the front and $106.33 for the rear.

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My part came right on time following being shipped the same day. I wasn't expecting to have a tracking number the very same day but they moved very quickly. I am very satisfied.

2004 Mini Cooper Control Arm

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I really like parts geek and have recommended them to more than a few people. The prices and brands are always the best. Only thing that got to me this last order, I ordered both the lower control arm bushings and paid one fee for the shipping, even though I ordered the same day, the Left bushing came 7 days after the Right one!

2005 Mini Cooper Control Arm

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Reviewer: Epybarra

These control arms are adjustable even though it does not state in the discription same control arm on diffrent sites are more than double the cost you can adjust +4.00/-4.00 on camber .

2007 Mini Cooper Control Arm

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Great Product! Arrived super fast and well packaged!

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Great news got my parts today. Box in great shape. Parts look good can't wait to put them on my Mimi. Thanks Parts Geek.

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Worked great. Perfect fit. Priced great. Great quality.

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