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Mercedes S550 Replacement Control Arm Information

When collectors want the best in lavishness, design and performance they invest in Mercedes. People who appreciate performance understand that only premium quality auto parts should be used. Superior handling is a snap with factory authorized options engineered to work with the engine and front end components. Many Mercedes S550 Control Arms resemble a letter A; the narrower end attaches to the steering knuckle while the bifurcated end attaches to the frame. An important component of a number of car suspension styles, a Control Arm is rather flat, three-sided and mounts to your chassis and your wheel. When a Control Arm needs replacement, it is often a good idea to get the opposite arm checked, for it may need service. The Control Arm is a vital element of a vehicle's suspension, for it attaches the steering knuckle to your car or truck's frame. The narrow end of the Control Arm connects to a wheel with a ball joint while the broader end of the arm connects to a vehicle frame and spins on a bushing.

Mercedes S550 Control Arm They are available for the following Mercedes S550 years: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07. This part is also sometimes called Mercedes S550 Control Arms. We stock control arm parts for most Mercedes models including E320, C230, S500, C240, S430, C300, C280, C320, E350, ML320, E500, ML350, 300D, SL500, GL450, 190E, CLK320, CLK500, E430, CLK350, E420, ML430, E300, E55 AMG, 300E, CLS500, 300TD, CLS550, 300SD, C220, ML500, GLK350, S320, CLK430, SLK230, S420, CL500, S55 AMG, C350 and C32 AMG.

We stock these Control Arm brands for the Mercedes S550: Replacement, Karlyn, DIY Solutions, Genuine, Lemfoerder, Dorman, MAS, SKP, API and AC Delco.

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Research on Control Arm for Mercedes S550

Launched in 1972, and now in its sixth generation, the Mercedes S Class sedan boasts a rare duality. On the one hand, it's ideal for luxury cruising, but on the other it's a high-tech testing ground for automotive innovation. No version expresses that dual personality as lucidly as the 2016 Mercedes-Benz S550. Big screens are now increasingly commonplace in cars, so the S550 gives you two of them; massage seats are now being offered in the premium mainstream, so the S550 takes you on a virtual visit to the massage parlor.

The S-Class received a facelift in mid-2009. Daytime LED running lights were fitted to the outer edges of the bi-xenon lamp units. The rear end was accented with 53 distinctively arranged LEDs in the two taillights. The body-colored strips through the tail lamps have been retired. The front of the car boasts a more pronounced arrow-shaped grille, as well as a new front bumper with a light-catching contour and a chrome strip below the cooling air intakes. Sleeker rear-view door mirrors with LED turn signals were also added. Exhaust tailpipes of all S-Class variants were visibly integrated into the rear bumper.

The technology is overwhelming. You could drive from Boston to New York without fully realizing the capabilities of the cruise controls. It can maintain speed in changing traffic, help you steer, keep you inside the white lines, and so much more. Still, it is not a perfect ride. With age and mileage, critical suspension components such as control arm bushings, thrust rods, tie rods, ball joints, sway bar links and wheel bearings begin to wear out Over time, your Mercedes Benz will lose some of its handling characteristics. You may begin to hear creaking noises or notice front-end vibrations when crossing road bumps or hitting a pot-hole. These are indicators that your Mercedes Benz's suspension needs attention.

What is the Mercedes S550s most common suspension issue?

Worn or failed control arm bushings, which absorb most of the force during braking, cornering and heavy acceleration. These forces can be extreme and cause the rubber bushings to crack, and that is what causes a front-end vibration or shimmy. Signs of failure are common and are often accompanied with a creaking noise from the suspension. Other components such as wheel bearings, ball joints and sway bar links should be inspected at the same time.

Although failure of these components is less frequent, control arm bushings left unchecked will put additional stress on other suspension components such as ball joints, tie rods and sway bar links, and all of this leads to excessive and premature tire wear. If you are feeling a vibration or shimmy, make a visual inspection of the control arm bushings for cracks, leaks or missing pieces of rubber. You should also inspect the forward facing thrust arm for similar signs of wear, and listen for a creaking noise coming from the suspension while driving at low speeds. All of these signs could be symptomatic of control arm failure.

What is the Mercedes S550 Control Arm replacement cost?

PartsGeek offers several options for Mercedes S550 control arm replacement, with a pricing range that goes from rags to riches in 60 seconds. On the low end, FEQs Base Control Arm for the 2007 Mercedes S550 w/ Bushing & Ball Joint starts at $58.48. On the high end, Genuine's control arm for the 2007 Mercedes S550 can be had for $214.48.

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I was sold a part that was guaranteed to fit by the parts geek sales agent. Turns out the part did not fit so I had to return it. I ended up paying $28 to return a $65 dollar part. This did not leave me feeling totally satified.

2007 Mercedes S550 Control Arm

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Reviewer: Doesn't fit 2007 s550 awd

Fast shipping, good price, but doesn't fit 2007 s550 4matic (awd)

2007 Mercedes S550 Control Arm

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Reviewer: Fits 2007 s550 4matic (awd)

Fast shipping, correct part, fits s550 4matic (awd), thanks

2007 Mercedes S550 Control Arm

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Reviewer: Fits s550 4matic (awd)

Fast shipping, correct part, fits 2007 s550 4matic (awd), thanks

2007 Mercedes S550 Control Arm

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Reviewer: anthonys192

amazing product. quick and easy to order. very fast shipping.

2008 Mercedes S550 Control Arm

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Fast service and great price. Part works fine on my car.

2008 Mercedes S550 Control Arm