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Mercedes C280 Replacement Control Arm Information

When they want dependability, consumers can't go wrong with Mercedes, a well-known producer of resilient and trustworthy vehicles. Mercedes is renowned for designing well-designed and dynamic automobiles that look as great as they function. Would a smart driver spend a large payment for a great, stylish luxury vehicle, only to cut costs on replacement components and parts? To keep the quality and comfort you selected with your Mercedes C280, it's critical to select only the very best OEM and aftermarket auto parts. Comfort-optimized vehicles like the nicely made Mercedes C280 were designed to be used with care and attention and always regularly repaired and serviced. The Mercedes you chose was created using quality and craftsmanship; it should get new parts with the same top level of value. If you chose a performance-optimized vehicle for its high-end power and performance, back up your investment by buying first rate aftermarket parts. People who love performance car or trucks know that there's nothing more vital than putting in the best new parts for your vehicle. The slender end of the Mercedes C280 Control Arm attaches to a wheel in a ball joint while the wider end of the arm is fastened to your vehicle frame and spins on a bushing. An essential part of several vehicle suspension styles, a Mercedes C280 Control Arm is generally flat, three-sided and mounts to the vehicle frame as well as your wheel. If one arm needs repair, it's usually wise to have the opposing arm inspected, as it too may need replacement. You don't have to decide between your bankroll and dependability when you order your parts. No other supplier can give you a better selection of quality aftermarket accessories than we do all year long. No matter whether you drive a classic roadster or a sport utility vehicle, we have all the parts you have to have right here at

Mercedes C280 Control Arm They are available for the following Mercedes C280 years: 2007, 2006, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 07, 06, 00, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94. This part is also sometimes called Mercedes C280 Control Arms. We stock control arm parts for most Mercedes models including E320, C230, S500, C240, S430, S550, C300, C320, E350, ML320, E500, ML350, 300D, SL500, GL450, 190E, CLK320, CLK500, E430, CLK350, E420, ML430, E300, E55 AMG, 300E, CLS500, 300TD, CLS550, ML500, 300SD, GLK350, C220, S320, CLK430, SLK230, S420, CL500, S55 AMG, C350 and 190D.

We stock these Control Arm brands for the Mercedes C280: Replacement, Lemfoerder, Dorman, API, Genuine, Karlyn, Moog, SKP and DIY Solutions.

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Research on Control Arm for Mercedes C280

When you own a Mercedes, you own a luxurious and comfortable ride. However, a machine is a machine and can develop issues that can adversely affect the comfort of your ride. Usually, control arm-related Mercedes C280 problems are to be blamed for this. The control arm ensures that the bouncing movements that your vehicle experiences when driving on bumps and potholes are kept to the minimal, and it also connects the frame of the vehicle to the wheels. Each wheel has upper and lower control arm that can fail or wear out with time and your driving style.

Importance of Mercedes C280 Control Arm

Your Mercedes C280 control arm ensures that the wheels always stay in contact with the surface, even when you are driving over potholes and bumps. So, if the control arm fails, you will not be able to steer the wheels, leaving your vehicle unsafe to drive. Faulty or failing control arm makes it difficult for the wheels to stay in touch with the road, and this can be an unsafe scenario. Thankfully, your vehicle will give you ample signs to tell you that you need a Mercedes control arm replacement.

Loss of Steering Control

Imagine losing control of the steering while you are driving, especially at highway speeds. Frightening. Well, that is what happens if the ball joint of the Mercedes C280 control arm separates from the wheel knuckle. As a result, the front tire will react to the steering wheel, resulting in accidents. Of course, this happens in the worst case scenario. Before losing steering control, your Mercedes C280 control arm will offer many other symptoms.

Clunking Noises When Driving On Uneven Surfaces

When you drive on potholes or bumps, you will hear a clunking noise coming from your Mercedes C280. It is a sign that the control arm is failing and requires urgent replacement. Don't wait or else you will be risking your life as well as other people's lives if you continue driving with a failing or damaged Mercedes C280 control arm.

Uneven Wear of Tires

Tire wear is always worrying. However, if you notice the front tires wearing on the inside or outside, you should take your Mercedes C280 for an inspection. This tread wear can occur due to a loose or faulty control arm. It can also occur due to misalignment of the wheels. Remember wearing of tires will reduce traction, making it difficult for the vehicle to stop when you engage the brakes.

Cost of Replacing Mercedes C280 Control Arm

Mercedes C280 control arm assembly replacement cost can be expensive. After all, you are driving a Mercedes! But you may not need to replace the entire assembly. Your mechanic will be able to suggest the best course of action. To replace the upper ball joint, it will cost between $615 and 992. Labor costs will be between $299 and $378 while parts will cost anywhere from $316 to $614. On the other hand, replacing the lower ball joint will cost between $186 and $330. Labor costs will vary between $158 and $200 while parts will cost between $28 and $130. These are just estimates and will vary based on your location. These prices and costs do not include taxes and fees.

You can find high quality Mercedes Benz C280 control arm at PartsGeek. We are an online store for Mercedes parts and accessories and have a large inventory of control arm assemblies and control arm components at affordable prices.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: mike L.

Installed the part, and have been driving for more than a year with no problems! (more than 20K miles) "1994 Mercedes C280 Control Arm"

1994 Mercedes C280 Control Arm

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Mercedes C280 Beck Arnley Control Arm

Parts to the undercarriage of a car need t be evaluated after having been through trials on the road; with that being said, the quality looks good and was installed without a hitch.

1999 Mercedes C280 Control Arm

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Reviewer: George

Ordered whole bunch of suspension parts for my Mercedes C280. All the parts arrived on time and were as advertised. No surprises.

1999 Mercedes C280 Control Arm

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1997 Mercedes C280 Control Arm

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Reviewer: eric goodman


1997 Mercedes C280 Control Arm

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Reviewer: Kevin Watson

Excellent product. Looks more heavy duty than original equipment. Easy install and the fit was perfect. The price was lower than competitors. I would recommend this product to anyone in the need.

2007 Mercedes C280 Control Arm