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Volvo S40 Replacement Coil Spring Information

Would it make sense to spend a big check on a fine, luxurious vehicle, if you plan to cut corners on new parts and components? High-status vehicles such as your finely crafted Volvo S40 are meant to be used gently and also regularly maintained. To preserve the value and appearance you bought with your Volvo S40, it's key to use only the best names in high-performance parts. A quality Volvo car is a joy to drive and has the ability to elicit nonstop intrigue and charm. Driving an automobile from Volvo ensures excellence and makes your daily commute safe, stress-free and enjoyable. The Volvo you chose was put together with the highest care and expertise; it needs new OEM parts with the same high level of value. Your car is outstanding because it has high performance and terrific style, so to have it running in top condition you want the best in quality parts and accessories. You chose a performance-optimized car to take advantage of its awesome engine power and performance, protect your investment and install outstanding aftermarket parts. In cars, shock absorbers are a well known kind of Volvo S40 Coil Spring that is designed to stabilize the weight of the car and soften bumps as the car moves on the road. The car's Volvo S40 Coil Spring is a heavy-duty metal spring that keeps the weight of a vehicle's body plus any load it carries off the tires. If a vehicle's Volvo S40 Coil Spring is broken and must be replaced, a heavy-duty tool called a compression tool must be used to safely remove the spring and prevent serious injury to the mechanic. No other website will give you a better price on dependable aftermarket accessories than we can all year long. Safeguard your investment by demanding only the finest aftermarket accessories ??. the only ones we sell. If there are any concerns about our accessories, our customer support specialists can be reached by telephone or by e-mail - with the usual top-notch commitment to the customer!

Volvo S40 Coil Spring They are available for the following Volvo S40 years: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00. This part is also sometimes called Volvo S40 Coil Springs. We stock coil spring parts for most Volvo models including XC70, C70, S60, V70, V40, 850, 240, XC60, S80, S70, V50, XC90, 244, 740, 245, 940, 960, C30, 760, 780, 164, 242, 264, 265, DL, 144, 142, 145, 262, GLE and 745.

We stock these Coil Spring brands for the Volvo S40: Lesjofors, Genuine, Suplex, Febi and API.

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Research on Coil Spring for Volvo S40

The suspension system in a car ensures a smooth, bump-free ride, and stable wheel contact with the road below for better handling of the car. The internal components that contribute to the proper functioning of the suspension system are the strut assembly, shock absorber, along with the multiple struts, shocks, coil springs, and bushings, which wear out over time with daily usage. In the Macpherson type strut assembly, the shocks and springs are fused into a single unit. In some other type of suspension, the coil springs and shocks are separately housed within a strut assembly. Another system includes shocks within coil springs. When coil springs are replaced, the shocks are also replaced at the same time. Extreme caution is required while working with coil springs. The compressed energy within these springs can cause havoc and physical injury when suddenly released. In a Volvo S40, you have to regularly inspect the condition of the coil springs within the strut assembly or shock absorber. If your visual inspection confirms worn out coil springs, and you feel a sagging or drooping suspension system in your car, you probably have to replace the coil springs in that system.

Common Problems with Volvo S40 Coil Springs

The coil springs in a car's suspension wear out the same way the struts and shocks do. The coil springs take a lot of abuse during the normal functioning of the struts and shocks. Regular usage and many rough rides through terrains can reduce the life of coil springs well before the expected lifespan of these springs. The coil springs begin to sag or droop after many miles of use. All the compression and decompression that the coil springs experience during bumpy or uphill rides, or during sharp turns, will eventually snuff the life out of those springs. If you feel that your car's suspension system is suddenly sagging or drooping, then you must prepare to get the coil springs replaced as soon as possible.

The Usual Replacement Cost of Volvo S40 Coil Springs

Coil springs can range from $40 to $200, depending on make and model. The coil spring replacement service can easily take up three to six hours of intense labor. So, while calculating the total service cost, take a reasonable parts price, then add local labor cost for three to six hours of service, and lastly add applicable taxes to get the final cost estimate.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Great service

We had this 2000 volvo S40 apart on our only hoist and no local parts house had the parts we needed so Parts Geek saved us Again!Great Service with FAST RESPONSE ! I ordered parts 4pm Thurs, And it was delivered Fri Morning! I don't know how they do it!

2000 Volvo S40 Coil Spring

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: rick r

PartsGeek was one of the few parts suppliers that carried front springs for my S40 Volvo. And, their price was the best. The springs arrived quickly. I was very pleased with the purchase. Now, I am ordering rear brake rotors and front upper control arm for my C230 Mercedes. Same deal - best prices.

2000 Volvo S40 Coil Spring

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Coil Spring

Very reliable and good condition parts from Swedish make. Accurate delivery description.

2004 Volvo S40 Coil Spring

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Mack E Pickens/General Contracto

This item was a hard item to fine here in Wichita, But as usual in less than one min. I found it at partsgeek always fits.

2002 Volvo S40 Coil Spring

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Will

Excellent professional service! Can't wait til my next order

2000 Volvo S40 Coil Spring

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Best Price by Far!

So glad to have found PartsGeek. Massive savings over dealer price. My local Volvo mechanic confirmed the PartsGeek part manufacturer was every bit as good as OEM Volvo quality. I'll be back!

2002 Volvo S40 Coil Spring