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Classic Car Lovers Fan Page

Classic cars are powerful symbols of our growth as an industrial and innovative nation, with names like Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Jeep, Cadillac, Pontiac, and GMC turning out vehicles that still turn heads to this day. The glory days of American car culture may be in the past, but their spirit lives on in those who drive and maintain classic cars today.

Classic Car Fan Sites

Myriad classic car fan sites are dedicated to different automakers and specific car models, including car parts and memorabilia. All of these websites are great places for classic car fans to admire vehicles and come together to talk about them.

  • Curbside Classic: Curbside Classic is a fan site built for classic car fans with an appreciation for both American and global automakers. It is also a forum for car-lovers to talk about all things classic cars.
  • Old Cars Weekly: Old Cars Weekly publishes articles about classic cars as well as listings of car shows, found here.
  • Antique Automobile Club of America: Join the AACA to dive deeper into the history of automobiles and you'll have plenty of company.
  • Fossil Cars: This site features many different types of cars, including classic models.
  • Classic Cars Today Online: This is another online publication dedicated to fans of classic cars.

Classic Car Restoration and Maintenance Information for Owners

Given that classic cars are antiques, they require the best care and maintenance in order to preserve their beauty and function. Washing and waxing are important to keep a vehicle's paint in good condition. It's also crucial to continue with routine oil changes and move the vehicle periodically to make sure that the tires don't get flat spots. Storing a classic car in a garage safe from sunlight is the best way to preserve the car's color, both inside and out.

Classic Car Museums

The best part about being a classic car fan in America is that there are many car museums nationwide, so there's probably one within driving distance. Some of them are specific to one company, while others are dedicated to vintage cars as a whole.

  • Blackhawk Museum: The Blackhawk Museum is located in California and has a wide array of classic cars from many different time periods.
  • Petersen Automotive Museum: The Petersen Museum in Los Angeles boasts dozens of galleries.
  • Mullin Automotive Museum: Located in Oxnard, California, the Mullin Automotive Museum is a humble museum with a rich display of different vintage cars.
  • The Revs Institute: The Rev Institute is one of the most popular classic automobile museums in Florida.
  • The National Automobile Museum: The National Automobile Museum is located in Reno, Nevada, and displays antique cars from both the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • The Nethercutt Collection: The Nethercutt Collection features more than 130 classic cars for visitors to admire.
  • The Henry Ford Museum: The Henry Ford Museum is a full museum dedicated to one of the founding fathers of America's automobile industry, Henry Ford.
  • NHRA Motorsports Museum: The NHRA Motorsports Museum has a full gallery dedicated to antique cars, focusing on race cars.
  • Classic Car Club of America Museum: Here is another museum dedicated to classic cars with a showroom displaying a wide collection.
  • Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum: Created by a classic car enthusiast, the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum sits in the heart of Alabama and is a statewide favorite.

Miscellaneous Classic Car Resources

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