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GMC Envoy Replacement Bumper Cover Information

GMC Envoy bumper covers are designed to provide drivers with a certain amount of impact protection but, unfortunately, even a small impact can cause damage to these units. If you have elected to drive a GMC Envoy, part of your buying decision was, no doubt, based on this vehicle's great looks and styling characteristics. Having a damaged GMC Envoy bumper cover, of which the vehicle has two, front and rear, is unsightly and will significantly detract from the SUV's overall appearance. In the old days, when car bumpers were mostly made out of tough chromed steel, a ding or a dent could be fixed without too much trouble. Today's cars and SUVs, however, have collision protection in the form of plastic, rubber or light-duty metal. While repairing a bumper cover can still be an option, the results typically leave something to be desired and the only perfect fix is to replace the part by installing a new, high quality replacement bumper cover. Finding the best quality, highest value replacement parts for a GMC Envoy has never been easier than today, in this world of instant Internet access. A consumer can easily find the correct part for his or her specific make, model and year of vehicle, and do side-by-side comparisons to find the best deal.

GMC Envoy Bumper Cover They are available for the following GMC Envoy years: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02. This part is also sometimes called GMC Envoy Bumper. We stock bumper cover parts for most GMC models including Sierra 1500, Sierra 2500 HD, Yukon, Terrain, Yukon XL 1500, Acadia, Canyon, Envoy XL, Sierra 3500 HD, Savana 3500, Sonoma, Sierra 3500, Savana 2500, Sierra 2500, C1500, Savana 1500, Sierra 1500 HD, K1500, Envoy XUV, Acadia Limited, Yukon XL, Yukon XL 2500, C2500 Suburban, Jimmy, C2500, Safari, Sierra 1500 Limited, K2500 Suburban, K2500, K1500 Suburban, C25/C2500 Pickup, C15/C1500 Pickup, R1500, C3500, C1500 Suburban, R3500, K3500, S15 Jimmy, Savana 4500 and C15.

We stock these Bumper Cover brands for the GMC Envoy: Action Crash.

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Research on Bumper Cover for GMC Envoy

The front of your GMC Envoy should be protected from impacts. Though that is the bumper's job, the exterior bumper cover also helps. This part, thankfully, is relatively simple to replace, which may keep you from having to spend an entire day on the task or take your Envoy to a body shop. When shopping for a new bumper cover, you'll need to make several decisions, including whether you want it painted or not and if you intend to replace any other nearby parts. Making these choices and others before you undertake your GMC Envoy front bumper cover removal and replacement can help you to hasten your task and avoid wasting time.

What is the Bumper Cover?

The bumper cover on your GMC Envoy is what many consider to be the bumper itself. It fits low on the front of your GMC and protects the true bumper behind it. One certain models of Envoy, you may have fog lights that fit into the bumper cover. The trim level and model year will help you to find right bumper cover for your Envoy, and you cannot interchange model years. For instance, a 2000 GMC Envoy front bumper cover may not be the same as a newer 2006 GMC Envoy Denali front bumper cover.

How to Replace a Bumper Cover?

Replacing a bumper cover on a GMC Envoy is not the most difficult task you could do. For exact instructions, it's always best to consult a repair manual, which will also have pictures accompanying the walkthrough to help you see what you're doing. When you replace the bumper cover, you'll need to take off the old one as well as the grille, but there are just a couple of clips holding the grille on, depending on your model, so this should not pose too difficult a task. You will also need to take out the cornering lights and the fog lights. Once these steps are done, it's a matter of reversing them to install the new bumper cover.

How Long Does a Bumper Cover Last?

The bumper cover is designed to last as long as you drive your GMC Envoy, but it can be damaged in an accident. In fact, it's supposed to be damaged when you get into a wreck. The more of the impact the bumper cover and bumper take, the less your Envoy's frame and those riding in it feel. The bumper will be damaged in collisions, but it this happens, be glad that it did because you could have gotten seriously hurt had you not had a bumper to absorb some of the impact.

Cost to Replace a Bumper Cover?

If you're going to have a professional installation of your new bumper cover, be ready to pay. Dealers will typically charge you the list price for any parts you have them install on your SUV. This can dramatically raise the price. Then the dealers add on labor charges, which are typically hourly rates. Even if you just purchase your new bumper cover from the dealer, you'll still pay more than you need to. For instance, a 2009 Envoy rear bumper can cost up to $657.65 if you pay the full list price from the dealer. Skip the dealer and shop online, instead. You'll find much better deals at places like

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Great price,nice replacement item. Packaged well, I would recommend

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Parts Geek is a great site and the customer service team is very knowledgeable. They always make sure I get the correct Parts Geek.

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2005 GMC Envoy Bumper Cover

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I am looking for a front license plate bracket to fit my 2004 GMC Envoy.

2004 GMC Envoy Bumper

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The piece came intact and no signs of damage. The truck arrived in the time that was stated by parts geek.

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Product was exactly what I needed at a reasonable price...

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