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BMW 525i Replacement Brakes Information

Comfort-optimized sedans such as the well-appointed BMW 525i are manufactured to be handled with consideration and then always regularly maintained. To maintain the high value and style you made an investment in with your BMW 525i, it's critical to select only the very best high-value auto parts. When you bought that BMW, you were buying a car or truck with great performance and considerable power; you will want to protect that investment with the most high quality parts. The exclusive look of a refined BMW is the epitome of foreign proficiency, style and performance. BMW is a well-known builder of fine autos which feature superior control and quick acceleration. Enthusiasts who choose a BMW recognize that quality and comfort are well worth every penny; outstanding parts and accessories are sure to keep your car or truck in the best condition. High-status vehicles including the well-appointed BMW 525i are made to be used with care and also regularly maintained. To preserve the quality and comfort you selected with your BMW 525i, it's crucial to select only the most reliable high-value auto parts. The BMW in your carport was manufactured using quality and skill; it deserves new components with the same high level of quality. BMW 525i Brakes utilize a collection of systems and components that together slow a vehicle by transforming momentum, or speed, into heat energy. The main components of modern braking systems are the calipers, brake shoes, brake pads, brake rotors, and lines. Every element of your braking system is necessary to enable braking; if even one part needs maintenance, it is vital that you take care of it right away with dependable aftermarket parts. Almost nothing is more critical than preserving the safety of you and your loved ones, and that's why repairing your vehicle with the best and most durable equipment is crucial. Servicing your beloved car or truck with top quality parts is the best strategy in the long run. Choosing a BMW was an intelligent choice, and keeping it in showroom condition is an even better idea! Often the hardest thing about fixing your vehicle is searching for an honest source of quality parts. Shop PartsGeek whenever you need top quality automobile parts and you'll be delighted by our great service and a good price every time.

BMW 525i Brakes They are available for the following BMW 525i years: 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 95, 94, 93, 92, 91, 90, 89. This part is also sometimes called BMW 525i Brake. We stock brakes parts for most BMW models including X5, 325i, 328i, 528i, 530i, X3, 325xi, M3, 335i, 740iL, 325Ci, 540i, 330Ci, 330i, 535i, 323i, 328i xDrive, 750Li, M5, 328xi, 330xi, 740i, 535i xDrive, 745Li, 550i, Z4, 745i, Z3, 545i, 318i, 530xi, 650i, 135i, 528i xDrive, 645Ci, 750i, 2002, 535xi, X1 and 318ti.

We stock these Brakes brands for the BMW 525i: Pronto, Brembo, Akebono, Centric, Pagid, Zimmermann, EBC, Beck Arnley, Raybestos, API, DIY Solutions and Power Stop.

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Research on Brakes for BMW 525i

Most car owners tend to take their car brakes for granted. A car slows ahead, or the traffic light changes, you press the pedal and time after time, it works. But you should keep in mind that like other parts of your car, your brakes can get worn-out and fail eventually. Detecting problems at an early stage is important. For many brake problems, drive feel is the first indicator. If you hear a high pitched sound when you are slowing or you need more force to stop or notice a vibration, it is time to get your braking system inspected and replace parts if necessary.

How to Troubleshoot Brake Problems?

To check for problems with your brakes, while driving on a straight and bump free even road, you need to step on the brake pedal and press it down. While you are doing this, pay attention to how the pedal feels while your foot is on it and evaluate the sensation. With the following steps, you will know what to feel for.

Apply steady pressure to the brake pedal while the vehicle is stationary: If it feels spongy, there is probably air in your brake lines. This is not a difficult problem to correct. Unless your car has ABS or other advanced brake systems, you along with extra pair of hands probably will do the job. You can use your BMW 525i manual to understand how to locate and reach your brake pedal.

When you continue to apply pressure, does the pedal stay firm or does it seem like it is slowly sinking to the floor? If your pedal sinks, you may have a defective master cylinder and that is unsafe.

Drive around the block with the parking brake released, stopping every now and then: Try to find out how much effort you need to put in to stop your vehicle. If your car has power brakes, the pedal will come to a stop at about 1 inches from the floor. In case of cars without power brakes, the pedal should theoretically stop over 3 inches from the floor.

If you have power brakes on your vehicle and seem to need excessive effort to stop, the power booster may need to be replaced.

Recall of BMW 525i for Brake Light Failure

Though most BMW 525i reviews claim that this is a beautifully engineered car, there can be problems that require BMW 525i brake light reset. The BMW 525i was recalled due to failure of brake light switch in some vehicles, causing the switch to remain in "Brake Lights Off" or "Brake Lights On" position. If this occurs, the brake lights will either be continuously on or not operate, regardless of the position of the brake pedal. This means that drivers would not be able to determine whether or not the car is stopping, increasing the risk of an accident. Dealers replaced the existing brake light switch with a newly designed one.

Cost of Brake Pad Replacement for BMW 252i

The average cost of a brake pad replacement for a BMW 525i, is between $219 and $296. Costs of labor are estimated between $105 and $134. The price of parts is between $114 and $162. You can request for a personalized estimate based on your location and specific car. The estimates do not include other fees or taxes.

If you are looking for parts for BMW 525i for sale, log on to PartsGeek. We are your one stop destination for auto parts and accessories and strive to give you the best deals, savings and value each time you shop with us.

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Reviewer: Satisfied Customer

I went on another website at first and ordered the same original equipment rotors. After approximately two weeks I received an email stating that they were out of stock (also I am still waiting on a refund). I then ordered the very same after market original equipment rotors from Parts Geek. They shipped quickly and arrived on the scheduled delivery date that I was givenn and the overall price was a better deal. I really like the feature that allows you to see how many they have in stock. My brakes are working great and I saved a lot based on what my local auto stores were selling the exact same parts for.

2004 BMW 525i Brake Rotor

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Reviewer: knigg


2006 BMW 525i Brake Pad Set

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Reviewer: review

Love shopping here very low prices compared to actual stores around my area.Shipping is pretty fast and everything comes in great conditions no complains yet !

2002 BMW 525i Brake Pad Set

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: excellent

Fast shipping. Threw these on my 2001 530i. Stops like a new car now. Pagid / Zimmerman combo is unbeatable.

2001 BMW 525i Brake Pad Set

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Reviewer: Give me a brake!

I am very pleased with my purchase of the Pronto Brake Rotors for the 2002 BMW 525i I drive. I had to pay for shipping and handling this time, and it took three days which is usual. However, I appreciate the dependability, low-cost and guarantee of promises met consistently at Part Geek. Great job, and I look forward to continuing this relationship via online... Thanks!

2002 BMW 525i Brake Rotor

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Reviewer: Mr. Dillard

I have to say, the service was great!! 5 Stars!!!!!

2003 BMW 525i Brake Rotor