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BMW 325xi Replacement Brakes Information

Comfort-focused sedans such as the plush BMW 325xi are made to be driven gently and then regularly repaired and serviced. To maintain the high value and style you chose with your BMW 325xi, it's vital to use only the most reliable OEM and aftermarket car parts. When you picked your BMW, you were buying a car of high quality and notable style; you will want to protect that choice by using only the most high quality parts and accessories. The distinguishing appeal of a refined BMW is the essence of German proficiency, form and power. BMW is a quality builder of sleek automobiles which offer superior control and great power. When you selected the BMW, you selected a vehicle with great performance and considerable power; you can ensure your investment by choosing the most top-notch parts. High-status cars including the finely crafted BMW 325xi were manufactured to be used with consideration and always given proper repairs. To preserve the value and appearance you chose with your BMW 325xi, it's important to install only the most reliable OEM and aftermarket parts. Your fine BMW was manufactured with care and craftsmanship; it should get new parts of the same top level of value. BMW 325xi Brakes use several different elements and pieces of equipment that help decelerate your car by converting mechanical energy, or velocity, into heat. The significant components of modern braking systems include the brake calipers, shoes, pads, brake rotors, and brake lines. Every component of your braking system is vital for proper braking; if any part is in need of maintenance, it's vital that you take care of it quickly using high-quality OEM parts. Mishaps are sometimes a risk factor driving a car or truck, but you can cut down on the chance of being involved in a collision just by purchasing or maintaining the safety gear like signal lights and brake components. Servicing your beloved car or truck with top quality parts is the best strategy in the long run. Choosing a BMW was an intelligent choice, and keeping it in showroom condition is an even better idea! Often the hardest thing about fixing your vehicle is searching for an honest source of quality parts. Visit PartsGeek every time you need top quality automobile parts to be delighted by our great service and a good price with every order.

BMW 325xi Brakes They are available for the following BMW 325xi years: 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01. This part is also sometimes called BMW 325xi Brake. We stock brakes parts for most BMW models including X5, 325i, 328i, 528i, 530i, X3, 525i, M3, 335i, 740iL, 325Ci, 540i, 330Ci, 330i, 535i, 323i, 328i xDrive, 750Li, M5, 328xi, 330xi, 740i, 535i xDrive, 745Li, 550i, Z4, 745i, Z3, 545i, 318i, 530xi, 650i, 135i, 528i xDrive, 645Ci, 750i, 2002, 535xi, X1 and 318ti.

We stock these Brakes brands for the BMW 325xi: Centric, Textar, Brembo, Akebono, EBC, Zimmermann, Wagner, Raybestos, API, TRQ and AC Delco.

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Research on Brakes for BMW 325xi

The BMW 325xi has been rated phenomenally by most automotive rating sites. Though this particular model has had a few recalls, but none for brake-related problems. Nonetheless, the BMW 325xi has certain issues with its brakes. You may face some of the following BMW 325xi problems.

Squealing Noise from The Rear When Brakes Are Applied

You may notice that your BMW 325xi squeals and makes noises when you apply the brakes. This is a manufacturing defect affecting the rear brake rotors of the vehicle. As BMW had issued a recall for this problem, you should visit your nearest BMW dealership to get it fixed. Else you are risking an accident as the brakes will not work.

Grinding Noises from The Brakes When Your BMW 325xi Comes to A Halt

This particular problem affecting BMW 325xi brakes can be present in any model of any year. This usually occurs due to worn out or damaged BMW 325xi brake pads. On inspection, you may find the brake pads have worn out or they rub against the brake rotors, resulting in the groaning and grinding sounds when you apply the brakes and come to a slow stop. Get a mechanic to check the rotors and brake pads besides the drums.

BMW 325xi Brakes Wearing Out Prematurely

Wearing of brakes is highly dependent on the kinds of road surfaces you drive on and your driving style. If you are restricted to city and town driving, you will be braking frequently, causing the BMW 325xi brake rotors and pads to wear out quickly. The only alternative here is to change the worn out parts as soon as possible. Make sure if you change both brake pads and rotors at the same time, as if one is worn out, the other will follow suit.

BMW 325xi Brakes Are Pulsating

You will notice that your BMW 325xi brakes pulsate when the rotors are too thin. BMW usually uses thin rotors to reduce the weight of the vehicle. Thus, it is not possible to resurface the rotors. Thinned out rotors have to be replaced, and this will stop the brake pedal pulsation.

BMW 325xi Brake Recall

In total, BMW has recalled 799 vehicles for a brake-related problem. As stated earlier, due to a manufacturing defect, the rear brake rotors develop a crack. As you continue braking, the cracks grow bigger, resulting in the separation of the brake drum from the brake hub. This causes the brake disc to stop rotating while the hub continues to spin. The brakes thus will not work properly. Check with your local BMW dealership if your BMW 325xi is part of the recall. If yes, the dealership will replace the faulty rotor for free.

The Cost of Replacing BMW 325xi Brakes

The cost to replace BMW 325xi brakes will depend on whether you are getting the brake pads, rotors or the entire assembly replaced. BMW 325xi brake pads replacement cost varies from $163 to $287. Labor costs range between $105 and $134 while parts cost between $58 and $153. On the other hand, if you are replacing both the rotor and brake pad, the cost increases anywhere from $395 to $607. Labor costs from $149 to $189 while parts cost between $249 and $418. These prices do not include tax and other fees that the mechanic may charge you. If you are looking for affordable yet quality BMW 325xi brakes, your search comes to an end at PartsGeek. We are an exclusive online store for BMW parts and accessories. Our customers enjoy affordable pricing since our overheads are low and we pass on the cost saving to our customers.

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2002 BMW 325xi Brake Rotor

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Zimmerman makes the best Rotors for this car. I've bought others and nothing compares.

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The product arrived very quickly and was very good quality.

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These are very nice rotors and the price for Brembo is very good.

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great rotors were as described at a great price easy upgrade and Insalation was super easy and a really fun do it your self project I highly recommend it to you

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