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Dodge Journey Replacement Brake Rotors Information

Your Dodge Journey will be subjected to extreme conditions over its lifetime and quality aftermarket and OEM parts will be critical to trouble-free operation. Your Dodge Journey was engineered to go along with your tough workload, and quality parts are critical to making the most of its design. For generations Dodge has offered rock solid and dependable vehicles that consumers can count on to do the job. In certain regions, people require a rugged vehicle like the Dodge Journey. For rugged service and styling from a vehicle, consumers can trust Dodge. Durable trucks such as the terrain-mastering Dodge Journey are intended to handle all weathers and terrains wherever you drive them but they really have to have proper upkeep and first-rate parts to continue taking on life's wild frontiers. A Dodge Journey is durable enough to take on any mountain, but needs the highest quality OEM and aftermarket parts to take you to where you need to be. There isn't much that's as important as your family's safety and security while driving down the highway. Some styles of Dodge Journey Brake Rotors are equipped with cross drill holes to facilitate heat dissipation, to increase the part's useful life. To avoid damage to your car's Dodge Journey Brake Rotors you should be sure to frequently inspect and monitor the wear level of the rotors and brake shoes, as these parts insulate the rotors from warping. Whenever brake pads are changed, Dodge Journey Brake Rotors have to be inspected simultaneously since a faulty brake rotor could result in the lack of control or braking ability. A good set of Dodge Journey Brake Rotors is used to supply resistance between the shoes or pads and brake caliper, allowing the car to slow down. Whether you own a classic roadster or a hard working truck, we have all the accessories you are searching for here at

Dodge Journey Brake Rotors They are available for the following Dodge Journey years: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09. This part is also sometimes called Dodge Journey Brake Disc. We stock brake rotors parts for most Dodge models including Ram 1500, Grand Caravan, Ram 2500, Dakota, Durango, Charger, Ram 3500, Avenger, Caliber, Challenger, Caravan, Nitro, Dart, Sprinter 2500, Magnum, Neon, Stratus, Ram 1500 Van, Intrepid, Sprinter 3500, D250, W250, D150, Viper, W150, Stealth, Ramcharger, B2500, D350, Ram 4500, D100, B3500, B350, Ram 3500 Van, W100, B1500, B250, W350, Ram 50 and Ram 2500 Van.

We stock these Brake Rotors brands for the Dodge Journey: Pronto, Centric, DuraGo, Raybestos, Brembo, API, DIY Solutions and Dynamic Friction.

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Journey is familiar to most rock music fans. The band had songs played on the radio throughout the past couple of decades. Perhaps you are too young to remember when the actual band played, or maybe you were there to see them in concert in all of your fist pumping glory. Visit any karaoke bar and you will still hear singers trying to hit the notes of the amazing songs composed by this legendary band. Journey rocks. They were innovators during the heyday of rock music.

The Dodge Journey is also an innovation, much like the band that shares its name. It is a mid-size crossover SUV or CUV. It has a roomy interior and can seat up to seven people, whether you are on your way to a concert or to the job site. It features impressive towing capacity for a vehicle its size. It has many impressive features and attributes but, of course, problems still occasionally arise.

Inevitably, your Dodge Journey brakes will eventually wear out and you may find yourself searching for Dodge Journey brake pads and rotors. There are many warning signs that your braking system is in disrepair. Heed these telltale signs and get your brake pads replaced before they wear down to your rotors.


Your Dodge Journey brake rotors are at the center of your braking system and you trust they will faithfully bring your vehicle to a stop when you press down on the brake pedal. The brake pads clamp down on them to stop your wheels from spinning. The sound of worn rotors is literally the sound of metal on metal. Those metal sounds are great when they are coming from an electric guitar, but when the loud metal sounds are coming from your vehicle, it is not such a good time. If you hear the loud noise followed by a rumble before coming to a complete stop, it is likely that your brake pads are completely worn out and you are braking on your rotors.

Do not ignore this sound because if left in this condition too long, your braking system could fail and you could find yourself in the ditch or worse, the victim of a serious motor vehicle accident. Replace them as soon as you notice a problem. They are literally something you may not be able to live without.

Any Way You Want It, That's the Way You Need It

At, we make getting the right Dodge Journey brake rotors easy. Find just what you need, including 2010 Dodge Journey brake pads or rotors for a different model year. Rotor replacement averages between $99 to $115. Get quality parts at an affordable price at

We source only from reputable manufacturers so you get the quality and workmanship you have come to depend on. Browse through our easy to navigate site and find the part that meets your exact specifications. You shouldn't put off replacing your Dodge Journey brake rotors and thanks to, you can easily get the job done with quality parts at an affordable price.

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Reviewer: Lucky

As always service and delivery excellent! Priced reasonable.

2009 Dodge Journey Brake Rotor

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this web site is very easy to use and find what I need. The value and saving is worth ever penny I spend. I tell everybody I know about the site and tell them to buy there parts they need here.

2009 Dodge Journey Brake Rotor

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Rear rotors are great, riding smoothly and the cost of the rotors are very efficient

2009 Dodge Journey Brake Rotor

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Reviewer: Olsen

These brake rotors are better quality than the original stock equipment that came on the vehicle.

They seem to hold up better and don't warp like the original.

2010 Dodge Journey Brake Rotor

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Not specific to car but it fit and the savings was half of what it would have cost me to fix the front brakes

2010 Dodge Journey Brake Rotor

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I ordered this product from parts greek and got my money worth. The delievery was quicker then i expected, the parts was inexpensive and everything worked great.

2010 Dodge Journey Brake Rotor