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BMW X3 Replacement Brake Rotors Information

A genuine BMW gives you an efficient motor architecture alongside its performance drivetrain. Safety and long lasting design are important for BMW, a trusted vehicle dealer whose name is known for excellence. The distinctive charm of a refined BMW is the epitome of German proficiency, design and power. To maintain the quality and comfort you made an investment in with your BMW X3, it's important to use only the highest-quality brand name OEM auto parts. Would it be smart to fork over a hefty price for a great, stylish luxury vehicle, and then skimp on new OEM or aftermarket car parts? Whenever brake pads are switched, BMW X3 Brake Rotors needs to be examined as well since a flawed rotor could cause a lack of control or braking power. To stop damage to your vehicle's rotors, you should remember to occasionally look at and take care of the wear level of the brake pads and shoes, as those parts guard the brake rotors from becoming worn. Some styles of rotors use ventilation slots to provide heat radiation, to lengthen the assembly's lifespan. Almost nothing is more important than preserving the safety of you and your loved ones, and that's why repairing your car or truck with the safest and most reliable replacement parts is necessary. No matter the part, Brake Rotors or your Wheel Bearing, fixing a vehicle with premium quality parts always pays off every single time. Purchasing a BMW was an intelligent choice, and keeping it in excellent condition is even smarter. Shop PartsGeek every time you want high quality automobile parts and receive excellent customer service and a great price every time.

BMW X3 Brake Rotors They are available for the following BMW X3 years: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04. This part is also sometimes called BMW X3 Brake Disc. We stock brake rotors parts for most BMW models including X5, 325i, 328i, 528i, 530i, 525i, M3, 325xi, 335i, 540i, 740iL, 330i, 325Ci, 323i, 330Ci, 535i, 328i xDrive, M5, 328xi, 750Li, 535i xDrive, 330xi, 740i, 550i, 745Li, Z4, Z3, 650i, 318i, 745i, 530xi, 545i, 135i, 528i xDrive, 535xi, X1, 645Ci, 750i, 323Ci and 528e.

We stock these Brake Rotors brands for the BMW X3: Pronto, Pilenga, Centric, DIY Solutions, Zimmermann, Bosch, Power Stop, API and Dynamic Friction.

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Research on Brake Rotors for BMW X3

The brake rotors spin with the wheels, and the calipers clamp down on them to get the car to stop. If your rotors fail, so will the braking system. You can help your rotors last longer by regularly servicing the brake pads. The wear of metal on metal can quickly damage a brake rotor. If the part goes bad, the effects are very noticeable. It's more costly to fix than a simple brake pad, but you can save by shopping smart.

What Are the Rotors on a Car?

Also called brake discs, the rotors are the components that the brake pads clamp down on in order to get the wheels to stop. Every time you step on the brake pedal, the calipers, and pads attached to them, close in on the rotors. There is a lot of friction and heat involved in this process. The brake pads wear normally and some of the material transfers to the rotor each time. Material on both surfaces adds to the friction, and braking performance. Each rotor is directly connected to the wheel and axle, so stopping it will result in stopping the vehicle, unless BMW X3 brake rotor replacement is needed.

How Often Do Brake Rotors Need to Be Replaced?

Brake rotors generally last much longer than brake pads. If you're lucky, you might go 70,000 miles before needing BMW X3 rotor replacement. The interval depends on your driving habits and the types of brake pads installed. Aggressive, dusty pads can increase the wear. A rotor might have to be changed at 15,000 miles.

Signs of a Failing Brake Rotor

Worn BMW X3 brake discs exhibit a few noticeable symptoms. Noise is among the most evident. You'll hear squeaking, squealing, or grinding sounds every time you apply the brakes, which can mean the rotor are warped or worn to the point replacement is the only option. Excessive wear can cause the rotors to vibrate, which you'll feel in the brake pedal or even through the chassis. If the rotor is warped enough, the brake pedal might even pulsate when applied. A broken rotor will cause the brakes to fail. You should therefore never procrastinate when it comes to potential brake problems.

A visual look at the rotor requires taking the wheels off. If it is worn, you will see it. Groove marks mean the metal caliper has been in contact with the rotor. These can also occur from excessive contact with the brake pads. Scoring marks may be evident too. These irregularities diminish the rotor's function, and ability to slow the vehicle down.

Cost of Brake Rotors

Pricing includes parts and labor. If you need 2006 BMW X3 brake rotors, the total cost is around $473 to $673 for the front set, and $416 to $587 for the rear rotors. You also get BMW X3 brake pads whenever the rotors are replaced, so you'll have a brand new set of brakes that should last a while. The BMW brake rotors replacement cost can be kept down by purchasing them at Our prices on automotive parts and accessories are lower because we sell them exclusively online, which removes many of the operating costs of running a physical store. These lower expenditures are passed on as savings to customers, so you pay less to maintain your X3 or BMW M3 brake rotors.

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Reviewer: Brake rotors

This was a quality part that came in the mail in just a couple days.

2006 BMW X3 Brake Rotor

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Reviewer: brake rotors

This was a quality part that arrived in the mail in just a couple days.

2006 BMW X3 Brake Rotor

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Reviewer: Good product

The product arrived on time and packaged very carefully. Noticed a slight pulsation/vibration about 50 miles into break-in. The parts comes with a 1 year warranty to my knowledge. Hopefully it clears up, but if it doesn't, hopefully partsgeek will honor the warranty. Possibly a defective pair of rotors.

2006 BMW X3 Brake Rotor

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Super easy to use site, and the best prices I could find on replacement rotors!

2007 BMW X3 Brake Rotor

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Easy to install and work great with Brembo brakes.

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Perfect transaction. Quick delivery and part worked out great

2008 BMW X3 Brake Rotor