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Nissan Rogue Replacement Brake Pads Information

The Nissan Rogue is a lovely vehicle choice that can provide any car owner with superior handling plus plenty of cargo space that comes in handy when traveling. Having your car safe for the streets and in keeping with state law is easy when the latest safety options have been placed correctly. Almost nothing is more urgent than safeguarding the well-being of yourself and those dear to you, which is why upgrading your car or truck with the highest-quality and most durable equipment is necessary. Nissan Rogue Brake Pads will certainly wear out the more you drive and must be changed out to eliminate tragedy. Stopping your vehicle requires a number of systems working together - your brake pedal, brake rotors, fluid lines and Brake Pads. Each time the brakes are used, damaging heat ablates the car's Brake Pads until they have to finally be taken out - preferably before the other brake components begin to take damage. While the pedal is applied, the Brake Pads are pressed together with the brake rotor and the momentum and energy of your car is transformed heat energy. Your Brake Pads are placed on every tire and are connected to your brake rotors and supply the required pressure to decrease the speed of moving wheels.

Nissan Rogue Brake Pads They are available for the following Nissan Rogue years: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08. This part is also sometimes called Nissan Rogue Disc Brake Pad. We stock brake pads parts for most Nissan models including Altima, Maxima, Sentra, Pathfinder, Murano, Titan, Frontier, Versa, Xterra, Quest, 350Z, Armada, 300ZX, Juke, 240SX, Rogue Select, Versa Note, 370Z, 280ZX, D21, Pickup, Pathfinder Armada, Cube, NV2500, 280Z, 720, NV200, GTR, NV3500, 240Z, 200SX, Titan XD, NV1500, Rogue Sport, 260Z, NX, Leaf, Stanza, X Trail and 510.

We stock these Brake Pads brands for the Nissan Rogue: DuraGo, TRQ, Centric, EBC, Akebono, Hawk, API and Raybestos.

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Research on Brake Pads for Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue Brake Pads

There’s nothing quite like that unattractive screech that ruins your glide to a stop light. End that distraction with new brake pads from You’ll find that our prices can’t be beat, and our 30-day guarantee is the best in the industry. Excellent customer service ensures that you find what you need, when you need it, and our unmatched selection gives you all the choices you could want.

What are Nissan Rogue brake pads?

Brake pads are a part of your overall braking system. They are the mechanism by which the wheels of your car stop turning when you apply the brake. Pressing down on the brake pedal hydraulically closes calipers, which clamp down on the rotor. The calipers have brake pads on them, which rub against the rotor, occasionally transferring some of their coating to the rotor. The rotor, of course, is attached to the wheel, and when the rotor stops spinning, so does the wheel.

How much do new Nissan Rogue brake pads cost?

Brake pads for a Nissan Rogue run from $15 to $40, for the pads only. You can also purchase a complete assembly. Differences in cost can be accounted for by differences in manufacture, including material, quality, overhead and profit and the like.

How do you know if your Nissan Rogue brake pads are worn?

When your brake pads become worn, you’ll notice a squeal or screech when you apply the brake. That’s because your brake pads are equipped with an indicator – a sliver of metal embedded inside the pad that rubs against the rotor when the pad is worn down enough to allow it to reach the rotor. When you hear the screech, it’s time for new pads. A visual inspection of the pad will also indicate whether or not it is time to replace the pads. Your brake pads should always be at least a quarter of an inch thick. If you’ve got less than a quarter of an inch of pad left, you’ll want to replace them as soon as possible to avoid damage to your rotors.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Joey V.

Everything was there in the box with no issues. Fit like a glove and I will surely go back for more when needed.

2009 Nissan Rogue Brake Pad Set

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Joey V.

Pads were perfect for my car and went on with no problem. I think the key here is to do your homework before you order any of this stuff so you don't forget anything and it's the right fit for your car.

2009 Nissan Rogue Brake Pad Set

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: MANNY B

I have never gone wrong using these brakes. I manage a fleet of cars and i always choose Bendix. Also at Parts Geek the price is always good.

2011 Nissan Rogue Brake Pad Set

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: rollinstoned116

Parts Geek is quite possibly the best parts site around! They seem to have everything and the prices are rock bottom!!!!

2009 Nissan Rogue Brake Pad Set

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Amazing brake pads!!!

I was at first skeptical about a fairly unknown lower price brake pad. After years of using one or two of the more well known brands on the market I decided to give these a shot. After they were delivered I looked at the pads for quality and was highly impressed! I installed the pads and have gone through a 250 mile break in period and am quite impressed with their performance so far. Zero noise and no noticeable brake fade under any braking situation. Not bad for a "cheap" brake pad. Still a little early to tell about brake dust but so far so good!!!

2009 Nissan Rogue Brake Pad Set

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Osvalaynd

Fast shipping, excellent product, seller A ++++, very satisfied.

2009 Nissan Rogue Brake Pad Set