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Automobiles of the Early 20th Century

There have been a number of important inventions in the past century. Some have provided with medical advances, others have provided new technology and others have revolutionized the way we go from place to place. Out of all of the transportation advances since 1900, the one that have provided us with the most flexibility is the invention of the automobile. The auto has enabled people to get into their car and go nearly everywhere that they wanted to go.

During the past century, the automobile has gone from a noisy and messy vehicle to the modern car which is fuel efficient and has all the latest safety features. During the early days of automobiles, they were powered by various fuel sources including coal. However, the advent of the gasoline engine was the start of many advances in vehicles.

However, the auto boom really began when Henry Ford began to produce his Model T in greater numbers. Ford found that by mass producing autos through the use of assembly lines, cars could be produced faster and much more cost effectively. This savings made cars more affordable to a greater population. This was the boost that the automobile manufacturers needed to begin getting more autos out in the population.

To help auto enthusiasts learn more about the innovations in the auto industry, we have put together the following auto information. We hope this helps in learning more about the history of the automobile in the 20th Century.

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