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Automobile Club Resource Guide for All Ages

People who have a love for cars, especially specific cars, can join an automobile club centered around a certain make, model, or type of car. These clubs may operate locally within a specific state or city. Many clubs have national or even worldwide membership rosters, as well. Members of auto clubs can learn about cars, meet other car enthusiasts, gain leads about locating hard-to-find car parts, and receive information about buying and owning their favorite make and model of automobile.

Traditional Automobile Clubs

Traditional car clubs have a long history as non-profit organizations created to bring people together who share a common love for a specific make and model of car. Typically, members must pay membership dues to join car clubs. The benefits of membership vary from club to club. Generally, members receive access to information with subscriptions to publications. These publications often feature photographs and expert information about finding service and car parts for the specific type of car. Publications also include question-and-answer opportunities between members for asking questions pertaining to cars and receiving feedback and answers from other members. Members can also list cars and car parts for sale in the publications for other members to purchase. Often, these materials also offer historical information about the car, which members usually find interesting.

Club meets are another benefit of automobile clubs. Members can attend planned events and gatherings either sponsored by the club or for which the club gets tickets for the members. The events may include shows, cruises, races, and planned community service activities. Sometimes members gather together with their cars to perform maintenance and work in garages, with special tools available for members to use. Members may also gather socially to spend time together as friendships form.

Clubs with International Membership

Some car clubs span the globe to offer members support and information about specific makes and models of cars. The Internet has made international auto clubs a possibility, thanks to websites and virtual communication. International clubs often operate globally, with satellite groups located in various locations. These satellite groups often organize meets and events to enable members to connect in person with each other. The international entity oversees the smaller, local clubs' fundraising and organizing activities.

Online/Virtual Automobile Clubs

Many traditional car clubs have branched out to include websites and Internet connectivity between members. Prospective members can search online to find car clubs that fit their needs and interests. Some car clubs may offer free online membership, but membership may also involve dues. With membership, new members can connect with other members virtually online, and in person at local venues. Clubs may organize meets on websites to spread the news and gain interest among members. It's also possible to plan the logistics of meets online via chats and website forums. Internet auto clubs can also offer extensive information about cars on their websites, as well as areas where members can upload photos, ask questions, share knowledge, list car parts suppliers, and provide recommendations for suitable mechanics.

Car Clubs for Kids

Kids can be car enthusiasts, too. When kids have this interest, they may wish to join a car club designed to support and bring together young people who love automobiles. These clubs typically have parents integrally involved in the organization and activities of the membership. Clubs that have an online presence often have websites that offer kid-friendly videos and articles about cars to help children learn more about them. Clubs that operate locally may organize meets and get-togethers to give kids opportunities to come together with other youngsters who share their interests. The clubs may also organize service projects to give the members an opportunity to raise money for club activities or to donate to a charity. The goal of these clubs is usually to give children a safe place to learn about cars and to enable them to pursue their interests as they grow older.

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