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Riding in a car for a long time when you are going on a vacation does not have to be boring. There are many fun and exciting games and activities you can do to help pass the time. You can even learn new things about the people you are riding with if you play certain games such as "If you could…" or "Favorites." Some games require only your mind and your voice. The following games are favorites among many frequent travelers and will certainly keep you amused. There are also links which will provide you with more game and activity ideas for when you "hit the road."

The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is probably one of the most frequently played car games in the United States. It is a game with many different variations and has existed for many years.

1. One version of the game has each player looking for the different letters of the alphabet in order. The letters can be seen from the car on items such as traffic signs, billboards or license plates. You begin with the letter A and end with the letter Z. Once you see the letter you are looking for you say the letter name and where it is located. Other players cannot use the same letter in the same place where someone has already pointed it out. The first person to find all the letters of the alphabet wins.

2. A second variation of the game involves everyone working together to find each letter of the alphabet in order beginning with A. Once someone has found the A, everyone moves onto looking for a B.

3. A third version of the Alphabet Game has you looking for objects that begin with each letter instead of searching for the letter itself. For example, apple begins with the letter A and you might see apples on a tree. As in the other versions you work through the alphabet beginning with the letter A and ending with Z. You can also do these games by working through the alphabet backwards and beginning with the letter Z and ending with A.

4. A final way to play the alphabet game is to try to think of things that begin with each letter of the alphabet in a specific category. Someone begins by naming a category such as "movie stars." Next players take turns naming movie stars whose first or last name begins with a certain letter. Again you begin with the letter A and end with Z. The first person in the example could say "Antonio Banderas" for the letter A, and then the next person would need to think of the name of a movie star whose first or last name begins with a B.

The Animal Game

The Animal Game also has several different versions.

1. The first way to play the game is to have one person in the car name an animal. It can be any animal and players take turns. Each player says a different animal (no naming the same animal twice) whose name begins with the last letter of the previous animal's name. For example, if one person says an alligator then the next person could say a rabbit.

2. Another animal game has you begin by saying "I am thinking of an animal." Then you give the other players clues that have to do with the animal you are thinking about and they try to guess what it is. For example, if you are thinking of a horse a clue could be "It's something people ride on."

3. A third version of the animal game has assigned point values for different animals. The point values are determined by how hard it is to see one of these animals. Cows, horses and dogs are common so they are all worth only one point. Sheep are not seen quite as often so they are worth two points. Llamas, cats and donkeys are worth three points and pigs are worth four. If you want to include other animals everyone must agree on their point value. Everyone looks for the different animals. If you see one of them you make the sound the animal makes such as "moo" for a cow. You then get the points for that animal. You play until someone reaches a predetermined amount of points.

The Theme Song Game

Certain songs make you think of certain TV shows or movies. For example, Mission Impossible was a TV show long ago which has been made into recent movies. There is a very specific theme song that is associated with this famous series. In this game players take turns humming a theme song for a TV show or movie. The other players try to guess what show or movie the song belongs to. If you can't think of any theme songs you can hum any song and have the other players try to guess the song's title. This can be much harder than you think.

The Cow Game

The Cow Game is a game of counting cows. In this game everyone in the car is split into two teams. One team is in charge of looking for cows on the right and the other is in charge of looking for cows on the left. You count as many cows as you can tsee during the car ride. Each cow you count is worth one point. During the game, if you come across a cemetery on your side be prepared to lose any points your team may have scored but only if the other team is paying attention. When you pass a cemetery and you are not on the passing side shot out "your cows are buried" and the other team will lose all of their points. If you are lucky and see a white horse on your side you get a bonus point. The team with the most points at the end of the day wins.

Guess What I Am?

One person says that they are a person, a place or a thing. Next the other players ask questions to try to guess what the person is such as "Can you speak?" The person who guesses correctly gets to go next.

My Father Owns a Grocery Store

This game goes through the alphabet in order from A to Z, but also involves memory. Players take turns and each person begins with "My father owns a grocery store and in it he sells." The first player must say something that father sells in his store that begins with the letter A such as apples. The next player must say something that begins with a B such as bananas. Each player has to say every item that was previously mentioned and then add a new one that begins with the next letter. Other people can give you clues if you can't remember every item. This game can also be played with other subjects such as "My father owns a candy store."

Collaborative Stories

This is a game filled with imagination. All players take turns adding parts to a story. A good way to begin the story could be with "Once upon a time." Each player gets a chance to create part of the story and then the next person continues where the last person left off. The more creative you are the better the story will be.

20 Questions

Twenty Questions begins with a person thinking of a specific object. The other players then ask no more than 20 yes or no questions to try to figure out what the object is. If the other players guess the answer in 20 questions or less they win. If they do not guess the object you win. The first question is always "Is it an animal, vegetable or mineral?"

If You Could?

If you could is a question game where one person begins a sentence such as "If you could" and the other players finish the sentence. For example, someone could say "If you could fly where would you go?" You can also have players answer their own question. Players take turns creating the beginning sentence.


This game is a fun way to get to know the other people in the car a little better. One person asks every other person in the car a favorite question such as "What is your favorite food?" Once a person has asked each of the other people his or her question then the next person gets to ask a different favorite question to each person.


Unfortunately/Fortunately is a great game to help people see the positive side of life. Begin with an unfortunately statement such as "Unfortunately there is a lion in the bathroom." The next person then answers with a fortunately statement such as "Fortunately the lion is really a kitten in disguise."-

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