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The Auto Safety Resource Guide

The automobile has dramatically improved over the past one hundred years. From autos being produced by hand to computer aided production of today’s cars, the production has changed. The design of autos has dramatically changed over time to today’s aerodynamic body types. And, the comfort and functionality of the automobile has also seen vast improvements.

However, some of the biggest and most important changes in the automobile industry have come from improvements in auto safety. The cars of today are being designed to withstand impacts at higher speeds and offer better protection for the occupants. The roads are being improved so that drivers can travel the streets and highways without concern for their safety. And, drivers are also better trained and are under close scrutiny to obey all motor vehicle laws.

To learn more about the improvements in automobile safety, we have gathered a collection of resources on the subject:

Car Safety

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – informative website providing consumers with information on automobile safety.
  • Safer Car – government website with complete auto safety information and tips for drivers and passengers.
  • Child Passenger Safety – fact sheet with information on how children can be safe in autos as passengers, along with proper transportation information.
  • Car Seat Safety – recommendations on proper usage of child car seats, along with other information on child car safety.
  • Car Safety Tips – information on how to be safe while operating automobiles.

Auto Crash Ratings

Road and Highway Safety

Driver Safety and Laws

Car Technology

Other Auto Safety Resources

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