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Auto Resources: Air Pollution and Emissions Control

The world has become increasingly more reliant on automobiles for their transportation needs now than ever before in history. Today, we have more cars and trucks on the road than any other decade in our history. These vehicles are used for both leisure and business purposes, from the family minivan to eighteen wheelers driving through the countryside from coast to coast.

With all the added vehicles on the roadways has come additional problems that we all need to be concerned about. All vehicles on the road using gasoline powered engines produce exhaust. This exhaust has been responsible for adding air pollution to the environment. Pollution has become a large problem around the world, and especially in big cities. The pollution problem has created health concerns for citizens of large cities, and has forced governments to enact legislation to try to stop the pollution problems. These laws and regulations force businesses to comply with the laws or face sanctions from the government.

Air pollution and air pollution solutions have become an important rallying point for environmental groups, and car manufacturers have been working at providing autos that have lower emissions. In addition, manufacturers are starting to develop hybrid vehicles that are better at emissions, while operating on a combination of electric and gasoline power. As time goes on car manufacturers will need to continue to provide vehicles that are more environmentally friendly. To help you learn more about air pollution, its health effects and solutions, here are some valuable resources:

Air Pollution

Pollution Causes

Air Pollution Control

Pollution Health Effects

Pollution Legal Issues

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