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Auto Parts and Maintenance for Women: Teaching Self-Reliance

Women who have been dependent on a man or their auto mechanic to help them with their car maintenance can help themselves greatly by becoming self-reliant. Women who are simply intellectually curious may also want to learn how to be self-reliant and, essentially, their own car mechanics. They can learn how to do things like checking their car’s fluid levels, changing their car’s windshield wipers, and even checking tire pressure. Women in this situation need to know exactly what to do, as well as how frequently to check on these different aspects of car maintenance.

How do I check my car's fluid levels, and what if those levels are too low?

What do I need to know about windshield wipers and how do I change them?

How do I check the pressure in my tires and what do I do when that pressure is too low?

How do I change my own oil and filter?

How do I change a flat tire?

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