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An Overview of Auto Racing From Around the World

Would you like to watch a sporting event that combines speed, nerves, strategy and endurance? If you do, you join the millions of people that enjoy the sport of auto racing. Each year fans of auto racing visit large and small race facilities to watch a variety of cars race for prize money, trophies and championships. The sport of auto racing is not regional, but is a sport that is competed everywhere around the world.

While today when we think of auto racing we think of cars competing in the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500 or the Grand Prix of Monaco. However, the origins of auto racing are not based at race tracks or courses as we think of them today. Instead, racing began as an endurance contest from from one city to another. The first car race was contested in 1895 was from Paris to Bordeaux and back. The race distance was 732 miles and took more than 49 hours to finish.

Racing today is different with cars racing around tracks and road courses in front of upwards of hundreds of thousand of spectators. Racing takes a variety of forms within groups such as NASCAR, Indy Car, Formula One, Sports Car Racing and many others. The sport has produced a number of famous drivers such as Richard Petty, Mario Andretti, Jackie Stewart and others.

To learn more about the history and growth in the sport of auto racing, we have provided you with the following research information. We hope this helps you learn more about the history of automobile racing.

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