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A Virtual Car Trip Through the USA!

The open road calls, even when you're trapped at home. When the itch to explore, see, and do takes hold, consider a digital road trip. You can leave any time, always make it home in time for dinner, and you can take everyone you love along for the ride, even the goldfish.


Take a virtual field trip through Alabama's forests, rivers, and more. Developed from the Emmy award-winning television program, Discovering Alabama, this collection of videos and information will bring you face to face with strange creatures and beautiful vistas.


Alaska's most famous park, Denali, is about to invade your living room. Virtually tour this wild country through Google Earth. Look around in 360 to take in all the sights.


No American road trip is complete without a visit to the Grand Canyon. With Google Earth, you can tour this incredible national park from anywhere in the world. Take your time wandering the area, and marvel at one of nature's greatest wonders.


Feel the relaxation through your screen as you explore Hot Springs National Park. Get to know the history and scenery of this surprising environment as the cameraman wanders the paths.


Yosemite National Park is packed full of stunning views, beautiful lakes, and nature at its most aw-inspiring. A virtual tour lets visitors explore hundreds of locations from the comfort of home. The immersive design lets you feel like you're really touring the park. The biggest differences are the lack of mosquitoes and the benefit of air conditioning.


Chill out and enjoy some of the most amazing views in the country with Rocky Mountains National Park. The park has a series of live webcams in popular areas like the visitor's center, but also deep in the wilderness near popular spots for wild animals to gather. Check out the changes throughout the day!


Connecticut has lots of great aquariums and maritime museums. The Mystic Aquarium is one of the best in the country, and its dapper birds are eager to meet you. Check out the penguin live cams to add some humor to your virtual road trip. It's time to unwind with a little wobble!


Winterthur is a palace of American royalty. Built by the Dupont family, it's full of history, stunning design, and special displays. Explore the exhibits online to learn more about this Delaware landmark.


Virtual walking tours are nice, but what about diving in a coral reef? The Dry Tortugas National Park has partnered with Google to make an outstanding virtual experience. It's a fascinating break from the ordinary, and inspiration to visit Key West in the coming years.


Time for another animal break! The Atlanta Zoo is world famous, and some of its top stars are black, white, and cuddly all over. Learn how to take it easy with the Atlanta Zoo's PandaCam.


It seems fitting to visit the origin of the islands of Hawai'i. That, of course, means exploring a volcano. Volcano National Park offers a fantastic virtual tour that includes a lava tube, overlooks of coastal cliffs, and even a bird's eye view of an active volcano.


You probably didn't expect more lava tubes in such a vastly different state, but Idaho's Craters of the Moon National Monument also features these empty magma paths. Watch a video of them to see this unusual phenomenon for yourself.


Cahokia Mounds is an often-overlooked gem in Illinois. It's the site of an ancient city that anthropologists and archeologists are still studying, but there's already plenty to learn about! The park offers an excellent video to give people a taste of what it's like.


One of the best things kids give you is the excuse to visit incredible children's museums. The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is not just one of the best kids' museums in the state but also the nation. Their Museum at Home series features videos, experiments, and live chats you can enjoy with the whole family. Be sure to check out the Museum in Minutes playlist, which walks you through some of the museum's best exhibits.


This state is packed with hidden wonders, many of them along hiking trails and bike paths. Enjoy a virtual visit to the High Trestle Trail: The views will stun you, and the unique High Trestle Bridge is more than worth a virtual stroll to see.


Botanica in Wichita Gardens can scratch your itch for blooming things and relaxing water features. The attraction has gone all out to make sure it's accessible to as many virtual visitors as possible. You can check out the live butterfly cams or enjoy guided walks through the flowers as you savor your breakfast.


Kentucky is known for bluegrass, bourbon, and horse racing. Get up close and personal with the beautiful animals of the Kentucky Horse Park with a series of virtual tours around the park, through the stables, and through the sport's history.


Can't decide if you want to visit the Bayou, wander the French Quarter, or see what the nature trails around the state have to offer? The state tourism board has an answer to your indecision. Choose Your Adventure virtual tours of Louisiana take you around the state so you can get all of the history, nature, and culture you crave.


Maine has a long history of seafaring and fishing, and the Maine Maritime Museum gives virtual visitors a chance to travel back in time with their online exhibit.


Check out the webcams at the National Aquarium in Baltimore to see sharks, rays, jellyfish, and other marine life up close from anywhere.


You've heard of how the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, but what happened after that? Explore videos from Plimoth Plantation to get a taste of how the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag lived.


The Michigan Science Center has it all: exciting programs, a planetarium, and a wealth of exhibits. You can see them from home with a virtual tour.


Minnesota has a secret, and that's the longest-running improv theater in America. The performers of Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre take the stage every week, and you can watch from home with your favorite beverage as they put on a show.


Want to get away from it all? Take a break from the road and take a riverboat cruise. Check out this virtual tour to see what the views are like from the water as you float along the river.


See the Ozarks and the beautifully rough terrain of the Missouri wilderness with a virtual tour of Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park.


You can't visit Montana and miss Glacier National Park. Explore the park's virtual tour to ensure that you don't miss a thing.


The state Capitol and governor's residence are marvelous examples of different architectural styles. Take a virtual tour of each to learn about their design and history.


This state is full of flash and glamor, but one of the most breathtaking tourist destinations has nothing to do with gambling or deserts. It's the Hoover Dam. Tour this massive piece of architecture from home and marvel at its sheer scale.

New Hampshire

Mount Washington is one of the highest mountains in the eastern United States. At its peak, an observatory tracks weather phenomena and studies the stars. The scientists who work there have made it easy to visit remotely through their YouTube channel.

New Jersey

New Jersey is rich in history, and its role in the Revolutionary War is highlighted with museums, monuments, and re-enactments. Watch the Battle of Monmouth online and you might feel like you've stepped back in time.

New Mexico

New Mexico's dry, rugged terrain hides some splendid natural beauty. While beautiful deserts cover much of the surface, Carlsbad Caverns takes you below to see some of the coolest caves in the country. Enjoy a virtual tour of this famed site on your digital road trip.

New York

Get away from the skyscrapers of New York City and explore the natural wonders of the Empire State. The Wild Center offers a virtual tour of not only its excellent indoor displays but also the soaring Wild Walk, a path through the canopy of the Adirondacks.

North Carolina

Hit the beach with a virtual tour of Wilmington and its three island beaches. Enjoy the town and spend an afternoon "wandering" the shore.

North Dakota

There's a lot to see in North Dakota, and you can explore much of it with virtual tours. Visit cowboys manning the grill, old missile silos, the biggest buffalo, and more.


Hocking Hills is the state's best-kept secret. This collection of state parks is packed with waterfalls, lush hollows, and a number of caves. The parks offer online visitors a wealth of information and a virtual tour of Ash Cave.


Get into the pioneer spirit with a virtual visit to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. See history up close and learn the stories that led to the state's creation and growth.


While there's plenty to see and do in Oregon, a visit to Crater Lake National Park is a must. See the best views and find out what makes this strange lake so special with a virtual tour.


This state saw plenty of battles and major political moves during the Revolutionary War, and the best place to learn about the state and the country's early history is the Museum of the American Revolution. They offer a virtual tour (with Michael Douglas!) that's well worth a visit.

Rhode Island

Though it's small, Rhode Island is packed with history, views, and attractions. One of the best ways to see the sights is on foot, and a virtual tour of the Newport Cliff Walk will give you the experience of doing just that. The scenic path gives you panoramic views of the ocean as you pass historic homes and buildings.

South Carolina

The Boone Hall Plantation is a preserved pre-Civil War estate that's essentially been turned into a glimpse of the past. Learn about Southern charm and the human suffering that drove the country to civil war with a video tour.

South Dakota

Take a visit to Badlands National Park with Google Earth for a virtual tour of some truly epic American scenery.


Visit the Great Smoky Mountains with a virtual tour. Green, lively, and purportedly full of bears, these forested mountains will take your breath away.


Texas is a big state with big attractions, but it's also full of charm and grace. Check out a virtual tour of San Antonio's Riverwalk and escape the southern heat along the cool waters as you enjoy a night on the town.


You can't throw a stone in Utah without hitting a national treasure. To get a taste of the state's expansive collection of marvelous parks, take a virtual tour of Zion National Park. The magnificent scenery is unlike anything you've ever seen before, and even a virtual visit is a trip to remember.


Vermont is a sweet state, and you should take that literally: Not only is it famous for maple syrup, but it's also the home of some of the best ice cream in the world. The Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory is here, and it offers in-person and virtual tours. Get your own pint ready to taste as you see how the magic is made.


Colonial Williamsburg is a living, breathing, working re-enactment of the past set in the actual historical buildings and town. It has a great range of resources for virtual visitors, and it's well worth the trip.


There's a bit of everything in Washington, and no place demonstrates that quite like Seattle. Take a virtual tour and roam the streets. See how many famous buildings and districts you can identify!

Washington, D.C.

Tour the Smithsonian from home! You have access to essentially the entire National Museum of Natural History from your couch, and it's easy to spend a day wandering the exhibits.

West Virginia

Ready for some adventure? Go whitewater rafting without getting wet by taking a virtual tour. You'll soon see why the state is so popular with outdoors enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.


Visit Taliesin for a glimpse into the mind, home, and heart of Frank Lloyd Wright. Built on his favorite hill from childhood, this gorgeous estate has a little bit of everything, and it's a fantastic example of American architecture.


One of the highlights of a road trip of the United States is certainly Yellowstone National Park. Arguably the best-known American park in the world, it's full of geysers, buffalo, and amazing views. It's like nowhere else on Earth!


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