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Auto History: A Timeline of Transportation

Auto History: A Timeline of Transportation

There are several fascinating vehicles in the world today. Though it can be rightly said that these vehicles are products of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, it is also important to note that their invention depended so much on the works of those that founded the automobile industry. With the development of modern automobiles, cars are now being used for pleasure and to show affluence in addition to traveling long distances. The automobile industry may be more equipped today but thanks to the old inventors who fought very hard for this development. This article aims at highlighting the timeline of transportation and automobiles in a chronological manner.

  • 3,100 BC- Horses were trained and used for transportation.
  • 2,500BC- The first paved road came into existence. It was constructed during the Indus valley civilization.
  • 312 BC-Construction of the Apian Way. The Apian Way is one of the first constructed paved roads.
  • 1662- The invention of the first bus to be drawn by horse. This was built by Blaise Pascal.
  • 1672- Ferdinand Verbiest built the first car to be powered by steam.
  • 1740- A clockwork powered carriage was invented by Jacques de Vaucanson.
  • 1801- A steam powered car developed by Britain was invented.
  • 1807- The internal combustion engine was invented by Isaac de Rivas. The engine was powered by hydrogen gas.
  • 1814- The first steam powered railway locomotive was built by George Stephenson.
  • 1816- The German, Baron Karl Von Drais invented the bicycle. The bicycle was invented to help him in tax collection.
  • 1832- 1839- The crude electric powered carriage was invented by Robert Anderson.
  • 1858- The first engine to be powered by coal-gas was invented.
  • 1862- The first gasoline engine automobile was created.
  • 1863- The invention of a carriage that was powered with the internal combustion engine.
  • 1865- New speed limits were introduced by the UK.
  • 1867- A more efficient combustion engine was designed.
  • 1868-The compressed air brake was invented by George Westinghouse for use in railway trains.
  • 1877- Engine that operates on the “Otto cycle” was established
  • 1886- The first automobile by Henry Ford was invented.
  • 1887- The first modern automobile in the world was designed with an internal combustion engine. The design was made by Gettlieb Daimler.
  • 1889- The first motor company was established.
  • 1890- The first four-stroke engine was developed.
  • 1894- The Grand Prix racing commenced.
  • 1894- The first motorcycle known as Hilderbrand and Wolfmuller was introduced into the market.
  • 1896- The first death was recorded in a traffic accident.
  • 1899- The racing car known as “La Jamais Contente” was designed by Camille Jenatzy. Its speed was 68mph.
  • 1901- The telescope shock absorber was invented
  • 1901- The Olds Automobile factory began operation. One of the first cars they produced is the “curved-dash”, which was sold for $650.
  • 1902- Louis Renault invented the standard drum brakes.
  • 1903- The Ford motor company was established.
  • 1908- Henry Ford introduced the Model T. car
  • 1911- The electric starter was introduced by Charles Kettering. The starters were first used in 1912.
  • 1913- The moving assembly line was first developed by the Ford Motor company. The assembly line made work easier for automobile engineers since they could bring the cars and tools to their workshop. The assembly line increased car production and also reduced the cost of cars in the market.
  • 1914- The first car whose body was 100% steel was introduced by Dodge.
  • 1919- The first brake to be applied with the foot alone was introduced. This was tested with the Hispano-Suiza H6B car.
  • 1922- The first American car that operates with four-wheel hydraulic brakes was introduced.
  • 1926- Invention of the first power steering system by Francis Wright.
  • 1934- The first front-wheel-drive car (a French automobile) to be produced in commercial quantity was introduced.
  • 1939- The first time air conditioning system was added to cars. This was achieved by the Nash Motor company.
  • 1940- The first jeep was manufactured.
  • 1950-1959- The cruise control. Which makes cars drive at a steady speed was introduced by Ralph Teeter.
  • 1965- Rules to guide the emission of dangerous chemicals from automobiles were introduced.
  • 1966- The first electronic fuel injection system was built in Britain.
  • 1973- The beginning of the energy crisis.
  • 1985- The Antilock Braking System was used for the first time in an American car known as the Lincoln. 
  • 1990- Vehicles that emit poisonous substances were banned in California
  • 1992- The Energy Policy Act of 1992 was introduced. The act was introduced to encourage the use of alternative-fuel vehicles.
  • 1997- The automatic stability control was introduced by the first American car maker.
  • 1997- The first environmentally friendly car was produced.
  • 2008- Car manufacturing companies started making moves to produce vehicles with higher fuel efficiency.
  • 2011- Car manufacturers are in search of hybrid mixed energy sources to reduce the consequences of emissions into the atmosphere.



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