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A Guide to Owning Your First Auto

Everyone remembers owning their first car. The utter thrill of taking control of the steering wheel and leaving the dealership makes everyone excited. The scent of a fresh interior, crisp seat material, a new stereo, and a passenger seat for those who want to ride shotgun all set the scene for nostalgic moments. First car ownership makes for more than sweet memories, though. It becomes a learning experience that rarely parallels other commitments in a single lifetime. From selecting the perfect car to handling it safely on the road, owning a car really puts things into perspective. In fact, many first-time drivers realize the responsibility they carry once they hit the road a responsibility that continues to grow with experience.

Selecting and purchasing a vehicle for the first time can seem like a daunting task. Television and radio commercials continually scream foreign phrases, such as "down payment" and "APR," which may intimidate first-time car buyers. Horror stories of mechanical breakdowns right off the dealership parking lot makes everyone cringe. All of these factors turn people off when it comes time to buy their own car. Fortunately, buying a car does not require hours of study to make the perfect purchase. It only requires knowing the right questions to ask when approaching a salesman, such as previous accident history, gas mileage, financing details, utility, effect on insurance premiums, and whether the current price tag corresponds with the buyer's budget. Do not feel pressured into buying a car. Look around at other dealerships and conduct research on a prospective vehicle. The slower the transaction, the less likely nightmares become a reality.

Previous first-time car owners can vouch for the liberation that comes with grabbing the keys of a new vehicle and driving out of the dealership parking lot. Car ownership allows drivers to go anywhere they wish at any time they please. The price for this freedom comes with a heavy responsibility while on the road. All drivers must remain vigilant of their surroundings for their own safety, the safety of their passengers, and for the safety of those drivers and pedestrians within close proximity. Everyone's first car teaches them to remain mindful and respectful of the road by paying close attention and following all traffic rules. One sudden mishap can spell disaster, so stay focused to avoid problems.

Aside from getting from point A to point B safely, most first-time drivers will want to keep their cars maintained properly. Preventative maintenance preserves the life of the car, and may actually save lives in the process. For instance, changing the brakes before they are completely worn can prevent accidents from happening. Other automobile maintenance basics may include proper tire inflation, tire rotation, oil change, and air filter replacement. Changing the necessary fluids will also keep all mechanical parts working properly. First-time car owners who invest their time in learning routine maintenance will save themselves money in the long run.

Everyone's first car teaches them self-reliance by becoming independent enough to handle their own responsibilities. Before owning a vehicle, it is likely that most drivers relied on their friends and family to drive them around to the bank, grocery store, or workplace. This may have promoted a sense of humility, which can be given in return to those less fortunate. Therefore, remember to offer a ride to friends and family who need to get from one place to the next. It will leave them grateful enough to return the favor in the future.

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