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2002-2008 Jaguar X Type Radiator Hose Eurospare - W0133-1605903
Priced From $117.58
2000-2002 Jaguar S Type Heater Valve Metrix - W0133-1599312
Priced From $68.58
1997-2006 Jaguar XK8 Shock Mount Eurospare - W0133-1657456
Priced From $90.58
1997-2006 Jaguar XK8 Shock Absorber Bilstein - W0133-1911283
Priced From $103.58
1998-2003 Jaguar Vanden Plas Hub Cap Genuine - W0133-1613747
Priced From $129.58
2002-2008 Jaguar X Type Radiator Nissens - W0133-1657659
Priced From $124.58
2002-2008 Jaguar X Type Timing Belt Tensioner Genuine - W0133-1826500
Priced From $79.58
1997-2006 Jaguar XK8 Headlight Genuine - W0133-1599930
Priced From $309.58
2003-2005 Jaguar S Type Thermostat Original Equipment - W0133-1812228
Priced From $74.58
2004-2005 Jaguar XJ8 Thermostat Original Equipment - W0133-1812228
Priced From $74.58
1998-2006 Jaguar XK8 Radiator Nissens - W0133-1657516
Priced From $171.58
1997-2006 Jaguar XK8 Expansion Tank Genuine - W0133-1657480
Priced From $130.58
2002-2005 Jaguar X Type Clutch LUK - 19-038
Priced From $224.43
1997-2006 Jaguar XK8 Shocks Bilstein - W0133-1911133
Priced From $103.58
2002-2003 Jaguar X Type Fuel Pump Airtex - E8576M
Priced From $622.08
2002-2006 Jaguar X Type Brake Booster Bosch - W0133-1657651
Priced From $340.58
2002-2008 Jaguar X Type Struts Monroe - 71391
Priced From $75.98
2009-2015 Jaguar XF Fuel Tank Cap Gates - W0133-1965517
Priced From $14.58
2002-2004 Jaguar X Type Throttle Body Genuine - W0133-1655853
Priced From $253.58
2002-2008 Jaguar X Type Thermostat Eurospare - C2S43430
Priced From $98.73

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The name “Jaguar” is synonymous with style. William Lyon began this company with the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, but his breakthrough success came in 1935 with the SS Jaguar. The car was technically advanced and looked stunning, and as its popularity increased, C-type, D-type, and E-type models were developed that paved the way for the models of today. The Jaguar is a British icon and holds royal warrants from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. Parts Geek strives to match this level of excellence with a vast selection of high-quality Jaguar parts online.

Make the Right Choice With Our Jaguar Aftermarket Parts and OEM Components

Buying Jaguar OEM parts online is the best choice for the gorgeous blend of sleek style and superior performance of a Jaguar. Whether you own an “entry level” Jag or an ultra-luxurious, top-of-the-line model, making the right choice concerning Jaguar replacement parts for your vehicle’s maintenance may make a difference in just how long you’ll be able to get peak performance from your car. Using parts that were designed for the precision engineering of a Jaguar can help your vehicle to last longer and perform its best over the long term. With the number of classic Jaguars still on the road today, it is readily apparent that a well-maintained Jaguar can last for decades. Genuine OEM parts can be expensive, particularly when bought from local dealers and retailers, but shopping online can make a big difference in how much you pay for your parts. Parts Geek offers a great selection of Jaguar car parts online at low prices and with the added convenience of hassle-free shipping.

Being an online Jaguar parts dealer allows us to avoid a lot of expenses and offer parts wholesale to our customers. Your local retailers have to increase their prices to make up for expenses like property taxes, storage space, and employee wages, but Parts Geek is able to cut down on all of these expenses to sell discount Jaguar parts up to 80% off. If you want a genuine replacement part for your Jaguar, you can be sure that buying Jaguar auto parts online from us is the most affordable way to go.

If savings are your top priority, you might want to consider Jaguar aftermarket parts, too. These parts may not be made by the original manufacturer, but there are still many options available from high-quality, reliable brands. When you buy these off-brand Jaguar parts online, you can save a lot of money on a reliable part.

Buy Jaguar Parts Online and Get Great Service and Savings

Parts Geek can help you find the part or accessory you’re searching for, whether you drive a new or old Jaguar. Whether the part is a top-seller or something more difficult to find, we can point you in the right direction. Browse our stock by part type, model, or best-selling products, and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our team and we’ll be happy to assist.

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Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: koreyj87

I figured I would just have to buy the whole new antennae assembly. Thanks Parts Geek for stocking these small obsolete parts...

1987 Jaguar XJS Antenna Seal

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: koreyj87

Could not find fuel screen locally. Looks just like the original. Thanks Parts Geek.

1987 Jaguar XJS Fuel Screen

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: james

great service every time

2000 Jaguar S Type A/C Condenser

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Tyrone Penny

i like how quickly my parts are delivered

1990 Jaguar Vanden Plas Carburetor Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: GIL T.

Great filter at a superb price. Overall my experiences, and there are many, with PartsGeek has been money saving and provision with quality products. I own several high end vehicles and PartsGeek is my FIRSt option when considering parts. Only drawback is shipping and not being able to talk to a representative.

2003 Jaguar XK8 Oil Filter

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: GIL T

High quality products at Superb prices.

2003 Jaguar XK8 Oil Drain Plug Gasket