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Weiand Water Pump

100% Leak Tested. Best Value In Water Pumps/Unbelievable Low Price. CNC Machined. Extra HD 1/2 in. Thick Pulley Hubs For Max. Durability. Heavy Duty Shaft w/5/8 in. Pilot. Lightweight Aluminum. Permanent Mold Castings For Improved Appearance. Six Blade Stamped Steel Anti-Cavitation Impeller For Max Flow. Twisted Snout Design For Updated Style. Zinc Plated Back Covers/Hdw For Long Life/Corrosion Resistance.

Priced From $119.95
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Weiand Intake Manifold

Priced From $154.98
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Weiand Parts - Ultimate Performance

If you drive one of the 284.5 million registered vehicles in the US, you already know the importance of maintaining your engine to the highest caliber. As the power source for your automobile, it is essential that providing fuel to the engine in a durable and effective way is a priority.

Weiand makes products that stand out above the competition. These parts have withstood the test of time so that your engine can last for many years. Read on to learn all about the brand, why their parts are essential to your vehicle's well-being, and what sets them above the competition.

Brand Overview, History, and Achievements

Weiand is an auto part company that specializes in intake manifolds, water pumps, and superchargers. If it helps your engine to run smoothly and last for many years, Weian prides itself in manufacturing it at the highest quality.

The brand was initially founded in 1930 when Phil Weiand introduced the "High Weiand" manifold to the industry. This was notable because it was the first aluminum intake on the market and was a more durable option for sending fuel and air to vehicle engines.

This design was only improved upon when the tri-power manifolds and four 2-barrel options were introduced 12 years later. They eventually became the first supplier of superchargers, amping up their portfolio to a whole new level.

To say that Weiand is a brand that has pioneered many modern auto parts is an understatement. They have been manufacturing power sources for engines for such a long time that their experience has made them an equally large power source in a growing industry.

Why Choose Weiand?

Both intake manifolds and water pumps are essential to having an engine that runs smoothly. Intake manifolds supply the vehicle engine with fuel and air. Its job is to evenly distribute this fuel/air combustion mixture evenly into the cylinder heads so that the engine operates as efficiently as possible.

Water pumps are also necessary for a working engine because they absorb the heat that the cylinders emit once receiving the fuel/air mixture. Coolant is pumped into the engine via the water pump to prevent the engine from overheating, burning out, and even potentially catching on fire.

Because this system is so critical to having a working vehicle, it is important that you invest in high-quality intake manifolds and water pumps. Weiand prides itself on creating these parts in such a way that they operate effectively for many years. Plus, since the experts who work with Weiand test each part before distribution, you can rest assured that you are getting a good system for your engine.

Intake Manifold, Water Pumps, and More

Because different vehicles have varying needs, it is essential that intake manifolds be manufactured for the specific automobile that's ready for installation.

PartsGeek therefore offers Weiand products to power the engines of many car makes, models, and years. With a portfolio ranging from 1980 Dodge D150 intake manifolds to water pumps made for the 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass, there are options for virtually any vehicle.

Cutting Edge Quality

Because a well-powered engine is critical to any working vehicle, you must choose parts with maximum durability. This is especially the case for items that pump fuel, air, and water through your car or truck. Leaks can be detrimental not only to the automobile but also dangerous for those who are driving it.

Weiand actively combats this risk by installing thick pulley hubs for maximum durability. Since they have a heavy-duty shaft with a 5-8 inch pilot, you can also rest assured that the CNC machinated part will not leak through the shaft due to cracks and scratches. For added resistance, Weiand parts also feature zinc-plated covers.

Weiand superchargers also offer permanent mold casings that enhance appearance. They also are pragmatic because they stop mildew from growing on the aluminum casting of your engine-powering device. This ultimately ensures that the metal will not rust through and that the parts will last for many years no matter how frequently or fast you drive.

If you are a commuter, this is incredibly important since you likely put many miles on your car. Racecar drivers who go fast can also benefit, as can truck drivers and cargo carriers that have large engines and spend much of their time on the highway.

Affordable Prices

You may worry that Weiand's durable parts are inaccessible due to their quality, but this is far from the case.

When you shop with PartsGeek, you can purchase intake manifolds for around $155 and water pumps for approximately $120. Weiand parts are therefore affordable to the average auto enthusiast or working commuter.

You also will not need to replace them as frequently as you would if you chose a less durable alternative. This will ultimately save you money on replacement fees and new parts. Since Weiand parts are also easy to install on your own, there also will be no need to pay a professional to do it for you.

Product Advantages and Design Standards

One key differentiator of Weiand parts over other supercharger designers is that each piece is tested before being distributed. These parts are not simply sold as low-quality machine-made items, but rather are put through meticulous tests to make sure that they are safe for you and your vehicle.

One of the tests that they undergo is leak testing to ensure that the intake manifold/water pump is sturdy and works properly. Many competitors do not invest in this testing despite selling their products at higher prices, which is a key reason to trust Weiand with your engine-powering needs.

Weiand also creates standout parts due to their experience. Since they have been operating for 90 years, their legacy is passed through to each employee of their company.

Get Top-Notch Auto Parts Today

Now that you know why Weiand intake manifolds and water pumps are an essential addition to your vehicle, it's time to look into installation options.

Browse Weiand products with PartsGeek for the best deals on intake manifolds and water pumps. We deliver directly to your door so you can sit back and relax while you wait for your parts. Feel free to reach out at any time- we're looking forward to it!

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