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TruXedo Tonneau Truck Bed Covers

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5-Year Warranty. Cover Sits 1.5 in. Above The Truck Bed. Dual Paddle Latches Easily Accessed At Both Sides Of The Truck. Dual-Latching System To Keep The Cover Tight. Helps Protect Your Cargo From The Harshest Of Elements. Integrated Pre-Set Tension Control. Made In The USA. No Drilling Or Special Tools Required. Providing Distinctive Good Looks. Quality Leather Grain Fabric. Securely Fastening The Cover To The Bed.

Priced From $309.00
with FREE Shipping

90-Day Warranty. Completely Portable; Easy To Remove. Exterior Pockets For Easy Access. Fits Behind Wheel Well. Interior Organizer Pockets. Weather Resistant.

Priced From $71.95
with FREE Shipping

Easy Snap-In Installation. High Impact Plastic. Keeps Elements Out. Smooth Sleek Look.

Priced From $12.59

Benefits for Your Truck with TruXedo Tonneau Covers

If you like to play as hard as you work, a TruXedo tonneau truck bed cover is essential to keep your truck bed protected from the elements while securing your precious cargo.

Of all the tonneau covers available on the market today, TruXedo truck bed covers are products known for premium quality and style at a fair and affordable price.

With a form meets function attitude, TruXedo truck bed covers look stylish, and they're also durable, high-quality, and multi-functional.

Combine this incredible product line with experienced customer service, a generous warranty, and world-class style, and you can see why TruXedo is the market leader in truck bed covers.

Truxedo didn’t stop with just a single product category, however. The company has anticipated the needs of its customer base, and TruXedo now offers other products, including select accessories.

Clean up Your Truck with TruXedo Tonneau Bed Covers

Ditch the old-fashioned covered wagon look with a smooth and sleek TruXedo roll up tonneau cover. In addition to protecting your truck’s bed from the elements and keeping it looking like new by preventing unattractive sun-fade and corrosion, this product also keeps your tools and other valuables out of sight of prying eyes. When you're out on an adventure, the last thing you should be worrying about is whether your toys and tools are in clear view.

No matter what you’re hauling in the back of your truck, a TruXedo truck bed cover obscures it from sight. No more cluttered truck beds or flying debris. No more worrying about someone casually lifting something out of your vehicle when it’s unattended.

When it comes to tonneau covers, you’ve got tons of product options at every price. Select from different materials and fabric like vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and even canvas. You can even choose how you want it to look by selecting black, matte black, or other colors as you please.

Don’t be fooled by the softness of vinyl products. TruXedo’s Industrial strength fabric and patented tension control systems offer a virtually impenetrable and tight fit in all seasons and all weather conditions.

The Right Truck Bed Cover for the Right Price

You can find TruXedo truck bed covers for virtually every make and model of vehicle, and at a wide price range, starting low and going high.

Vinyl is the most affordable and also the lightest of the products. The TruXedo TruXport roll up tonneau cover leads the industry in providing the best low-price option without cutting quality corners. By sealing on all four sides, it helps to keep out the rain, snow, and even dust. Its UV-protected matte-black style will not fade in the sun, allowing it to stay looking like new for the life of your truck.

Tonneau covers are available in a variety of configurations, including folding, roll-up, and hinged. In our opinion, TruXedo’s roll-up options are the best products because they give you full access to your truck bed’s real estate, they’re easy to operate, and they don’t require tools or a two-man assembly team to install and operate.

Even better, TruXedo covers come in around $300, making them one of the best values around. If you do want a hard cover, TruXedo released the Titanium hard cover in 2014. This product offers full bed access with extra security features.

Never one to rest on their laurels, the TruXedo team continues to innovate their products, allowing them to maintain their reputation for being the best and most original brand you'll find. In 2017, they launched the Pro X15, a premium soft roll-up category, which combined some of the most popular features of the Lo Pro with new add-ons like an even sleeker profile and an upgraded matte black fabric. This new addition gets top marks for being one of the most stylish items in the collection.

Secure Your Cargo and Increase Fuel Economy with TruXedo

It’s estimated that a TruXedo truck bed cover increases gas mileage by about 10%. This means that a TruXedo bed cover could pay for itself in a matter of months. How many products do you see that can do that?

Despite the softness of these items, the Truxedo Lo Pro tonneau cover and the rest of the product line holds tight and features an aerodynamic design. There’s no flapping or drag to weigh you down as you speed down the highway or navigate off-road adventures. Further, the integrated tension controls hold everything in place, even at fast speeds. Say goodbye to tailgate drag!

The original TruXedo soft covers use an industrial-strength black vinyl that allows them to be seamless and lightweight while still offering the protection you need from both third parties and nature. Of course, hard top products are also available and use more rigid materials like aluminum. This option is more expensive, but it does provide additional safety, security, and strength.

And, on the off chance that you end up needing Tonneau cover replacement parts, they’re easy to find are available directly from the manufacturer. You can also find a TruXedo tonneau cover lock replacement by calling customer service and telling them you need help.

Choose Your Vehicle and Shop TruXedo Today

TruXedo truck bed covers are an essential addition to any truck. They provide you with better gas mileage, safer truck bed storage, protection from theft, and aesthetic appeal. Because no matter how tough something is, you still want it to look sharp.

Some of their covers even offer an under bed toolbox and a Universal B-Light system to illuminate the truck bed. These features up your organization and game while allowing you easy access to whatever you need, even in pitch black darkness.

Remember, with TruXedo, you get good lucks with quality leather grain fabric. You can install the TruXedo cover in minutes without any drilling or special tools. If you need help, you can call customer service to help you sort things out fast. Enjoy security, protection, and good looks in a single package at a low price.

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