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Titan Logo Titan Fuel Tank
Titan Fuel Tank

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Titan Fuel Tanks

If you're among the 3.5 million truck drivers in the USA, you likely are constantly looking for ways that you can boost both the safety and performance of your commercial vehicle. You also are likely an auto enthusiast who is interested in getting the highest-quality fuel tank for your vehicle at the lowest possible price.

A titan fuel tank can help you achieve both of these goals. Read on to learn a bit about this renowned brand and to get some insight on what sets their aftermarket products apart from the rest.

Aftermarket Gas Tanks for Trucks

Before diving into why Titan Fuel Tanks is an industry leader, it's important that you understand the importance of aftermarket gas tanks for trucks. Truckers like you have seen many issues with vehicles running out of fuel and being forced to wait until the tank is filled up again. This is especially an issue for long-haulers who may not have a gas station near them for miles, and pulling over to the shoulder to refuel is never a good choice for such large vehicles.

Stock gas tanks made by manufacturers generally do not have great range, and a good aftermarket tank can greatly extend the range of your vehicle. Titan specifically prides itself on creating tanks that can extend your pickup or commercial truck's range by 500 miles or more. This not only saves you time and strife, but it eliminates the high fuel costs that come with refilling your tank every hundred miles.

Custom Fuel Tanks for Long Hauls

Titan Fuel Tanks is a relatively new brand, so they know what the industry looks like today and are very much grounded in the present. They began in 2003 with the mission of giving truck drivers the ability to drive faster for longer distances. Their main mission, at this point, was to create a lightweight tank that would fit all trucks perfectly without impacting cargo space.

After achieving this goal and creating the most durable tanks on the market, Titan was able to expand its product line. They have innovated and created the first-ever Spare Tire Auxiliary Fuel System that adds 30 gallons of additional fuel to pretty much any vehicle. This item and many others lead to the company winning awards like the Show Stopper at the 2014 SEMA show.

The reason that Titan is so successful is simple: they listen to truck enthusiasts and owners like you to discover and solve your specific problems. They pride themselves on innovating solutions to the most problematic aspects of commercial truck driving such as fuel tank corrosion and the need to add fuel too often to manage.

Why Choose a Titan Fuel Tank?

We've brushed on the fact that Titan fuel tanks can increase your range by over 500 miles, but why is this the case? Why, specifically, should you choose a Titan tank above the competition?

The materials that they use are the main brand differentiator that puts Titan miles above other aftermarket tank companies. All of their tanks are made of cross-linked high-density polyethylene, which has a tighter molecular bond than the plastics that make up stock tanks have. The molecules of the polymer weave more tightly together and therefore make them stronger, safer, and more durable than any other parts on the market.

Titan's fuel tanks offer 10 times the molecular weight of OEM tanks. They also have 20 times the environmental stress crack resistance and five times the impact strength of these products.

This is the same material that is used for both military and aerospace applications. You can therefore rest assured that your tank is the most durable option out there and will not scratch or crack. The plastic is also highly flexible and can hold significantly more fuel without sagging and breaking than factory tanks can.

Additionally, Titan tanks outperform any metal tank in addition to other plastic ones. They have no welds to crack apart after rough use and don't get corroded by the very biodiesel that they're meant to hold. They also are quieter than their metal alternatives because they don't rattle around within the vehicle.

More Fuel for Longer Distance

Because Titan gas tanks are so durable, they allow you to go for longer distances than their competitors do. They also are longer lasting overall, so you don't need to worry about them breaking down while you're driving or corroding over time. This is critical for those who haul cargo for long distances as well as truckers who make cross-state or cross-country drives frequently for their jobs.

Note that most trucks that are equipped with metal tanks do not have a tank that is appropriately sized for their space. They rattle around a lot and are quite heavy, which can cause problems to the inner workings of your truck over time. You won't need to pay for maintenance costs along the road as a result of rattling, either.

At this point, you likely are worrying that you will need to pay more for these high-quality solutions. PartsGeek offers them at a lower price than other companies do at $1320. We also deliver the tank directly to your doorstep with free shipping so that you can install it easily on your own.

While this is far from the cheapest fuel tank on the market, it is definitely the one that provides you with the best value. They last longer and do not need to be replaced, but the lifetime warranty offered by Titan should alleviate any lingering concerns about this than you may have. Additionally, fuel is expensive, and you won't need to refuel very often with Titan tanks. When you think about it like that, Titan tanks truly are a bargain.

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