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Taylor manufacturers spark plug wires for street and race vehicles. Many of its products come in complete sets and the company also makes a distributor cap and rotor kit. Its typical spark plug wire is made with a ferrite spiral-wound core, silicon inner core, fiberglass braid, silicone inner and outer jackets, and a double spring locking terminal. Taylor has been known for innovations in its field since the 1920's, encompassing eight decades of electrical products designed to meet the needs of high performance cars, trucks, racers, and boats.

The manufacturer is an OEM for companies such as John Deere, Daimler Chrysler, Harley-Davidson, and others, and operates a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility and office in Grandview, Missouri. It continues to develop high power, durable spark plug wires to the present day. During its history of expansion, Taylor purchased racing and hot rod company Vertex Magneto in 1994. This company's products and their quality and reliability are still integrated into Taylor's own production and are a part of its established product family. A commitment to quality and excellence are demonstrated with every item made by the company.

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Taylor Logo Taylor Spark Plug Wire Set
Taylor ThunderVolt(R) 8.2mm 40 ohm Ferrite Core Performance Spark Plug Wire Set

100 Percent Silicone Two Layer Jacket. Ferrite Spiral-Wound Coated Core. Heat Protection Up To 600 Deg.. Horse Power Increases/Torque Gains. Only 40 OHMS Per Foot Resistance. RFI/EMI Compatible For All Ignition Systems. Smoother Idle/Improved Fuel Economy. Superior Spark Energy.

Priced From $44.98
Taylor Logo Taylor Spark Plug Wire Set
Taylor ThunderVolt(R) 50 Spark Plug Wire Set

102000 Volts Dielectric Strength. 600 deg. Heat Protection. No Additional Sleeving Required. Only 40 OHMS Per Foot Resistance. Pure Silicone Pro Boot Bonded To Wire. Three Layers Of Pure Zimplex Silicone. Tightly Woven Heat Treated Fiberglass Braid.

Priced From $72.98
Taylor Logo Taylor Spark Plug Wire Set
Taylor 8mm Spiro Pro Spark Plug Wire Set

350 Ohm Per Foot Resistance. Black. Covered With A Conductive Fluorocarbon Material. Eliminates Radio Frequency Interference. Provides More Fire Power To the Spark Plugs. Spiro-Wound With Stainless Steel Wire. Two Layers Of 100 percent Pure Silicone.

Priced From $27.98
Taylor Logo Taylor Spark Plug Wire Set
Taylor 8mm High Energy Spark Plug Wire Set

Available For Street Or Track Applications. High Temperature and Oil Resistant Wire Insulation. High Temperature Silicone Spark Plug Boots. Offered With Resistor Or Wire Core. Works In High Under Hood Temperatures.

Priced From $21.98
Taylor Logo Taylor Spark Plug Wire Set
Taylor 409 Pro Race Spark Plug Wire Set

10.4mm Diameter. 100 percent Pure Silicone Ignition Wire. 350 Ohm Per Foot Resistance. Eliminates Radio Frequency Interference. Heat Treated Fiberglass Braid. Red. Spiro-Wound Core.

Priced From $41.98
Taylor Logo Taylor Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit
Taylor Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit

Compression Molded Caps. Corrosion Resistant Brass Inserts. High Conductivity and Unrestricted Energy Flow. Made From Alkyd Molding. Made In the USA. Steel Rotor Springs. Superior Protection From Cross Firing And Arcing.

Priced From $14.98
Top Sellers

Choose from the Best Performing Spark Plug Wire Series – Taylor Street and Race Wire Sets

Taylor’s motto – a “Tradition of Legendary Quality,” is not just lip service. For close to 100 years, Taylor has been the brand of spark plug wires and spark plug wire sets that is sought after and highly respected by both elite racers and commuters alike.

The company is known for having quality spark plug wire components for an affordable price, and they’re trusted as a spark plug wire set supplier OEM by major brands, including John Deere and Mack Truck.

Whether you’re the next Lewis Hamilton or you’re an everyday automotive enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with Taylor’s vast selection of spark plug wires and parts. Choose from 11 spark plug wire series in as many color choices.

Taylor Cable – High Performance Ignition Solutions

Want a fast and easy way to improve your vehicle’s performance? A new set of Taylor plug wires can do the trick. This simple maintenance procedure can restore your ignition system to like-new.

One of the most compelling reasons to consider an after-market spark plug wire set like Taylor is due to resistance. A factory wire may have as much as 10,000 to 15,000 ohms per foot. By contrast, after-market wires are anywhere from 50 to 500 ohms per foot.

Less resistance means more energy gets to your spark plugs. A hotter spark allows for more complete combustion, which also lowers vehicle emissions.

Another key advantage of a Taylor spark plug wire set has to do with the material of the core. As engines have advanced, the ability to use solid-core spark plug wires became impossible and companies moved to a carbon weave material for the core. However, this core material also results in increasing that factor, regardless of the year, make, or model of the vehicle.

Taylor’s solution was to create spiro-core wires parts, which is a core material that cancels out interference while simultaneously reducing magnetic or electrical resistance.

Taylor Performance Wires for the Racing Enthusiast

Like other after-market spark plug wire manufacturers, Taylor's products are built differently than factory parts. They’re designed so that less energy leaks through the wire, allowing drivers to harness maximum engine power from their car from this part, while even reducing noise.

When too much energy leaks through the spark plug cables, you’re not going to end up getting the power from the other after-market products you’ve spent your hard-earned money on like ignition boxes or the coil. To stop those leaks and get the most power to your spark plug, Taylor products should be your top choice.

Keep in mind that even though spark plug wires don’t add any horsepower, you'll find that they do allow you to transfer energy from spark plugs much better and more efficiently than factory wires.

For the car racing enthusiast, Taylor recommends the Thundervolt and 409 series. They offer both universal fit, which requires cutting, terminating, and booting the distributor end, and are designed to fit any car make that is made in the USA. Owners of an import car will want to choose parts from the Sport Compact Custom-Fit Wire Set.

You’ll also want to check the boot material. Taylor offers both silicone and ceramic boot options for your ignition system, and your choice will depend on heat tolerances. For example, a ceramic boot can provide heat protection up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit which is a higher tolerance than a silicone boot.

While 8mm spark plug wire diameters provide satisfactory results for most drivers, if you’re an elite car racer, you'll find that 10.4mm wires are a better fit. Thicker wires are known to be more adept at preventing voltage leaks, preserving more power for when you need to use it most.

Taylor spark plug wires feature a material called Zimplex. This is a silicone material rated for temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Appealing to the Daily Driver with Taylor Street Wires

There’s a myth that “regular” drivers don’t need to worry about spark plug wires for their vehicle, but nothing could be further from the truth. Spark plug wires are a part with a singular function, and their role may be critical for getting you from point A to point B.

In a word, spark plug wires are electrical conductors, providing the electricity your engine needs for combustion from the distributor to the cables. If your spark plug wires aren’t performing, you'll find that your car won’t work normally. It’s that simple.

You'll also find that bad spark plugs and wires may cause an array of vehicle problems over time, including: Rough engine idle, Engine misses, Engine hesitation, Reduced power, Engine surging, and Poor fuel economy.

Spark plug wire set replacement should be added to your vehicle maintenance plan. Regardless of the miles on your vehicle, make sure you replace your spark plug wires every five years, even if you drive your car very little. Replacement part decisions should be based on time, not mileage, noise, coil condition, etc.

If you’re looking for a good all-around spark plug wire set for daily driving, you can’t go wrong with the StreeThunder 8mm ignition wire set, a part that qualifies as one of the best performance spark plug wires in our search. The silicone and synthetic jacketing and boot material are built to resist heat, oil, and abrasion that comes from high mileage and heavy automotive use.

Another solid part choice for Taylor wires is the Spiro-Pro series spark plug wire set, which has slightly less resistance (350 ohms as compared to StreeThunder’s 500 ohms). However, the Spiro-Pro series is still very affordable, making it one of the best choices you'll find in any store, regardless of your driving habits.

If you’re into aesthetics, you’ll also appreciate Spiro-Pro’s selection of 11 colors (with a new one in the works), ranging from teal to lime. And, of course, you can always get basic black and replace it with something new whenever you'd like for a low price.

Better Fuel Economy and Consistent Idle with Taylor

Though a high-powered smooth ride is a top vehicle priority, fuel economy can’t be overlooked. Gas prices are almost always going to go up, so you'll find that having the best spark plug wires can save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars over the life of your vehicle.

According to the National Institute for Automotive Excellence, misfiring spark plugs can adversely affect fuel economy by up to 30%. Timely spark plug wires replacement is a vital part of getting the most out of your mileage. As you might have guessed, the reason that spark plug wires can have so much influence over your gas mileage has to do with engine efficiency. If either your spark plugs or spark plug wires are bad (or not as high-quality as Taylor’s), your engine will start slower and run less effectively. Make sure not to overlook this part when you check items off the list of your vehicle maintenance.

For maximum fuel economy, Taylor recommends the ThunderVolt 8.2mm Universal or Race Wire set. In addition to increasing the fuel economy of your vehicle, these wires can also help improve torque while providing a smoother idle.

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