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SuperSprings Coil Spring

Coil Capacity Increased By 15 To 30 Percent. Coil SumoSprings Simply Slide Between The Turns Of Coil Springs. Enhance Front Suspension When Fitting Snow Plow/Winch/Bumper. Enhance Rear Suspension When Adding Tow Hitch. Fit Both Front And Rear Coil Springs. Never Load Any Vehicle Beyond The Manufacturers GVWR. Produced From SumoSprings Closed Cell Microcellular Urethane. Progressive Spring Rate. Reduces Side To Side Body Roll And Front End Dip. Requires no maintenance; Proudly made in the U.S.A.. Sold as a pair left and right. Typical Installation Completed In Less Than 30 Minutes.

Priced From $103.50
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SuperSprings Leaf Spring

Made From Patented Microcellular Urethane. Never Load Any Vehicle Beyond The Manufacturers GVWR. Proudly Made In The U.S.A.. Reduces And Stabilizes Sway. Requires no maintenance; Proudly made in the U.S.A.. Sold As A Pair Left And Right. Includes 4 Items-2 Per Side.

Priced From $142.88
with FREE Shipping
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SuperSprings Leaf Helper Spring

Adjustable Shackles Allow Installation To Suit Various Needs. Never Load Any Vehicle Beyond The Manufacturers GVWR. Proudly Made In The U.S.A.. Provides 3300 Pounds Of Load Leveling Ability. Reduces Body Roll Up To 30 Pct Without Compromising Ride Quality. Requires No Maintenance. SAE 5160H 51 Pct Alloy/60 Pct Carbon High Grade Steel. Self Adjusting Suspension Stabilizing System. Shot Peened To Relieve Spring Stress And Extend Product Life. Typical Installation Completed In Approximately One Hour. Works In Conjunction With Original Equipment Spring Pack.

Priced From $250.32
with FREE Shipping
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SuperSprings Leaf Helper Spring Mount Kit

Mounting Kit Used For Specified SuperSprings Applications. Never Load Any Vehicle Beyond The Manufacturers GVWR. Requires no maintenance; Proudly made in the U.S.A.. Sold as a pair left and right.

Priced From $60.75
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SuperSprings Suspension Air Helper Spring

1800 Pounds Capacity At 50 Pct Compression. Compress Up To 80 Pct Original Height With Full Memory Rebound. Enhances Load Carrying Ability. Improves Overall Driver Control And Ride Comfort. Made From Proprietary And Patented Microcellular Urethane. Never Load Any Vehicle Beyond The Manufacturers GVWR. One Pc. On One Side As Replacement/Upgrade To Fact. Bump Stops. Progressive Spring Rate. Reduces And Stabilizes Sway. Requires no maintenance; Proudly made in the U.S.A.. Sold as a pair left and right. Worlds Only Leak Proof Air Spring.

Priced From $81.00
with FREE Shipping
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Suspension Solutions - SuperSprings for a Smoother, More Level Ride

SuperSprings International has been making car and truck suspension systems for more than 20 years. Based in California, the company proudly makes all its parts in the USA. This manufacturer uses only high-quality materials, such as SAE 5160H steel, for its super springs and other items.

If you carry heavy loads with your SUV or truck, you know how crucial it is that the spring stress on your vehicle isn't overwhelming. Overloaded truck springs can have dangerous results, such as wheel hop, body roll, minimal driver control, and more.

SuperSprings' solutions provide an easy way to increase the effectiveness of the factory leaf spring pack on your truck, thereby extending its product life and taking costly replacements off the menu. Once you see the results of adding SuperSprings to your leaf spring suspension, you'll understand why the brand consistently receives 5 stars in ratings.

Unique Design for Superior Performance

SuperSprings suspensions boast a unique roller design that allows them to provide load support when needed and remain disengaged when not needed. This design provides smoother ride quality when not hauling a load. They also provide 3300 pounds of load leveling, which is especially helpful if your load tends to sink the rear of the truck.

Their suspensions are easy to install, with most installations taking about an hour. They require minimal tools - usually, just a couple of wrenches and possibly a C clamp, depending on the vehicle. Their easy-to-install nature not only saves you time but cuts down on the price of installation. Once installed, these suspensions are completely maintenance-free, thanks to their roller design that self-adjusts as needed.

Just about every service truck - from the Sierra 1500 to the Dodge Ram - can benefit from adding quality helper springs, especially if the truck's rear holds the bulk of the weight being hauled.

While their suspensions can't increase your truck's load capacity beyond the manufacturer's GVWR - nothing can do that since it's inherent to the vehicle's make and model -they'll make handling heavy loads feel effortless, which is the next best thing.

Quality Suspension Systems

The company offers a range of products that will stabilize your truck and give you a smooth ride. At Parts Geek, we carry them all at a reasonable price.

SuperSprings' products such as Helper Leaf Springs improve the performance of each truck spring, front and rear. Even the leaf spring bushings will benefit from the results of lower strain.

Be sure to order a pair for both front and rear springs, and add a Leaf Helper Spring Mount Kit to your cart before checking out. The company also makes replacement Leaf Springs should you need them. Check out our SuperSprings brand page on our site to get more info on each item.

Suspension Air Helper Springs Front and Rear SuperSprings, branded as SumoSpringsŪ, are leak-proof air springs that enhance a vehicle's load-carrying capacity and driver comfort. They come in multiple densities and heights, and diameters and require no maintenance once installed.

Is SuperSprings Right for You?

Each SuperSprings item is intended for a specific use, so it's important to choose the one that best suits your needs. They all stabilize your vehicle and support existing front and rear suspension systems, turning each spring into a super spring.

If you're tired of dealing with sag and sway caused by uneven loads and inefficient suspension, the SuperSprings brand is worth looking into. SuperSpringsŪ, SumoSpringsŪ, and SuperCoilsŪ can all help you regain control of your vehicle, no matter how much abuse you throw at it during the workday.

If your ride is so bumpy that you halfway expect the airbags to deploy every time you hit a bump in the road, it's time to consider giving your suspension some support with replacement coil springs.

Keep in mind that although their products are popular among service vehicles, they're inexpensive and easy enough to install to be of benefit to individuals, too. Chances are pretty good that your RV or off-road vehicle will benefit from better handling and a smoother ride.

Get the Best Prices on SuperSprings at Parts Geek

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At Parts Geek, we make it easy to find product info for the part you need. You can search by product name or by vehicle make and model. Make sure to select your vehicle from the results list before you put a product in your cart - you don't want to end up with Ford F150 parts if you meant to buy for a Dodge Ram.

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We pride ourselves on selling quality auto parts for consumer and commercial vehicles at the best price. We aim to provide service that gets five stars every time. Please call us if you have any questions about your order.

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