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Spectre Cold Air Intake and Performance Air Filters

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1994-2003 Dodge Ram 1500<br>Spectre Performance<br>5721

1994-2003 Dodge Ram 1500
Spectre Performance
2009-2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500<br>Spectre Performance<br>9918

2009-2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Spectre Performance
1994-2001 Dodge Ram 1500<br>Spectre Performance<br>9931

1994-2001 Dodge Ram 1500
Spectre Performance
1994-2003 Dodge Ram 1500<br>Spectre Performance<br>6089

1994-2003 Dodge Ram 1500
Spectre Performance
1988-1995 Chevrolet K1500<br>Spectre Performance<br>5428

1988-1995 Chevrolet K1500
Spectre Performance

Easy To Install With No Special Tools Or Skilled Required. Factory Pre-Oiled And Ready To Use. High Flow Performance Replacement Air Filter. Increases Horsepower. Lifetime Warranty. Made From High Quality Cotton Gauze. Made From Pre-Dyed Synthetic Media For Greater Performance. Quicker Acceleration By Allowing More Air Flow To Engine. Washable/Reusable. Will Not Void New Car Warranty.

Priced From $14.98

Priced From $43.87

Steel Construction. Stock Capacity. Unplated Raw Finish. With Pass. Side Dipstick And 1 Pc. Rear Main Seal.

Priced From $38.98

Exceeds OEM Specifications. Steel Core Reinforced. Stops Leaks. Superior Sealing.

Priced From $16.98

Easy To Install. Machined Aluminum Finish. Triple Belt Groove.

Priced From $47.98

Base Made To OEM Specifications. Finish Shows Oil Better. Gold Iridite-Plated Finish. Markings Match OEM For True Accuracy. Triple Chrome-Plated Steel.

Priced From $6.98

Bolts Included. Brings A Professional Custom Look. Engineered For Optimum Fit And Function. Triple Chrome-Plated.

Priced From $13.98

Manufactured From Plastic Material. OEM Replacement Part. Triple Chrome-Plated.

Priced From $4.98

6 3/8 in. Diameter. Double Belt Groove. Triple Chrome-Plated Steel.

Priced From $31.98

Easy To Install With No Special Skills Or Tools Required. Finned For Added Cooling. Includes Drain Plug. Stock Capacity. Triple Chrome-Plated Steel.

Priced From $23.98

10 Bolt Design. Made Exactly To OEM Specifications. Precision Engineered For Perfect Fit. Triple Chrome Plated For Lasting Shine.

Priced From $21.98

Factory Replacement. Kit Includes Two Pieces. Manufactured From High Quality Steel. Triple Chrome-Plated Steel.

Priced From $8.98

12 Point Socket Included For Easy Installation. Bolts Feature Triple Chrome Plated Finish And Steel Construction. Complete Kit Oil Pan Or Timing Cover. Triple Chrome Plated. Will Not Fit Aluminum Oil Pans.

Priced From $7.98

Includes Block Off Plate Gasket; Chrome Mtg Bolts With Washers. Necessary If Switching To Electric Fuel Pump. Triple Chrome-Plated.

Priced From $3.98

For Mounting Mechanical Fuel Pumps. Includes Mount Plate Gasket; Chrome Mounting Bolts With Washers. Triple Chrome Plated.

Priced From $5.98

Corrosion Resistant Plated Finish. Gold Iridite Finish. Grade 8 Bolt; 7/16 in.-20; 2.5 in. Long. Includes Security Lock Washer.

Priced From $4.98

3 Adapter Plates Allow Use Of Stock Sensors. Triple Chrome-Plated.

Priced From $8.98

12 Point Socket Included For Easy Installation. Bolts Feature Triple Chrome Plated Finish And Steel Construction. Complete Kit Oil Pan Or Timing Cover. Triple Chrome Plated. Will Not Fit Aluminum Oil Pans.

Priced From $7.98

Chrome Plated. Fit Any Size Harmonic Balancer. Steel Construction.

Priced From $2.98

4 Per Package. Allen Head Includes Decorative O Ring Cap. Customizable Appearance To Suit Your Needs. Triple Chrome-Plated Steel.

Priced From $8.98

Construction From Heavy Gauge Steel. Engineered To Improve Valve Cover Seal. Prevents Leaking. Triple Chrome Plated Finish.

Priced From $4.98

Air Intake Systems and Chrome Body Parts - Upgrade with Spectre Performance Air Filter

If you are looking for high-quality, cheap, cold air intake, no brand is better and more trusted than Spectre Auto Parts.

Amir Rosenbaums founded Spectre in 1983 in his parents' garage, and since then, Spectre has been crafting quality products out of passion and dedication to making cars run smoother and cooler. With such humble beginnings, Spectre has been built into one of the more notable names in auto parts. To this day, air filtration systems are perhaps the most notable products in Spectre's line of car parts and products.

Visit our Parts Geek catalog, search for the Spectre components you need, and then add them to your shopping cart. Free shipping is available. We are the Dealer Alternative for all your auto parts needs.

High-End Performance Air Filters and Intake Systems

What is a cold air intake? It is a series of air filters that bring cooler air into your vehicle's engine. What does a cold air intake do? It makes it easier for your engine to run at a lower temperature, and thereby more smoothly. This combination will increase the longevity of your engine--and it will make it a little more powerful in the meantime.

Spectre replacement air filters will not only cool your engine but will also increase your engine's airflow, allowing it to cool itself more naturally. If you want to increase power, your air intake, and your vehicle's performance, air filters are the way to go.

How much horsepower does a cold air intake add? These air filters will range from 5 to 15 added horsepower to your vehicle, which is nothing to scoff at. Regardless of whether you drive a motorcycle or a sedan, these air filters are guaranteed to give your ride a little more pep--and keep the engine healthier while doing so.

If you want more power and less strain on your car, you should give Spectre's air filters a good hard look. No company in the air filter market comes as trusted as Spectre; once you install one of these filters, you will never look back.

Featuring the best material--non-woven synthetic blends and polyester--a Spectre air filter can add power and extra horsepower to your engine. Likewise, fitting your Spectre air filter is easy. The engineers design each replacement air filter to fit onto your vehicle's current air filtration system, meaning that installation could not be simpler.

Using a Spectre air filter is an easy way to increase power while simultaneously taking care of your engine's performance. The Spectre Performance air intake system design will not only fit in nearly every car on the market but likewise provides them with high-quality cool air so they can work longer and at lower temperatures. Replacement air filters give your vehicle a new life, allowing them to last longer. This is especially beneficial to older models that have been chugging along for years without Spectre air intake.

Spectre makes universal air filters, so even if the company does not make a design specifically for your ride, we can help find an air filter that will work, regardless. Spectre makes filters for all automotive types, including motorcycles, ATVs, and other specialty vehicles.

Dress Up Your Engine Bay with Spectre Chrome Hardware

Besides offering your engine a new high-performance feel, Spectre air filters offer stunning designs so you can admire your car's beauty when looking under the hood. The Spectre Performance 4348 Chrome Fan Shroud is a terrific example of a flashy part, as it contains no filter, just a crescent-shaped chrome plating to decorate the top of your air filter.

Even some of the more functional air filter products offer chrome plating. For example, Spectre's flagship Cold Air Filter Intake features chrome plating throughout its elbow-shaped design. Pair this with its sleek red base, and you have yourself a beautiful piece of air-filter machinery.

We have plenty of chrome-plated air filters to select from, so be sure to filter by price, car model, and type until you find the part that best matches your needs.

If you need support about Spectre products, browse through their diverse library of air filter parts, or call our Service team. If you checkout as a new customer creating an account with us, you will find we offer free shipping on Spectre-brand air-filter devices. Sign up to additionally receive access to your order and shipping status.

Sustain Reliability Under Extreme Conditions

If you are driving on a hot day, or even own a darker-colored vehicle that you let sit out on your driveway, your engine can experience problems and even run the risk of overheating. With Spectre, performance is never an issue. This is especially true if you go for one of the company's high-flow products, such as the HPR OE Replacement Air Filter.

The Spectre Performance Air Filter line includes a variety of high-flow products with vehicle-specific designs made so your part will fit snugly; you can experience top-of-the-line engine protection regardless of the car you drive. So please do yourself a favor: replace/upgrade your stock air filter with one of the many Spectre offers and increase your vehicle's power.

Is Spectre Performance the Right Aftermarket Brand for You?

The answer is a resounding "yes." Spectre is the best at air filter products, and the company designs them with maximizing performance in mind. If you want more power and simultaneously more protection for your engine, Spectre's line of air filtration products should be on your shopping list.

If you are a new customer creating an account, be sure to check out all the air filters in Spectre's line. Spectre air filters offer the ultimate engine protection, are easy to install, and come pre-oiled and ready to use.

If you have questions or need support about Spectre products, please contact our Parts Geek customer support team by phone or email, and we will get you situated. To see all that Spectre offers, sign up for a free account, and filter by part and price. Likewise, when you sign up, you will have access to your order and shipping status so you can track your item from our facilities to your doorstep.

When you are ready, hit "add to cart" and put in your shipping information. Once you checkout as a new customer from your shopping cart, free shipping will be our gift to you.

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Reviewer: kgwt

4/14/09 06:46 PM

The parts came the next day even though I had only paided for two day shipping. Great delivery service !! The parts were as described and of good quality.

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Reviewer: macxx

10/1/08 12:09 PM

Pricing was very nice and products are very good quality. Packing was outstanding and the shipping was FAST. Most importantly for me (I live in Hawaii), shipping charges were the best I've ever seen! No inordinately high charges because I don't live in the Continental USA. Communication from the service department was also exceptional, letting me know that a part was not in stock and that I would be credited the amount back to my CC. All in all, an outstanding buying experience!

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