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1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler

3/16 in. Cold Rolled Steel. Complete Bolt On Design. Complete Inner Liner. Cutting Edge Design. Provides Additional Wheel Clearance. Removable Side Ducts. Replaceable Skid Plates. Stainless Steel Fasteners.

Priced From $360.99
with FREE Shipping

Skid Plate.

Priced From $92.99
with FREE Shipping

Four Different Finishes. Highest Quality Tubular Program On The Market. Makes Your Vehicle Look Great. Mounting Hardware Included. Welded One Piece Design For Extreme Durability. Welded To Exact Specifications.

Priced From $124.99
with FREE Shipping

Durable Long Lasting PVC Coated Mesh Material. Easy Install No Tools Needed. Installs w/Heavy Duty Bungee Cords. No Header Required. Reduces The Heat And Glare Of The Sun. Reduces Wind Noise. Stays On w/Hard Or Soft Top Installed. UV And Mildew Resistant. While Allowing Cool Air To Flow Through.

Priced From $64.99

Fits Snugly For A Custom Fit. Installs In Seconds. Made Of Durable Water Resistant Material. Protects Your Interior From The Elements.

Priced From $91.99
with FREE Shipping

Available In Four Colors. Fasten Using Molle/Pals Restraint System. Manufactured From 600 Denier Polyester. PVC Liner Is Completely Adjustable. Seven Different Pouches.

Priced From $113.99
with FREE Shipping

Black Powder Coat With A Polished Face. Highest Quality Materials Used. Installation Takes Minutes. Manufactured To Exacting Specifications. No Exposed Welds. Provides Truly Custom Look. Thicker Extrusion And Tighter Billet Spacing.

Priced From $45.99

Soft Top Tailgate Bar.

Priced From $43.99

Boots Seal Around Roll Bar With Velcro. Protects Gear From The Elements And Thieves. Tight Fit No Flapping In The Breeze.

Priced From $64.99
with FREE Shipping

Custom Fit for Most Vehicles. Mounting Hardware Included. No Drill Installation On Most Applications. No Exposed Metal To Rust. Non-Slip Polyester Step Pads. Oversize Bolt Attachment Prevents Tube Step Bounce. Pads Are Secured With 5 Pins In A Squashed Step. Rugged Frame/Body Mount Design.

Priced From $69.99

Bolts Directly Up The OE Holes With No Modification. Easy To Install. Lower Door Hinge Bracket. No Drilling Required. Recommended To Go With Windshield Hinges. We Offer a Complete Line of Accessories For Jeeps.

Priced From $14.99

Built In Winch Plate Up To 15k Winch. Five Year Limited Warranty. Made From 3/16 Cold Rolled Steel. Solid Mount D-Rings. Towable D-Ring Mounts.

Priced From $59.99

Available In Either Black Powder Coat Or Stain Steel. Bolts Directly Up The OE Holes With No Modification. Easy To Install.

Priced From $11.99

E Coat Undercoat Dual Stage Textured For Long Life. Heavy Duty .25 in. Steel Plate Design. Provides Rear End Protection.

Priced From $174.99
with FREE Shipping

Available In Either Black Powder Coat Or Stainless Steel. No Drilling Required. Protects Your Door Frame From Scuff Marks. We Offer a Complete Line of Accessories For Jeeps.

Priced From $15.99

Available In Polished Aluminum Or Black Powder Coat. Compliment Your Jeep Today With A Billet Fuel Door. Installs Over The Top Of Your Factory Cap/Opening. Resistant To Gasoline And Hazardous Chemicals. Specially Treated For Durability And Shine.

Priced From $56.99

Bolt-On Hitch.

Priced From $61.99
with FREE Shipping

XRC Corner Guard.

Priced From $278.99
with FREE Shipping

Contoured Design Eliminates Boxy Look. Cross Bars Easily Removed For Top Removal. Designed For Use With Almost All Aftermarket Access.. Easy To Install Modular Design. Fits All SRC Front/Rear And Side Tube Products. Four Point Mounting. Ultimate Off Road Rack/Basket Combination.

Priced From $247.99
with FREE Shipping

Tow Hook Kit.

Priced From $17.99

SRC Tubular Door.

Priced From $308.99
with FREE Shipping

1/8 in. CNC Steel Constructions. Aggressive Styling w/Winglets To Help Foot Placement. Comes As Pairs. Finished In The Signature Series Matte Black Textured Powder Coat. Incl. Dome Light Lockout Spring. Rubber Trim Gasket To Reduce Paint Chip. Smittybilt Advantage Warranty. Smittybilt Exclusive Bolt Engagement To Eliminate Flex/Rattling.

Priced From $49.99

Bolts Directly To Floor. Constructed Of 16 Gauge Steel For Security. Include Dual Adjustable Front Cup Holders. Matching Heavy Duty Arm Rest. Separate Cavernous Lockable Compartment.

Priced From $111.99
with FREE Shipping

Ballistic Nylon Webbing For Added Strength. Extreme Molded Handle. Versatile Universal Application.

Priced From $12.99

Built In Winch Plate Up To 15k Winch. Five Year Limited Warranty. Made From 3/16 Cold Rolled Steel. Solid Mount D-Rings. Towable D-Ring Mounts.

Priced From $149.99
with FREE Shipping

5 Year Limited Warranty. No Drilling Required. OE Soft Top Material. UV Stable.

Priced From $96.99
with FREE Shipping

Available In Either Black Powder Coat Or Stain Steel. Bolts Directly Up The OE Holes With No Modification. Sold in Pairs. We Offer a Complete Line of Accessories For Jeeps.

Priced From $40.99

Added Support For Entering and Exiting Your Jeep. All Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware Included. Bolt-On Installation. Made w/Billet Aluminum. No Drilling Required. Sold As Pair. Solid Mounted Interior Grab Handle.

Priced From $76.99
with FREE Shipping

Allows You Carry Your Trail Jack On The Outside Of Your JK. Fast And Easy To Bolt On. While Saving Valuable Cargo Space.

Priced From $84.99
with FREE Shipping

For Defender Roof Rack w/o Drilling Or Modifications.

Priced From $76.99
with FREE Shipping

Front Seat Adapter.

Priced From $51.99

Protects Soft Top From Sun When Folded Down. Snaps Down Over Soft Top And Bows.

Priced From $53.99

Tire Relocation Bracket.

Priced From $57.99

Spare Tire Mount.

Priced From $154.99
with FREE Shipping

10000 lbs. Rated Tow Strap Point. Hammer Forged Carbon Steel. High Gloss Powder Coated. Universal Use In Any 2 in Receiver.

Priced From $67.99
with FREE Shipping

Winch Rotor.

Priced From $90.99
with FREE Shipping

Windshield Header.

Priced From $17.99

Smittybilt Off-Road Gear

When you want to do some serious off-roading, you need to be prepared for anything. Protect your ride and make sure it has the gear necessary to handle the rugged off-road terrain, climb the steep grade of a mountain, or assist another off-roader who is in a jam.

Whether you are looking for a skid plate, a rugged jeep bumper, or auxiliary lights and more you want to shop for Smittybilt. For more than 50 years Smittybilt has been supplying off-road accessories for Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs. Read on to learn about the best off-road parts on the market.

Selecting Off-Road Essentials

The type of protective body armor your truck or SUV will need depends on various factors. This includes the type of off-roading you will be doing, the make and model of your 4 x 4, and how much ground clearance your vehicle has. Anytime you start thinking about hitting off-road trails near me, there are some basic protection accessories you need.

Those using longer wheelbase vehicles such as a 4-door pickup truck will have different problem areas than owners of a short wheelbase like a Jeep Wrangler. If you take a look under your vehicle you will soon realize that vehicles come out of the factory with protections that consist of aluminum, thin stamped steel, or even skid plates made from fabric.

Purchasing a car that comes with an off-road package has somewhat better protection, but there are still vulnerabilities when contemplating rugged off-road vehicle trails so after-market accessories are recommended.

Aftermarket Bumper

When planning to hit the trails, you will want to add some rugged trail protection to your rig with a Smittybilt bumper. Their bumpers are able to handle the most extreme terrain and at the same time provide a classy look to your vehicle when driving through the city.

Front bumpers have the ultimate in durability and are able to withstand the force necessary when using a heavy-duty winch. The bumper is perfect for mounting a recovery winch with an aluminum or roller fairlead.

The rear bumpers feature durable, heavy-duty materials that can withstand rough conditions. Available in four different finishes, this bumper makes your vehicle look great. The welded one-piece design provides the ultimate in durability on the trail.

Bumper Guard

Adding a durable bumper guard will provide extra protection, especially if you opt not to replace your factory bumper. Factory bumpers are not built to handle rubbing against obstacles on a trail.

Smittybilt bumper guards are made of 3/16 cold rolled steel and have towable D-ring mounts and solid mount D-rings. The guard includes a winch plate up to 15k and comes with a five-year warranty.

Rocker Guards

One of the most damage-prone areas of your 4 x 4 is the area just under the doors. Vehicles with a longer wheelbase and 4 x 4s with low ground clearance are the most vulnerable. This is one area of your whip that is easy and low cost to protect.

While a factory side step provides a bit of trail shielding, they have a significant impact on your ground clearance abilities and are unable to support the weight. When coming in contact with an obstacle on the trail they are likely to bend, tear off the body, or break.

Aftermarket rocker guards provide a higher level of protection and come in a variety of style options. Smittybuilt products are make and model specific and their rocker guards are built to take on the roughest terrain with a dual girder system to provide underside protection. The one-piece design is fully welded to provide additional strength.

You may also want to consider door sill plates that provide protection to your door frame from scuff marks when on the trail.

Skid Plate

The skid plates that most 4 x 4 have from the factory will work for light off-roading. Skid plates are essential if you are planning to take your vehicle on high clearance terrain with obstacles. The purpose of the skid plate is to protect your front differential and oil pan from direct hits.

If you will be doing any large rock climbing you will definitely want to upgrade to more heavy-duty protection. Factory skid plates are not built for heavy protection and may crumble under the weight of the 4x4. They sometimes tear-off when under the stress of difficult terrain.

Take a look under your 4 x 4 to see what appears to be exposed or has an inadequate looking skid plate for protection. You will want to pay attention to all factory skid plates and determine which you need to replace. Items that hang the lowest need protection, as do any items that contain fluids.

The fuel tank and transfer case are generally the most vulnerable. Other things to watch for are the low-hanging engine and transmission oil pans and components for the exhaust.

You will be glad you have upgraded with this essential off-road accessory the first time you are on the trail and encounter a rock you must climb over. Hearing the scraping sound from the bottom of your whip may raise concern, but a Smittybuilt skid plate will make you the reassurance that there won’t be any damage to the bottom of your ride.

Jack Stowage Mount

If you do not have a high lift jack or a recovery jack, you are not prepared for the off-road trails. The hi-lift jack is irreplaceable on the trail with its ability to lift the chassis up, which is critical if bellied out on a tree stump or rock. The most common points for mounting a trail jack are on the hood, bumper, roll cage, roof rack, or inside a truck bed.

Roof Rack

This wrangler roof rack can be used with almost all aftermarket accessories. The rack has four-point mounting and fits all SRC front, rear and side tube products. The crossbars remove easily for those times when you want to take the top off.

Shopping Smittybilt Performance Online

The Parts Geek online catalog allows you to link directly into parts for your automobile. One really convenient aspect of this online website is the ability to select the year of your vehicle to access parts for all models.

Parts Geek sells both standard and off-road accessories, making it the ideal spot to do online shopping for all your automobiles. We offer fast shipping, low prices, and a 30-day return policy. Call us at 1-800-541-9532 with any questions or to place your order today.

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