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Rugged Ridge: Jeep Parts, Bumpers, Lift Kits, Seat Covers & More

If you're new to the Jeep Wrangler modding scene, you've come to the right place. At Parts Geek, we've provided Jeep enthusiasts with discount OEM and aftermarket parts for more than 12 years.

Take a few minutes and see how much you can save. Our customers routinely save up to 80% on high-quality Jeep Wrangler vehicle parts. In addition, we provide superior customer service and make it easy for you to shop Jeep deals.

Customers love us because we provide consistent quality. You'll find our website well-organized, making it easy to discover the content you need.

We've also got a 30-day return policy and customer service agents on standby to help with your orders. Need quick delivery? Our Parts Geek team will get you the right Jeep Wrangler parts - when you need them.

Rugged Ridge Jeep Parts and Accessories

In the great OEM vs. aftermarket parts debate, Rugged Ridge's aftermarket parts keep crushing the competition. The company is a division of Omix-ADA, leaders in the worldwide market for Jeep replacement parts.

Rugged Ridge has been producing top-quality Jeep parts since 2005 and holds more than 3,000 patents on Jeep products. The company employs more than 100 full-time workers to keep up with demands for new Jeep Wrangler accessories in dozens of categories.

To dedicated off-roaders, Rugged Ridge is an enduring symbol of quality. The company recently rolled out new Jeep floor liners and a custom Jeep air intake snorkel for the Jeep Wrangler. In addition, rugged Ridge invents hundreds of new Jeep accessories every year.

At Parts Geek, we stock more than 800 Rugged Ridge Jeep parts on our website. We are proud to partner with this trusted, established company. So if you need to buy Rugged Ridge products that you don't see on our product page, call us, and we will help you get ahold of them.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your Jeep Wrangler or Rubicon or restore an older Jeep vehicle, Rugged Ridge deserves to be your go-to source for Jeep Wrangler accessories and off-road mods.

Shop Rugged Ridge Jeep Parts

We've divided our Rugged Ridge parts page into three categories: cosmetic, performance, and off-road. Check out our list below to get ideas for your Jeep modifications! We'll get you hooked up with the perfect parts combo.

Cosmetic Jeep Modifications

When we think of cosmetic Jeep mods, we think of Jeep Wrangler soft tops. Jeep soft tops are an easy way to boost your car's profile without spending too much money. In addition, they are easy to store and simple to replace - perfect for summer weather.

Another way to invest in your Jeep is to purchase Rugged Ridge floor mats and Jeep Wrangler seat covers. The floor mats we carry have rolled, reinforced edges and consist of high-quality thermoplastic. For under $200, you get front, rear, and cargo floor mats.

Rugged Ridge offers UV-treated seat covers that carry a five-year warranty. These seat covers work for older Jeep models, so don't worry if you've got a 1997 Wrangler.

The final entry on the cosmetic upgrades page is mud flaps. Yes, they're primarily cosmetic, but they'll also free you up to hit the road. If you don't have to worry about dirt and grime getting up into your wheel wells, you can drive on the highway or off-road with more confidence. In addition, mud flaps will give you an extra layer of protection that will extend the life of your vehicle.

Rugged Ridge Performance Mods for Jeep Wrangler

Even if you're not ready to go off-roading just yet, you probably want to max out your Jeep Wrangler's performance. Parts Geek has the products you need, including Jeep bumpers, Rugged Ridge lift kits, and even a Rugged Ridge snorkel for the Jeep Wrangler.

The great thing about Rugged Ridge lift kits is that they make you more visible on the road. You should expect smoother handling and better clearance when you go off-road.

Another excellent performance investment is to install Rugged Ridge bumpers. Rugged Ridge's front and rear bumpers do more than just protect your original bumpers. Sturdy, black, powder-coated bumper upgrades could save your life if you ever hit a deer or get stuck off-road.

Protect your Wrangler against dings and minor impacts. If you have ever considered going rock climbing or fording streams, give your Jeep the protection it needs to keep going.

No matter the age of your Jeep Wrangler, it's always possible to start a new page, invest in quality products, and get it back into fighting shape.

Off-Road Rugged Ridge Jeep Accessories

Several off-road accessories are practically mandatory for serious adventuring.

Winch kits will get you out of a lot of hairy situations. These small but mighty Jeep parts allow you to help other vehicles get unstuck, pull large loads, and get yourself unstuck if it comes down to that. They will also make your vehicle more maneuverable in off-road situations.

If you're content to stay at home, skip the Rugged Ridge light bars. If you're going out into nature in your Wrangler, they're a real lifesaver. Sometimes you need spotlight illumination, and it's better to make sure you're prepared.

No matter what you need from these three categories, we have what you need at Parts Geek. In addition, we are constantly updating our content and adding new Rugged Ridge aftermarket Jeep Wrangler parts.

Commit to making a few mods every few months, and you'll have a brand-new Jeep before you know it.

Not a Modder? Here's What You're Missing

We all know that Jeeps handle well without any modifications, but what if you lifted your Jeep? Lifting your Jeep Wrangler just a few inches and adding larger tires increases driving durability and allows for optimal handling in tougher conditions.

Another common Jeep modification is a heavy-duty suspension system. If you like to go rock climbing in your Jeep Rubicon, you owe it to yourself to invest in your suspension. You could also be adding to your Jeep's resale value if you add on some high-performance tires.

If you have a Jeep Wrangler or Rubicon, you may already have a locking differential. However, the rest of us should probably get on that bandwagon because this upgrade will give your Jeep a torque advantage while you're rock climbing.

Jeep Wrangler sells more than 200,000 cars per year, and they make them so you can mod them. Looking for a little flair and a whole lot of performance? Jeep and Rugged Ridge have you covered in a wide range of categories and content.

Jumpstart Your Next Adventure with Rugged Ridge Jeep Parts

Now that we've got your attention, contact us to discuss your Rugged Ridge performance upgrades. Ask about our sales and promotions, and we'll help you discover the Rugged Ridge content you need.

At Parts Geek, we've been providing discount auto parts online for more than 12 years. Call our customer service team toll-free at 1-(800) 541-9352 to fast-track and place your next order!

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