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Roush Cold Air Intake

Priced From $322.98
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Roush Exhaust System

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Take Your Ford to the Next Level with Roush Performance

A Legacy of Ford Performance Innovation

Engine development engineer and motorsports enthusiast Jack Roush didn't create the Ford you know and love—but he did make it even better. From his start at the Ford Motor Company in 1964 to creating his own drag racing team in 1970, Jack Roush pursued the ultimate racing machine.

This passionate journey led to the design of premium aftermarket parts that perfected the Ford experience. The result? Supercharged performance that integrates masterful design with efficiency and a whole lot of noise.

Jack Roush edition vehicles and products are engineered and crafted to the highest standard—from the new limited-edition Roush Stage 3 Mustang with its incredible 750 HP and 670 lb-ft of torque to the 2020 Roush F-150 Super Duty, these cars and trucks offer unbeatable performance.

The Roush aftermarket product line includes everything you need for a pro-level setup. Whether you're looking to upgrade your wheels with new tires and suspension or need replacement body components, such as a skid pad or fascia, it's available from Roush.

Roush products offer more than an aesthetic upgrade, too. Proven to increase horsepower and efficiency and generate more power, a Roush performance system is the industry standard for custom automotive excellence.

Whether you're cruising in a new Mustang Stage 2 or combining workhorse grit with the iconic aesthetic of the Ford F-150, the Roush performance exhaust system and cold air intakes combine for a driving experience like no other. This is the kind of high-performance horsepower you deserve and your vehicle demands, from the foremost name in the industry.

Upgrade Your Ford Truck or Mustang with Roush Performance Exhaust Systems

Don't just feel the power. Hear it with a Roush exhaust kit. Roush systems are crafted by expert engineers to give your F-150 or Mustang an aggressive sound fit for the oval track. The design of the Roush system is matched only by the vicious increase in power modifying your vehicle with new Roush custom products provides.

Roush exhaust packages are forged from high-quality, durable components and are tested for hundreds of hours in extreme conditions, from icy cold to scorching desert heat.
br>Created to increase airflow and decrease backpressure, Roush F-150, Raptor, and Mustang exhaust systems combine aggressive sound with ambitious power for your daily drives or off-road adventures. Plus, the eye-catching design and styling of Roush kits are guaranteed to garner the attention of other motor enthusiasts.

Love the growl of your Mustang? Roush Mustangs race with an enticing rumble that will draw your foot to the gas pedal. Upgrade your rig with Roush F-150 products and witness the transformation from truck to competition-level performance machine. The addition of a new Roush exhaust system is the ultimate elevated experience for any Mustang or F-150 owner seeking an authentic racing-inspired driving machine.

The simple installation of the components is another added perk. From the plug-and-play design found in select Roush Mustang parts to the ease of upgrading your Ford F-150 and boosting power and performance with the iconic look of the cat-back kit, Roush performance products are crafted to get you back on the road quickly while looking - and sounding - better than ever.

Hit the highway in style and drive your Ford F-150 or Ford Mustang the way it was meant to be driven. From the Roush TVS (Twin Vortices Series) supercharger first introduced in the 2015 Roush Stage 3 Mustang to the active cat-back option, Roush performance exhaust systems are the ultimate package of engineering, power, and styling, designed to bring racing performance to your vehicle.

Ford Engines Breathe Better with Roush Cold Air Intakes

Available for a variety of vehicles, including Mustangs and F-150 trucks, and more, Roush cold air intakes (CAIs) are specially crafted to increase the flow of clean, cool air to your engine while enhancing your vehicle's signature growl.

How much horsepower does a cold air intake add? 5-15—but performance doesn't rely solely on horsepower, and these CAIs are a budget-friendly package to increase efficiency and upgrade your vehicle's output. The impressive noise of a CAI drowns out factory-grade stock intakes while the increased performance leaves them in the dust.

Facilitating maximum airflow with double-layered filtration for durability, the CAD-designed CAI features a heat shield to moderate temperatures and increase oxygen supply. Cold, oxygen-rich air results in one thing—more power—making Roush's CAIs a must-have for turbo and supercharged engines. Custom engineered for a range of vehicles, Roush optimizes power, efficiency, and speed.

Jack Roush edition CAIs are made of the highest-quality urethane, ensuring unrivaled and lasting quality. And with legal emissions in all 50 states, you can enjoy the thrilling power and performance of a Roush intake no matter where your wheels take you without the risk of an overheated engine. Plus, Roush's CAIs are easy to install and won't void the factory warranty on your vehicle.

A CAI is an excellent starting point for automotive enthusiasts seeking an upgrade to standard factory components. The brilliant design, coupled with the quality and durability of a Roush CAI, is complemented by maximized induction noise for an experience that is both intimidating and awe-inspiring. Roush is proud to offer the best-engineered CAI on the market, and the resulting increase in engine efficiency speaks for itself.

Upgrade Your Ford with Roush Performance Parts from Parts Geek

Shop Roush products with confidence at Parts Geek and enjoy superior service and the best sales prices available. Whether you're ready to get started with a budget-friendly CAI or enhance your vehicle's sound with a full exhaust kit, we're your trusted source for Roush's premium aftermarket packages. While you may wonder if additional aftermarket products are worth the investment, one thing is certain:

No matter your budget or experience, if you are seeking inspired aftermarket modifications, there is no doubt that the Jack Roush performance products are more than worth the investment. Developed by the best, for the best, Roush products are made especially for your Ford truck or Mustang. Even better, every Roush performance package includes a generous limited warranty.

Get your vehicles worthy of the track today! Outfit your car or truck with a new Roush system, the best upgrade in race engineering on the road. Never wonder if your engine is operating at maximum efficiency or wish for a boost in power again. Roush parts are available to fit any taste, budget, or vehicle model, with custom packages developed for the ultimate upgrade.

When you purchase a new Roush system, you're not just buying a product. You're making a statement—announcing your love of racing-inspired excellence on the road.

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Verified Customer
9/9/09 07:41 AM - USA

part was shipped quickly,ordered on wednesday and recieved on thursday afternoon,part was as pictured and considerably less expensive than other parts houses. thanks for good service and saving me ... - peaton

Verified Customer
8/3/09 01:14 PM - USA

Part was the correct part, it was shipped and recieved promptly, the packaging was first rate, the part (switch panel) worked properly. The price on this item was far better than I could find anyw... - gayla