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RAM Clutches Logo RAM Clutches Clutch Kit
RAM Clutches Clutch Kit

Incl. Pressure Plate/Disc/Release Bearing/Alignment Tool. OEM Quality Replacement Components. Replacement Clutch Set.

Priced From $178.98
with FREE Shipping
RAM Clutches Logo RAM Clutches Flywheel
RAM Clutches Flywheel

Dynamically Balanced Within 1/2 oz./in. Of Factory Specifications. Strictly Factory Warranty Only. Surface Ground For Optimum Disc Mating Surface.

Priced From $241.98
with FREE Shipping
RAM Clutches Logo RAM Clutches Pilot Bearing
RAM Clutches Pilot Bearing

Pilot Bushing/Bearing. Strictly Factory Warranty Only.

Priced From $7.98
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RAM Clutches

RAM is a clutch brand that was established in 1971. They primarily work with racing teams and auto enthusiasts who love drag racing. However, their products perform highly in a wide variety of applications including those for daily drivers and long-distance commuters.

In addition to helping many drag racing teams remain competitive, they also have been innovating new ways to help cars stop and accelerate as effectively as possible for the past 50 years. They were the first brand to create a 3-paddle drag racing clutch that used metallic pads, eliminating the need for clutch hubs.

They also were the initial creator of poly-coil clutch hub springs, which are now used widely in both racing cars and consumer vehicles alike. Other key innovations included small circle-track clutches, carbon-carbon friction technology, and the RAM Coupler for racing.

As you can see, they are one of the most innovative brands on the market. With their extensive knowledge and experience in their field, they continue to come up with new ways to improve the performance of all vehicles that they work with. As a result, you know that RAM clutch kits always utilize the latest technology and will continue to improve upon it in the coming years.

Benefits of Purchasing RAM Clutches

Clutches are one of the most important parts of any driver's daily activities. These mechanical devices connect the engine to the tires of any vehicle. Their primary purpose is to transfer rotary power from the engine to the wheels and allow the car to change speed without turning off the engine (and thereby severing the connection to the wheels altogether).

This means that every time you press down on either the gas or the brake, you are relying on the clutch of your vehicle to function. If it did not work, you would find yourself unable to move faster or stop your automobile, both of which are dangerous scenarios while on the road.

For this reason, it's important that you get the highest-quality clutches on the market, and a RAM clutch is definitely the way to go.

Durable and Long-Lasting Materials

RAM clutches are made to last with the most durable materials on the market. Clutch discs are made from organic woven friction material and have undergone the process of sprung hub dampening for smooth engagement and comfortable driving. Bearings are easy to install securely as well.

Flywheels are also made to rigorous factory specifications. They have a surface that is specifically ground down to be the optimum surface for disc mating. This means smoother acceleration and stops for all drivers.

Diverse Portfolio

RAM also offers a diverse portfolio of products. PartsGeek focuses on selling clutch kits, flywheels, and inexpensive bearings, but you can get these parts for virtually any vehicle make that you want.

All you need to do is select the make, model, and year of the car or truck that you drive. You can then use our website to browse different RAM clutch parts that meet the individual specifications of your vehicle. This ensures that installation will be made easy and that your replacement parts will be a perfect fit.

The Affordable Clutch Kit

You may worry that a high-quality clutch kit isn't affordable to the average driver, but this is not at all the case. At PartsGeek, we offer full RAM clutch kits for only $177. This is a bargain considering that you get a full replacement clutch set including a pressure plate, disc, reverse bearing, and alignment tool for easy installation.

All of these components are OEM quality and ship directly to your doorstep. PartsGeek ships everywhere in the US and to some other countries. However, if yours isn't on the list, you can still use a shipment forwarding service to access our low prices.

Product Advantages and Differentiators

One of the greatest advantages of RAM products is that they were made with racing vehicles in mind. While you may not partake in drag racing or off-road driving, you still will reap the benefits of parts made specially to be sturdy enough to accelerate and stop while the driver is going at 200 mph.

For a clutch system, you need three high-quality aspects: a flywheel, disc, and pressure plate. RAM systems have critical features at each part of the system that gives them an edge over the competition:

  • A balanced RAM flywheel make that includes a completely flat friction surface, a friction surface parallel to the crankshaft flange, and a proper finish for friction surfaces

  • Clutch discs that incorporate a full hub and dampener system that absorbs the full torque load of the engine (thereby making it able to handle higher horsepower than competitor products)

  • High-performance pressure plates that have malleable iron pressure rings (for safety) and pre-published and extensively-tested pressure specifications that are met by the company

  • This sets a RAM clutch kit for truck and car use apart from the competition, but it's also critical to note that the materials they use are also superior. Most entry-level clutches use stock pressure plates and foreign-made materials. However, a RAM clutch is made from American materials that have been tested and meet high standards for quality.

    Shop the Best Priced Clutch Products

    Now that you know about RAM clutches and why they are a worthy investment, it's time to get started.

    Contact us to learn more about RAM and to ask any remaining questions that you may have about the brand and its products. You can email us or call our customer service team at 1-800-541-9352. We're happy to help you find the perfect parts for your vehicle, so don't hesitate to reach out.

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