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1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee<br>Pro Comp Suspension<br>53111

1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee
Pro Comp Suspension
1999-2004 Ford F350 Super Duty<br>Pro Comp Suspension<br>22210

1999-2004 Ford F350 Super Duty
Pro Comp Suspension
1999-2004 Ford F250 Super Duty<br>Pro Comp Suspension<br>22210

1999-2004 Ford F250 Super Duty
Pro Comp Suspension
1980-1988 Toyota Pickup<br>Pro Comp Suspension<br>33311

1980-1988 Toyota Pickup
Pro Comp Suspension
1999-2004 Ford F250 Super Duty<br>Pro Comp Suspension<br>22410

1999-2004 Ford F250 Super Duty
Pro Comp Suspension

10 Stage Velocity Sensitive Valving. Ability To Handle Most Demanding Driving Condition. Double Welded Shock Mounts For Maximum Strength. Improves Driving Comfort And Performance. Improves Vehicles Handling Characteristics. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Self Adjusts To Various Road Conditions. Twin Tube Cellular Gas Design.

Priced From $41.99

Each Arm Finished In Durable Black Powder Coat. Heavy Duty 1.25 In. Chromoly Tubular Construction. Large PTMEG Pivot Bushings Are Equipped w/Zero Fittings. Reinforced Pivot Bushing Mounts Eliminate Flex. Stainless Steel FK Uncial Joints. Unparalleled Strength Over Factory Ball Joints.

Priced From $599.99
with FREE Shipping

Designed To Work With The Tail Shaft Kit. Driveshaft Fits 3.625in. Wide Differential Pinion. High Quality Spicer CV Style Drive Shaft.

Priced From $407.99
with FREE Shipping

Cylinder Only. Steering Stabilizer.

Priced From $37.99

7 in. Round. Clear.

Priced From $329.99
with FREE Shipping

Made Of Forged Steel.

Priced From $64.99

Sway Bar Link Kit.

Priced From $43.99

Poly Lift Coil Spacer.

Priced From $41.99

4130 Chromalloy Tubing. Aircraft Quality High Angle Rod End. Allows Full Articulation.

Priced From $166.99
with FREE Shipping

A Compliant Ride And Desired Ride Height. Pre Stressed.

Priced From $67.99

A Compliant Ride And Desired Ride Height. Pre Stressed.

Priced From $93.99
with FREE Shipping

Rear Leaf Spring Bushings.

Priced From $22.99

Brackets And Hdwr To Mount Steering Cylinder. Incl. ES2000 Steering Stabilizer.

Priced From $54.99

Complete w/New Hi-Nuts and Extra Thick Washers. Usually Adequate for Aftermarket Leaf Spring Packs. Usually Adequate for Stock Leaf Spring Packs.

Priced From $26.99

Provide Steering Correction.

Priced From $71.99

Do Not Use On Front Axle. Made Of Billet Aluminum.

Priced From $39.99

Complies With DOT Specifications. Delivers A Quick And Positive Response. Designed To Replace Stock Rubber Brake Hoses. Labor By A Certified Brake Mechanic Only. Packaged As Complete Kits For Front And Rear. Will Not Swell Under Increased Braking Pressure.

Priced From $87.99

Two Per Set. Urethane.

Priced From $39.99

Includes Two Single Leafs And New Centering Bolts. Keeps The Existing Ride Quality. Strengthens The Integrity Of Existing Leaf Spring. Works Toward Eliminating Spring/Axle Wrap-Up.

Priced From $35.99

Shock Extension.

Priced From $76.99

Do Not Use On Front Axle. Made Of Cast Iron. Tapered To Improve The Vehicles Driveshaft Angle.

Priced From $62.99

Suspension Component Box.

Priced From $66.99
with FREE Shipping

Hardware Pack.

Priced From $39.99

Eliminates Bump Steer. Increases Suspension Travel. Preserves Factory Steering And Suspension Angles.

Priced From $179.99
with FREE Shipping

Traction Bar.

Priced From $298.99
with FREE Shipping

Loses No Valuable Ground Clearance. Secure Installation.

Priced From $173.99
with FREE Shipping

For 5.9L Diesel Models.

Priced From $52.99

Ride Right with Pro Comp Suspension

Driving an off-road vehicle without the proper equipment and accessories can be rough.

Every bump and groove sends a jolt through you and your passengers, being away from street lights leaves you wandering through the dark, and your vehicle's limited ground clearance has you wondering if you'll make it over the next obstacle.

Thankfully, Pro Comp USA has created a line of premium suspension systems, shock absorbers, and lift accessories to enhance comfort and performance as you drive. Off-road enthusiasts love the increased control and stabilization that comes with these superior parts, and with such an affordable price tag, upgrading your vehicle won't break the bank.

Parts Geek is a low-price leader of Pro Comp products. Shop our selection of shocks, coil springs, lift kits, wheels, and more to begin the process of enhancing your ride quality.

Pro Comp: Leader of Aftermarket Suspension Products

Pro Comp USA was founded in the United States in 1985 under the name Explorer Competition Products. During its first few years of business, the company only produced lighting systems as it learned how to navigate the automotive world.

Pro Comp began manufacturing off-road automotive products in 1992. Its product line started with suspension systems but quickly expanded to include radial lights, tires, shocks, and leveling kits.

Today, Pro Comp is a leader in aftermarket suspension products, and continual testing and research allow the company to regularly improve its product line. Automotive enthusiasts trust Pro Comp's products to provide superior durability, quality, and performance.

Ride Comfortably with Pro Comp Suspension Products

Pro Comp offers various top-quality suspension systems, shock absorbers, and other accessories to enhance your driving experience.

Pro Comp High-Quality Shock Absorbers

One of the easiest ways to increase comfort during off-road excursions is to install top-quality shock absorbers. Pro Comp offers a line of durable, premium shocks that produce superior performance both on- and off-road and minimize the impact of bumps and jolts.

The company's Black Series shocks, one of its best sellers, feature rubber lower mount bushings and a hardened NitroCarb shock shaft to maximize stability. These shock absorbers utilize a re-buildable design that ensures they will create a snug fit for your vehicle.

Pro Comp's pro runner shock absorbers feature improved cooling and a larger piston surface area to maximize performance. Their monotube design and nitrogen gas-charged bodies eliminate cavitation to provide the best absorption and stability for performance vehicles.

Pro Comp also has a line of performance twin-tube shock absorbers, "VSV" gas shock absorbers, and heavy-duty replacement shocks. Check out our Pro Comp shocks inventory today to find the equipment with the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Pro Comp Springs

Pro Comp's suspension springs also absorb impact when you drive over rough, bumpy terrain. These devices keep your car's body off the ground and give it additional height to further stabilize your ride.

The company's leaf spring axle u-bolt kit utilizes multiple springs and pro-ride rubber bushings to create a smooth, comfortable ride and stabilize solid axle vehicles. This kit features a high-quality cast iron build that creates a 5-inch lift for your car.

Additionally, Pro Comp's coil spring spacers maximize tire clearance and enhance road efficiency, ensuring that extra weight in your truck will not limit its performance.

Superior Lift Kits

The Pro Comp suspension lift kit increases ground clearance, fuels power to your vehicle, and gives you height over other cars on the road. Installing these devices is an effective way to improve performance and enhance your confidence in on- and off-road terrain.

Pro Comp's 4-inch lift kit increases your front ride height by a full 4 inches. This Pro Comp lift kit comes with all of the necessary hardware to create an easy installation and ensure that your lift fits your vehicle securely.

How does a lift kit work? Pro Comp lift kits raise your entire rig by anywhere from 1 to 12 inches. Suspension lifts increase the height of the suspension itself, while body lifts utilize blocks and spacers to lift your vehicle's body higher on its frame.

Leveling Kits

Pro Comp's truck-leveling kit features forged torsion keys that provide enhanced clearance and help balance your vehicle's front and back end. Installing this kit will allow you to add wider wheels and tires with diameters of up to 33 inches.

Pro Comp engineers each kit to fit snugly on your torsion bar for maximum performance. The kits' powder coat finish optimizes durability and ensures your equipment will withstand the test of time, and each kit includes detailed instructions to simplify installation.

What is a leveling kit? A Pro Comp leveling kit is a device that levels your vehicle by raising the front end. Many people install leveling devices to enhance their vehicles' appearance, but some also use them to improve ground clearance and create space for larger tires.

Control Arms & Other Accessories

Along with its shock absorbers, lifts, and leveling options, Pro Comp also offers a range of performance accessories.

The company's control arms utilize stainless-steel uniball joints to enhance durability and eliminate flex. Additionally, Pro Comp's ES2000 steering stabilizer uses advanced engineering to reduce your wheels' vibration and assist bump steering on treacherous roads.

Pro Comp also offers a line of quality lighting products to increase visibility in dark off-road conditions. Its performance LED lights are bright yet compact, providing over 50,000 hours of illumination. These lighting solutions are also shockproof and waterproof, making them ideal for rough, wet terrain.

Shop Affordable Pro Comp Products with Parts Geek

Pro Comp suspension products provide superior responsiveness and aesthetic appeal for your vehicle. Whether you are looking to minimize shock during rocky off-road driving, illuminate your path as your drive through dusk, or raise your car to balance the front and back ends, Pro Comp has something to suit your needs.

Parts Geek offers a range of Pro Comp products at the most affordable prices on the web. Many of our Pro Comp parts come with a manufacturer's warranty, so you can feel confident that you will receive authentic, high-quality products that deliver the best results for your vehicle.

To see more information about a part's availability, simply click on its product page. Once you add a product to your cart and enter your city and state, we will match you with the fastest, most affordable shipping options for your region.

If you have any questions about your order, you can contact our customer service team for assistance at 1-800-541-9352.

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